Scantags at your event - increased networking and interaction


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This presentation shows how to increase the experience of your next event. You increase the interactivity among the participants and between them and you as the organizer. Instant interactivity through mobile phones. Instant connect with new friends.

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Scantags at your event - increased networking and interaction

  1. 1. Increased networking and interaction withIt’sScantags Event App all about you and your crowd! 2011
  2. 2. “The tags are some really good ice-breakers! You just ask: May I scan you tag?” / Event guest “The tags include great tools for networking and are guests interact more.” / Event organizerMobile Crowd Entertainment
  3. 3. • At the conference, at the event, at the festival...• Lower the barrier for networking and meet more people Scantags Event App Mobile Crowd Entertainment
  4. 4. Why?• The Scantags Event App increase the event experience and the interaction among guests and organizers.• The Scantags Event App provides valuble statistics to measure networking activities.Mobile Crowd Entertainment
  5. 5. What?• Scantags Tags as buttons with QR code and your colors or logo. QR linking to Scantags Event App• Scantags Event App Mobile web app (with your logo and colors) launched by scanning a Scantag.• Scantags Onsite-Support Upon customer request, we provide onsite support to guide personnel or end-users using the Scantags Event App.Mobile Crowd Entertainment
  6. 6. ScanTags Event App By scanning You reach this this To scan a QR code, you need an QR app in your phone. Browse to to download.Mobile Crowd Entertainment
  7. 7. Scantags Event App Who’s here showing all Event specific chat incl Twitter The Menu registered guests or visitors feed from defined hashtagMobile Crowd Entertainment
  8. 8. Scantags Event AppSign-in with mobilenumber The userdetails shown when A questionnaire with unlimited number of and pin or with Facbook scanning the tag questions and up to seven choices per questions Mobile Crowd Entertainment
  9. 9. Scantags Event AppA free text competition. Answer a List the meeting meeting requests The Info section with agenda, contactquestions and enter a motivation. you have received from other people numbersand various important facts. Mobile Crowd Entertainment
  10. 10. What we need from you!• Date and Place of Event• Number of buttons/expected guests• Your Logo (and/or sponsor logos)• Your Agenda• Your event specific twitter hashtag (if any)• Your Poll questions (if any)• Your Competition statement (if any)• Your specific info for the Info pages (if any)Mobile Crowd Entertainment
  11. 11. About• Its all about you and your crowd!• offer mobile entertainment services, interactive digital signage solutions, social networking and mobile shopping services, to increase to experience for your crowd and guests. This also creates an additional marketing channel for you and your sponsors, creates extra revenue streams and useful information about your crowd.• was founded in 2010 by Rikard Windh, who has a broad international experience of the mobile market. An successful entrepreneur who has also founded mobile service company as mm3 Mobile Channel AB and Combain Mobile AB.• Together with co-owner and Creative Director Jenny Holmlund, a designer with a long experience of visual communication, have they developed the strong concept for venues that offer today.• is placed in Lund, Sweden.Mobile Crowd Entertainment
  12. 12. Thank you!Mobile Crowd Entertainment