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Grading policy 2018rev1(pdf)


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Minarets High School Grading Policy Presentation 2017-2018

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Grading policy 2018rev1(pdf)

  1. 1. Minarets Grading Policy 2017-2018
  2. 2. Minarets High School What the Letters Mean… A or B is exceptional and superior work. These grades represent quality and professionalism. Work done on time and complete. Work domesticates understanding of subject and mastery. They are college recommending grades to the rest of the world. C or D is work that has merit but is not of great quality or understanding. These grades represent average or below average work. While they are passing grades they don’t show mastery of subject. F is the grade the represents failure. A “F” can have wide meaning from NOT DOING the assignment(zero), to not getting done on time(5%-50%) to having critical mistakes(51%-59%)
  3. 3. Minarets High School Collaboration Communication Community Creativity Critical Thinking Competency The Minarets 6C’s All assignments are graded with these 6C’s in mind. Not all assignments are equal, but all will contain some(if not all) of these criteria. Students and parents should expect a lease one new grade per week. No week is more important than another.
  4. 4. Minarets High School * All students can and will work * Everyone will get better * Students will grow and become better students * Everyone on campus needs to be industrious
 (Workers working hard While AT WORK)
  5. 5. Minarets High School No Extra Credit Extra credit devalues being sharp and on time. Being on time counts!
  6. 6. Minarets High School * No "Write-Offs", or "Discounts" * You Have to Do ALL the Work * Do you owe 10 things? Do 10 * All the lessons matter.
  7. 7. Minarets High School We believe in being a PROFESSIONAL PRO POINTS for being a PRO Early work, going above and beyond, helping others, special after hours projects PROs Value Time
  8. 8. Minarets High School Late Work Policy One of the most important lessons for life: Being done ahead of time. You can't be good at something if it's always last minute.
  9. 9. Minarets High School Late Work Policy An assignment that misses a deadline gets a maximum of 75% 75% IS THE MAXIMUM FOR LATE WORK Late assignments can get a 30%,40%, 50% or a 60%, if they are of poor quality.
  10. 10. Minarets High School Late Work Policy The later the work, the less it’s value. -10% for each additional week work is late. You are now the exception. You’ve created more work for yourself, more stress and more work for your teachers. The lessons still count, and matter, but they are late.
  11. 11. Minarets High School Late Work Policy When the quarter ends, that's the end. Assignments that are more than 5 weeks late have VERY LITTLE VALUE. Assignments can be turned in up to FOUR(4) weeks after being due. The lessons still count, and matter, but they are late.
  12. 12. Minarets High School Late Work Policy One day of makeup per absence No Late Charge, but work must be done School Business FFA, Sports Absences,etc. The lessons still count and matter to your grade.
  13. 13. Minarets High School Example: You miss a day. In Biology you miss a one day project that was worth 50 points. The assignment was graded in class, you received a zero, your grade dropped. Probably A LOT. Absences hurt. The lessons still count and matter to your grade. You were sick or on school business…the zero still happens, but you have one day to get that assignment turned in and the teacher will grade it for full credit. Talk with and make arrangements with your teachers. Your job, your work. You snooze, you lose. After a day, the 75% late policy kicks in. Being on time and organized is key. You ditched class. Your absence was UNEXCUSED You get the zero. You don’t get to make it up.
  14. 14. Minarets High School They prove you are a hard worker and you get the tough stuff done. Extra Privileges are earned, not given. These include: After School Sports Dances Club Field Trips Freedom at Lunch Grades are your Currency($$$)
  15. 15. Minarets High School HONOR ROLL AND REWARDS Grades are your Currency($$$) 3.5 and above is Honor Roll Citizenship needs to be in good standing. Outstanding Citizenship is earned. “O’s” are for going above and beyond. “S’s” are doing what your are supposed too. “N’s” and “U’s” require intervention.
  16. 16. Minarets High School Eligibility for Activities and Sports Grades are your Currency($$$) 2.3 Grade Point Average and No “Fs” Citizenship needs to be in good standing.
  17. 17. Minarets High School Charter and Transfer Kids: Getting Fs will trigger parent meetings, this could lead to dis-enrollment Chawanakee Kids: Getting Fs will trigger parent meetings, suspensions and reassignment to other schools in our district. FAILING CLASSES
  18. 18. Minarets High School Ask for help. Don’t wait. Show that you care. We are here to help you. E-mail, text your teachers. or better yet, have a conversation with them. Grades Matter.
  19. 19. Minarets High School Have a Great Year! The End