Professional Learning Through Social Media: Connected Educators, Connected Ideas


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Presentation/workshop given to the staff of Rosedale Traditional Community School on how social media can help the staff connect within the school as well as throughout the world.

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  • Share stories of my journey into connected leadership Focus on the WHY we need to connect and collaborate with othersHow to do this.Saddest part about these past 2+ days… so many people will not see this work. SHARE
  • My story… who am I? Principal, Father, Husband, Teacher (elem and sec), Learner, CoachPeople assume because I use tech that I am tech savvy… not really. I am savvy with social media.I want my kids to do the right things because they have the will and the skill not because I have bribed or threatened them, not because I want them to make someone else lose, but because it is just the right thing to do. LEARNERS, GROWTH MINDSET. Understand strengths and challenges.
  • Feb 2009, met with KyeOnline marketing strategy for my wife’s businessIntro’d Twitter and FB PageI could see the Facebook Page but Twitter?
  • I created two ways to try to get information to parents and share great things happening at our school.Big risk – putting myself out there with FB page – perk of the small district I am in – autonomy to take risksFB was an immediate hit – but heavily moderated. No major issuesTwitter notsomuch but then started to connect with educators – reading blogs, etc
  • School decision to end awards ceremony, blog post, tweet by Alfie KohnStarted to learn how to respond rather than react to being challenged. Found other people interested in student motivation.Learning to respond to challenge and engage in respectful debate online helped me offline.0:10
  • Invited to blog at Connected Principals – started to expand my network and become closer with other adminAsked to present online – presented on parent engagementMostly and #cpchat – connections formed through CP have developed into friendships and people I confide in
  • Meeting Old Friends for the first time – POWER of F2FPrevious conference/PD experience: pick a conference based on what came in my box, got to the conference, take a few notes by myself, go homeNOW – network with passionate people, discuss conferences and workshops, go there and meet them, discuss the day on backchannels, go for lunch and continue the conversations afterwardEdCamp Vancouver, later Edcamp FV
  • I get to ‘see’ what is happening in schools across the globe. Ask questions and get so many views. All this is IN ADDITION to my school and district.GLOBAL connection also strengthens my local connections My network continues to grow but it is important to keep those key relationships close.My online connections have enhanced my offline connections.
  • Dive deeper into the important question of Why – will never do the how and the what without the why
  • Connect offline and online. One often positively impacts another.
  • Too big to know
  • As you engage in this dialogue… you will see the transfer to different avenues of communication. Stronger more personal relationshipsGeorge, Cale, Brian, Darcy
  • CONNECT – form relationships.Educators, parents, students… everyone.
  • Accessibility is far greater now
  • Story of @garrioch
  • Share stories that connect with peopleHuge shift in my teaching/leading– strength vs deficit thinkingDom’s teacher showed it to him – he commented.
  • Technology can change lives. Just a tool?
  • Social media can change lives.
  • We have pockets of brilliance that is not being shared? Also, these great ideas cannot grow as well on their own.
  • 2011 Learning and networkingwith other educators has provided me with great ideas to share and propose to staffIdentity Day
  • Also posts on my mom, dad, kids…Connect with people in a more personal way.Andrew – see commentsOzzy – connect with others who have gone through a similar stuggle
  • Its not social media that is changing ed – it is the people.No longer are there pockets of isolated brilliance – this can now be shared. Ripple effectSpreading of ideas… and improving on them. Colliding hunches. Sharing and exploring the WHY of education reform – parents, teachers, students.Seek intellectual collisions0:30
  • Blogging, voicethread, videolicious, youtube, animoto
  • Bowdrill
  • Authentic audienceEngagementfeedback
  • 0:30 We will now move the HOW – any questions so far?
  • Can be a lonely profession – social media can connect with people in the same building, community as well as throughout the world.Rest of session will focus on HOW
  • It is about finding quality connections rather than numbers… used hashtags to reach wider audience. Build your network over time.Watch how others use SM. Ask questions. Can you have deeper learning via Twitter? No but the relationships built from then create more opps for these conv in different venues.
  • Again – share your stories of your learning or at your school… create further dialogue.OR share what is happening in your classrooms. How will parent s understand that school is different if they never see in?Share the WHY.
  • Sometimes time up front can create more time down the road.
  • Use your online connections to enhance your F2F connections (lessons, prof development, life)
  • End of the WHY part – now the how – play over dinner. Show Tweetdeck.
  • We are going to take most of the rest of the time/dinner to play with Twitter. Connect, search… you don’t need an account but it is better if you have one.
  • Find people with like interests by using hashtags.Twitter will help you.Search for lists of people - Twellow
  • Learn the language…
  • Professional Learning Through Social Media: Connected Educators, Connected Ideas

