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International speaker, Brad Hauck is “The Secret” behind bringing over 50 million visitors to thousands of business websites in the past 5 years alone…
…and he can show your members how to build their online success and protect themselves against the iRisk…
Why? Because Brad Hauck IS Mr Web Marketing.

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Conference Keynote Speaker - Brad Hauck

  1. 1. Conference Speaking SubmissionFirstly, thank you for taking the time to read this.I would like to submit the following topics for consideration asconference keynote / breakout sessions for your membersconference and/or training seminars.I believe that the content is topical and addresses business skillsthat modern business owners and professionals need to helptheir companies flourish.On my website, I have added a page specifically for you thatcontains 45 min of me speaking at the 2011 Super SalesConference in Melbourne - these topics are of interest or you would like something elserelated to online marketing, please feel free to contact me on1300 793 700 or via email brad@mrwebmarketing.comThanks Brad HauckCEO – Australian Institute of Internet MarketingPresident - National Speakers Association Australia QldProfessional Member Brad Hauck – Conference Keynote Speaker – 1300 793 700 -
  2. 2. Attention: Anyone Who Uses the Internet for Business Discover How Your Members can Protect themselves Against Social Media Attacks, Increase their Website Traffic, Achieve Higher Rankings &DriveaSocial Media Explosionin 30 days or Less!International speaker, Brad Hauck is “The Secret” behind bringing over 50 million visitors to thousands of business websites in the past 5 years alone……and he can show your members how tobuild their onlinesuccess and protect themselves against the iRisk…Why?Because Brad HauckIS Mr Web Marketing.He willleadyour members through how they can turn their currentonline marketing efforts into effective, profitproducing, easy to apply systems that any business, no matter how small or large, can implement in less than 30 daysor less. Brad knows his stuff...and he has a unique and remarkable way of making the complex simple. He has an engaging style that audiences love. I recommend him with confidence. Kevin Ryan CSP- Past National President, National Speakers Association of AustraliaAsk your members the following questions? Is your website the laziest member of staff? If your website was a real person, would you sack it on the spot and hire someone else? Does your site make your life easier, sell your products and drive up yourprofits? Did you know that one wrongly worded comment on social media could see you on the national news within 24 hrs? Do you want to protect your business from online attack?If they answered NO! to any of these questions, this could be the most important letter you read this year!The web is one of the most powerful marketing tools ever conceived yet everyday millions of businesses fail to take fulladvantage of its power. In many cases they know all about what they should be doing but have no idea where to start.Brad will fix that!Brad can speak on a range of business building topics. His most popular talks are: The iRisk– “Your Business Reputation Is Just A Smartphone & a Few Clicks Away from Disaster!” Winning More Business Online– “7 Steps to Building Powerhouse Ranking Web Brands that Send Your Business thru the Roof” Social Media Marketing – “Get Social Smart& Crowd Clever: Using Social Media to Build Raving Fans”If your members are ready to take the first steps towards transforming their online marketing from ordinary toextraordinary, Brad will show them how to succeed... no hype, just million dollar content!You see the “key” to successfully pullleads from the web is NOT some hard to comprehend smoke and mirrors trick.Nor is it based on impossibly difficult skills that only a highly talented select few could ever master. There really areNO secrets but there are certain STEPS you must take… and many you should avoid like the plague.The successful have figured these steps out... Have your members?If you are looking for an original Speaker who can make your next conference or seminar a raving success, or you needa mentor who can help you create serious onlinemomentum for your member’s businesses,now is the time to takeaction! Brad Hauck – Conference Keynote Speaker – 1300 793 700 -
  3. 3. TestimonialsThank you for speaking at a couple of monthly meetings of ConnectWorking over the past 2 years. Your presentations on SocialMedia Marketing, Rocketing Your Website To the Top of Google and Game Changing Technologies were very well received by ourmembers. The information in your speech and the insights you provided were both fascinating and timely. Thank you again forspeaking at both Brisbane and Gold Coast functions. Vicki Sparks - Director - ConnectWorkingBrad has the ability to take the complex world of online marketing and make it easy to understand. I picked up lots of great ideasfrom his session that I was able to implement immediately. His presentation is relaxed putting the audience at ease. I would definitelyrecommend him as a speaker for any organisation or association that wants to help its people make the most of social networking. Karen Schmidt CSP - Owner & Director, Lets Grow! Pty LtdI have attended several workshops run by Brad Hauck of MrWebMarketing. The content of each workshop was not only relevant andon topic, but delivered in a clear, concise and practical manner, easy to understand and easy to implement myself when back in theoffice. Brad has a knack delivering plain-english content for topics that are so often shrouded in jargon and mystery. Kim Herringe - Red CreativeBrad knows his stuff...and he has a unique and remarkable way of making the complex simple. He has an engaging style thataudiences love. I recommend him with confidence. Kevin Ryan CSP Past National President -National Speakers Association of AustraliaThe delightful thing is that you make sense when you talk about it and keep the process as simple as possible. You get the messageacross in an uncomplicated way which makes it easy for everyone to understand, from absolute netheads to people still looking forthe “any key”. Peter Buckley. - Client SampleBusiness Client Sample Brad Hauck – Conference Keynote Speaker – 1300 793 700 -
