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Strengths-Based Education Through Strengths-Based Leadership


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Full day workshop for the admin team of the Cariboo-Chilcotin School District. Key topics included: creating a positive school climate through the strengths of students, creating a positive culture by embracing the strengths of staff, and creating a positive school identity by sharing the positive stories of students and staff. The idea of using social media to bring the district together and connect people with others was also introduced.

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Strengths-Based Education Through Strengths-Based Leadership

  1. 1. Moving Forward With Our Strengths Strengths-Based Education Through Strengths-Based Leadership August 26, 2015 SD27: Cariboo-Chilcotin Admin Team Chris Wejr
  2. 2. "I come to you humbly not to tell you what to do on your journey but to share with you what I have learned on mine” Wab Kinew cc licensed ( BY NC SA ) flickr photo by Thompson Rivers University:
  3. 3. What Matters
  4. 4. Learning Intentions • I can share WHY we need to shift to a strength-based model of education • I can share ideas to move to a strength-based model in my school • I can create a plan to connect with at least one student and better engage him/her through his/her strengths • I can create a plan on how to create positive change through the strengths of my staff members • I can describe how to better connect with the strengths of my colleagues • I can share ideas on how to better share the positive stories and strengths of my school
  5. 5. Hoping for sit-n-git PD?
  6. 6. Strengths-Based Education
  7. 7. “We don’t know who we can be… until we know what we can do” -- Sir Ken Robinson
  8. 8. “Connection is why we are here. We are hardwired to connect with others -- Brene Brown cc licensed ( BY ND ) flickr photo by Andrew:
  9. 9. Our stories shape who we are
  10. 10. Stories about ourselves Video:
  11. 11. The Story of Amy CC Image from Don Kennedy
  12. 12. Agassiz Centre for Educatio n New Stories From Vancouver Sun
  13. 13. What are “strengths”?
  14. 14. CC Image: Each child has a gift... We need to see and nurture these gifts so they emerge and flourish throughout an individual’s life. -- Lorna Williams
  15. 15. STRENGT H S d e f i c i t s
  16. 16. What we see… Depends on what we look CCImagebyRyanHaddad
  17. 17. “But the other side is unbaked. The side of strengths, the side of what we are good at, the side…of what makes life worth living.” Dr. Martin Seligman “Psychology is half-baked, literally half-baked. We have baked the part about mental illness. We have baked the part about repair and damage…” Image from Pixgood
  18. 18. The Strength of Dom
  19. 19. A School Built on Strengths My students OUR STUDENTS
  20. 20. When Placed in Leadership Roles… Students FLOURISH
  21. 21. Personal Reflection Why is strengths-based education important to YOU and your school? CC Image from CatDancing
  22. 22. We cannot see the strengths in others if we fail to see the strengths in ourselves. Create a slide that includes your name, your role, a photo, 2 interests, 2-3 strengths, and an area of curiosity (optional: favourite quote, recommended read)
  23. 23. Strengths-Based Education IN ACTION!
  24. 24. Blog:
  25. 25. See Our Strengths - Identity Day
  26. 26. Giving Students CHOICES
  27. 27. Student Edcamp Encouraging confidence and leadership in areas of strength and interest. Victoria Woelders
  28. 28. CHOICES Passion Projects Innovation Days Inquiry Project-Based Learning Genius Hour Outdoor Education Blended Learning Student Edcamp
  29. 29. Start with ONE
  30. 30. Tapping Into the Strengths of Our Students Write about one student in your school and HOW you can better connect with him/her through his/her strengths
  31. 31. Tapping Into the Strengths of Our Students Consider your staff and students. What are 3 activities/ideas you can build upon or create space for in your school that will tap into the strengths of your students? Share at table, record in Google Doc
  32. 32. Discussion Time
  33. 33. “Amy” in her element Video:
  34. 34. Strengths-Based Leadership Tapping Into the Strengths of our Schools
  35. 35. Creating An Effective Culture CC Image from PopTech
  36. 36. Strengths-Based Leadership: What Is It? Video:
  37. 37. Are We Asking the Right Questions? CC Image from Raymond Bryson
  38. 38. “We cannot motivate others… we can only work to create the conditions for people to motivate themselves.” -- Image:
  39. 39. Teacher Leadership The old model of formal, one-person leadership leaves the substantial talents of teachers largely untapped... Leadership is the professional work of everyone in the school. Image: - Linda Lambert
  40. 40. Elephant and the Rider CCImageFromCliveReid