    1. 1. Learning ThroughSocial MediaConnecting EducatorsConnecting IdeasChris cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo by markhillary:
    2. 2. ABOUTME
    3. 3. Learning Intentions for Today• I understand the benefits of being a connectededucator• I understand how social media (ex. Twitter, Blogging)can enhance professional and student learning• I can use Twitter to borrow and share ideas abouteducation
    4. 4. Discuss:What are the conditions needed foreducators to grow?How do you best professionally learn?Share a story of your most memorableprofessional learning experience.
    5. 5. My connected journey…
    6. 6. I thought Twitter was all about this…
    7. 7. And this…Via @gcouros
    8. 8. @MrWejr@chriswejr
    9. 9. Sharing.Getting challenged. Responding.
    10. 10. from and with other leaders
    11. 11. old friends...For thefirst time
    12. 12. A Growing Network...
    13. 13. Why?
    14. 14. Connect.Form Relationships.Learn.
    15. 15. Smartest is the roomThe smartest person in theroom…is the room itself.-- David WeinbergerImage:
    16. 16. Professional ConnectionsPersonal Relationships
    17. 17. “We have alwaysoverestimated the value ofaccess to information andunderestimated the value ofaccess to each other.”Clay Shirky
    18. 18. Chance favours a connected mind Steven Johnson
    19. 19. Connecting With Leading Minds
    20. 20. Create Learning NetworksEducation will change from the ground up… teachers asprofessionals doing great work and sharing it via social media.-- Elisa Carlson #sd36learn
    21. 21. Connections: Learning TogetherCarolyn Durley @c_durley and Brooke Moore @bmooreintheloop at Edcamp Leadership
    22. 22. #Kinderchat #EdcampKinder
    23. 23. Share ideas.Share stories.Share moments.Get feedback.
    24. 24. Where doyour ideascome from?Could others benefit from them?Could they be improved?
    25. 25. cc licensed ( BY NC ND ) flickr photo by Martin Gommel: of holding an idea in a closed fist…hold it out in your open hand.Nilofer Merchant
    26. 26. stories.Share ideas.
    27. 27. Changing perceptions: Carly’s Voice
    28. 28. Stealing, building upon,sharing great ideas...
    29. 29. Share Through Images
    30. 30. Share a bit ofWho YOU Are
    31. 31. Share personal moments
    32. 32.
    33. 33. Social Mediaand Student Learning
    34. 34. Connecting StudentsBeyond the Classroom Walls
    35. 35. Connecting Students & Families
    36. 36. New Ways to Learn
    37. 37. WestHighBros: Making a POSITIVE difference
    38. 38. Martha Payne – changing the world ofcafeteria food through social media
    39. 39.
    40. 40. Questions
    41. 41. My challenge to you:Start Connecting
    42. 42. StartHere
    43. 43. Share/Connecton aDeeper Level
    44. 44. @mr_lister
    45. 45. Image: up front…Can create time down the road.
    46. 46. Find Your BalanceOften the most important people to connect with……are those right in front of us.
    47. 47. A District/School Network
    48. 48. Connect with educators.Form relationships.Share ideas.Harness the Power of aGlobal Personal Learning Network
    49. 49. Connect With
    50. 50. …Learning is often messyImage:
    51. 51. Who Do I Follow?Why would anyone follow me?
    52. 52. Start With a Twitter Search• Search by Hashtags (including #rtcs)• And many more subject specific tags#sd33 #bced#bclearns #elemchat#edchat
    53. 53. DM@RT mentionBit.lyMT#
    54. 54. Some info to get you startedon Twitter
    55. 55. Getting To Know Twitter:
    56. 56. Acknowledgments:George CourosLyn HiltAlec CourosBrian KuhnChris Kennedy