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Brad Hauck One Sheet


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About Brad Hauck, conference speaker for Associations, businesses, conferences, .

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Brad Hauck One Sheet

  1. 1. Brad Mr Web Hauck Marketing “Over 50 Million Visitors & Millions of $$ in Sales” Brad Hauck is “The Secret” that thousands of successful online businesses kept hidden… until now!Who is Brad Hauck? Speaking Topics Training & Breakouts “Lots ofBrad’s business results andspeaking testimonials speak • Winning Business Online - Brad runs training and practicalfor themselves. He’s thereason behind thousands of 7 Steps to Building Powerhouse Web Brands workshops on a range of online marketing topics information,businesses getting top searchengine results and starting an that Rank Thru the Roof! including SEO, Facebook marketing, LinkedIn, Selling Excellent Content”unstoppable Internet • Get Social Smart & Crowd online, Email marketing &marketing buzz. Clever: Using Social Blogging. Media to Build Raving Suite 1101 Lvl 11 The RocketHe can make anyone more Fans As the CEO of the Australian 203 Robina Town Centre Dvsuccessful online! Institute of Internet Marketing, Robina 4226 • T h e i R i s k - Yo u r he developed the Diploma & Phone. 0430 34 1133 Reputation Is Just AIf you have a website, ask Certificate of Internet Fax. 07 3102 6267 Smartphone & A Fewyourself, “Is your website the Marketing courses. . Clicks Away from Disaster!laziest member of staff?” And
  2. 2. Brad HauckThe Internet is one of the most powerfulmarketing tools ever conceived yet everydaymillions of businesses fail to take fulladvantage of its power. MrWebMarketing canfix that!Why Audiences Love Brad’s Content‣ He knows what actually works! Brad has been selling online since 1996, runs successful websites and founded an SEO company. Promote SEO has helped everyone from corporates to local SMEs improve their visibility in Google, develop their social media plans and increase their sales leads.‣ Though his work, he has created millions & millions of dollars in sales. Recently Brad took up the position of CEO of the Australian Institute of Internet Marketing which provides an internationally recognised Diploma or Certificate of Internet Marketing. AIIM trains businesses to succeed online.No Hype, Just What Works for Business‣ Brad combines his hands-on, practical experience developed over 16 years of selling and marketing online with his teaching background to break down the most complex ideas and present them in a way that is both engaging and entertaining.‣ The delightful thing is that you make sense when you talk about it and keep the process as simple as possible. You get the message across in an uncomplicated way which makes it easy for everyone to understand, from absolute netheads to people still looking for the “any key.” Peter Buckley Professional Member, NSAA 2013 NSAA President Qld