  41. 41. Focus on the BRIGHT Spots CC Image by C. Singleton
  42. 42. What’s broken? How do we fix it? What’s working? How can we do MORE of it? Chip and Dan Heath
  43. 43. “When an organization’s leadership fails to focus on individuals’ strengths, the odds of an employee being engaged are a dismal 1 in 11 (9%)… When an organization’s leadership focuses on the strengths of its employees, the odds soar to almost 3 in 4 (73%)” -- Tom Rath CC Image from Midiman
  44. 44. Positive Psychology We should be building on the best things in life AND repairing the worst… Dr. Martin Seligman CCImagefromCamdiluv
  45. 45. A Gentle Nudge “shrink the change” CC Image from Joe McKenna
  46. 46. The Strengths of our Schools
  47. 47. Our Students Cannot Sit Still Our Students Need to be Outside!
  48. 48. Strengths of a Community
  49. 49. Who Are We? The Strengths of Our Schools • What makes your school unique? • How can you make this a strength? • What are 3 things that make your school a great school? • As a table, create an image (web with text, drawing, etc) on the chart paper that highlights the strengths of your schools (be sure to label your school). Post on wall.
  50. 50. The Strengths of Our Staff
  51. 51. Gallup - StrengthsFinder From Dallas Marks
  52. 52. How Do Your Staff Members Get to Use Their Strengths? Are we giving our staff the tools they need to flourish?
  53. 53. Make time for what matters cc licensed ( BY NC ND ) flickr photo by Xava du:
  54. 54. Time for… Strengths Curiosity Innovation cc licensed ( BY NC ND ) flickr photo by Toni Verdú Carbó:
  55. 55. Tapping Into Strengths Edcamp Style Video:
  56. 56. Living Systems Learning Communities
  57. 57. Turning it Around The Story of Kari CC Image from Prime Education:
  58. 58. Be a Connector. Image:
  59. 59. Shifting Mindset Through The Strength of an Education Assistant
  60. 60. Tapping Into The Strengths of Our Staff Members • Name 1-5 staff members (depending on size of school) who you can see help lead change in your school (try to include one/some that is/are not currently creating change). Name 1- 2 areas of strength for these people. • Explain how you can tap into their strengths, place them in increased leadership roles, and use these bright spots to help create change.
  61. 61. 5 Ways to Use Strength-Based Leadership in Schools 1. Provide feedback and encouragement in areas of strength, then move on to areas of possible growth. 2. To nudge change or encourage progress, start with strengths. – Engage by starting with “the elephant” 3. Create TIME in the schedule for staff to use their strengths, curiosities, and interests. – Ex. Living Systems Learning Community 4. Create the conditions for professional learning opportunities that tap into the strengths of staff members. – Ex. Edcamp 5. Be a connector. – Help staff to connect with others with similar areas of strength both in the building and beyond. – Create a collaborative culture that helps staff to also tap into the strengths of others.
  62. 62. Discussion Time
  63. 63. Be More… Dog?
  64. 64. Creating Positive Change Through Our Strengths
  65. 65. Who sees the learning? Who hears the stories?
  66. 66. Kent Elementary School
  67. 67. A school focused on strengths
  68. 68. Share the stories CC Image from N. Dibley
  69. 69. A window in… cc licensed ( BY NC SA ) flickr photo by Kol Tregaskes:
  70. 70. Focus on and share the CC Image from K. Reese bright spots
  71. 71. A Collaborative Culture
  72. 72. A New Story
  73. 73. Inclusion
  74. 74. Embedded Culture Real Pride
  75. 75. We built a HILL
  76. 76. A response to a school’s story
  77. 77. The resulting celebration from a shared story of a wonderful school community
  78. 78. New School New Strengths
  79. 79. Building Trust CC Image from T. Vogel
  80. 80. Trust me?
  81. 81. Sharing the positives
  82. 82. Sharing: From me to us
  83. 83. The Start of a Collaborative Journey
  84. 84. Open the Doors Share the Stories Shift the Culture
  85. 85. How will we more effectively share our stories as a school and district?
  86. 86. Seek and create intellectual collisions cc licensed ( BY SA ) flickr photo by ▓▒░ TORLEY ░▒▓:
  87. 87. Expand and Connect the Pockets cc licensed ( BY NC SA ) flickr photo by Esther Simpson:
  88. 88. cc licensed ( BY NC ND ) flickr photo by Roberta Cortese: Are you harnessing the power of a district hashtag?
  89. 89. What is ordinary to you… Might be extraordinary to someone else cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo by akshay moon:
  90. 90. Obvious to you?
  91. 91. As a district, how can we better connect through our strengths? District of Schools  School District My students  Our students
  92. 92. Creating Action How will what we did today… change what we do tomorrow?
  93. 93. Commit to Action
  94. 94. Try something new. Take a risk. Do it.
  95. 95. Thank you!
  96. 96. Connect With Me @chriswejr