  4. 4. Who is Brad HauckBrad Hauck is “The Secret” that thousands of successful online businesses kept hidden... until now!Brad’s business results and testimonials speak for themselves. He’s the reason behind thousands of businesses gettingtop search engine results and starting an unstoppableInternet marketing buzz.He can make anyone more successful online!He has been selling online since 1996, runs a series of successful websites and founded an SEO company that advisesleading companies on how to succeed online.Promote SEOhas helped everyone from corporate companies to local SMEs improve their visibility in Google, developtheir social media plans and increase their sales leads. Though his work, he has created millions& millions of dollars insales.In the past 5 years alone, Brad has brought over 50 million visitors to his, and his clients websites through free organicsearch rankings and social media such as Facebook and Twitter.Recently Brad took up the position of CEO of the Australian Institute of Internet Marketing which provides aninternationally recognised Diploma or Certificate of Internet Marketing. AIIM creates new careers online.Brad focuses on developing and implementing online marketing systems that are proven to work for “real world”businesses, big or small.With a trade in Telecommunications and a Master’s degree in Education, he combines his love of computers, teachingand selling online with his ability to make complex topics simple. Brad will change the way you approach riskmanagement online, social media marketing, SEO and online lead generation via the web.If you have a website, ask yourself, “Is your website the laziest member of staff?” And if it is, Brad will help you fixthat!Why You Need to Book BradBrad combines his hands-on,practical experience developed over 14 years of selling and marketing onlinewith histeaching background to break down the most complex ideas and present them in a way that is both engaging andentertaining.He won’t just speak to your members, he’ll teachthem simple systems and easy to apply actionable steps that they canapply in their own businesses or departments. Brad believes that when speaking to businesses and organisations,everyone should leave knowing what they can do to improve their online marketing and how to do start the process.Whether you need a conference keynote speaker, a workshop for your members, a breakoutfacilitator or someone tospeak at a networking function, Brad can put together a package to fit your needs.If you are interested in having Brad speak at your upcoming function, please call 07 56 414143 today to bookhim and to discuss your requirements, budget and dates. Brad Hauck Lvl 11 Suite 1101 The Rocket 203 Robina Town Centre Drive Robina 4226 Phone: 1300 793 700 Fax: +(61) 7 31028312 Email: “Is your website the laziest member of staff?” Website: / Brad Hauck – Conference Keynote Speaker – 1300 793 700 -
  5. 5. Most Popular Speaking TopicsThe iRisk -Your Reputation Is Just A Smartphone & A Few Clicks Away fromDisaster!Every moment of every day, your personal and company reputation is only a few words and a click away from adeluge of damaging online publicity. What are you doing about it? More importantly, do you know what to dowhen it happens?Within minutes, the reputation you have worked so hard to achieve could be permanently damaged if you don’tknow where to start. If you react rather than respond, or attack back rather than acknowledge, you can cause aworldwide backlash to ripple through social media and the search engines... not to mention what the Press willdo when they see what’s being said. Believe it... they’re watching!“A lie is half way round the world while the truth is getting its shoes on"With growth of social media and blogging sites like Facebook, Twitter, Blogger and Review sites like GooglePlaces, it is easy for anyone to interact and voice their opinions about anything - including your products andservices. Whether those opinions are the truth or not doesn’t seem to matter. But what do you do when thishappens?Learn from the successes & disasters of other well known companies why and how to put together an iRisk planto help protect your business from itself and others!Winning Business Online – 7 Steps to Building Powerhouse Ranking WebBrands that Send Your Business Thru the Roof!On the Internet, a small local business can do better than a multi-national company if they focus.Winning business online has never been more important. For a large % of businesses these days, the YellowPages aren’t working, magazine ads fail to bring response, newspapers, flyers, mailouts, television and radio adscrash and burn... it’s getting verrrry difficult to get leads!Online marketing is more than just SEO, social media and email. It’s about building brand that envelops thepeople who are searching for what you do or sell. Everywhere they look, they should find you.Discover the 7 essential steps to creating a strong web brand that ranks and drive your lead generation for you!Learn how to ensure that no matter where they look online for what you do or sell, you come up as the #1 result.With so many decisions about who to call being made as a result of an online search, can you afford not to buildyour web brand?Social Media for Business– Get Crowd Clever & Social Smart: Using Social Mediato build Raving FansIf communication is one of the keys to better business and social media is a communication tool, why is it soconfusing to implement it in your business to connect with your clients?Discover what social networking is and how it can drive your business marketing at little or no cost…What is social networking and is it for your business? Since the birth of the web there have been huge changes inhow media is consumed and produced. At the forefront of this evolution is social networking – a user createdphenomenon that is no longer being used by the few but by the many, and should be considered as a part of anybusinesses’ online marketing strategy.Discover how to implement a plan that allows you to reach your market, engage your followers and improveyour business. You can do it all… Blog, Twitter, Facebook in less than 5 minutes a day. Learn how anyone, even ifyou have no experience, can use social media to increase traffic and sales. Brad Hauck – Conference Keynote Speaker – 1300 793 700 -