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Power of Outdoor Play - We Built a Hill


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In 2012-13, Kent School worked with parents and community to build a hill in their back field to promote outdoor play. This is the highlights presentation to the Board of Education of Fraser-Cascade School District.

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Power of Outdoor Play - We Built a Hill

  1. 1. If You Build It… The Story of Kent School’s Natural Play Area
  2. 2. It started with a beautiful garden…
  3. 3. …that had a tiny hill where everyone wanted to play
  4. 4. Then a staff discussion based on this:
  5. 5. Followed by a garden conversation between Teresa, Wendy, and Mrs. Cardinal
  6. 6. The plan…
  7. 7. Creating Kent Hill: A Natural Play Area
  8. 8. Expected Outcomes • Play • Curiosity • Joy • Health and Fitness • Excitement
  9. 9. Surprising Outcomes • Learning with the hill • PE and Sports Day • Buddy Play • Sensory Needs • Self-regulation