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Shifting Culture Through Sharing Stories


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Ignite-style presentation for the Vancouver Discovery Education "Ignite Your Passion" event on November 19, 2014 hosted by Dean Shareski. Sharing the power of how stories can shift culture in schools.

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Shifting Culture Through Sharing Stories

  1. 1. Shifting Culture Through Sharing Stories Chris Wejr @chriswejr James Hill Elementary, Langley School District November 19, 2014 Vancouver, BC
  2. 2. Who sees the learning? Who hears the stories?
  3. 3. Kent Elementary School
  4. 4. A school focused on strengths
  5. 5. Share the stories CC Image from N. Dibley
  6. 6. A window in… cc licensed ( BY NC SA ) flickr photo by Kol Tregaskes:
  7. 7. Focus on and share the bright spots CC Image from K. Reese
  8. 8. A Collaborative Culture
  9. 9. A New Story
  10. 10. Inclusion
  11. 11. Embedded Culture Real Pride
  12. 12. We built a HILL
  13. 13. A response to a school’s story
  14. 14. The resulting celebration from a shared story of a wonderful school community
  15. 15. New School New Strengths
  16. 16. Building Trust CC Image from T. Vogel
  17. 17. Sharing the positives
  18. 18. Sharing: From me to us
  19. 19. The Start of a Collaborative Journey
  20. 20. Open the Doors Share the Stories Shift the Culture