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Leadership Traits


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Leadership Traits

  1. 1. Seven Elements of Emotional Intelligence for Leaders Source: Higgs and Dukewicz Emotional Resilience Interpersonal Sensitivity Influence Intuitiveness Conscientiousness And Integrity Motivation Self Awareness
  2. 2. Reliance on Others Aggression Risk-Seeking People Orientation Readiness to try something New Task Orientation Growth for the Organization Seven Parts to a Leader’s Management Style Source: Drago
  3. 3. 1 •Not Promoting the Vision 2 •Failing to listen to everyone on the team 3 • Holding all the authority 4 •Poor Decision Making 5 •Withholding praise and recognition 6 •Not investing in the staff growth 7 •Failing to improve their own skills Seven Mistakes made by Leaders Max Messner
  4. 4. Seven Things Leaders do Well Source: John Edmonds Show Clarity of Purpose Make People feel Important Create Pride in work and the organization Dress for Success Master fear – keep belief in themselves Are Accessible Use time Well
  5. 5. 1 • The Confusion and the Chaos 2 •Opportunities to multitask and seek variety of Task 3 • Diversity, Risk, Ambiguity and Uncertainty 4 • A Chance to trust their Judgment and Intuition 5 •Doing things in new ways – being creative, improvising 6 • Looking forward not back 7 • Performing – being centric stage Seven Things Leaders Enjoy in the Role Source: The Fast Company
  6. 6. 1 2 3 4 Keep a clear organisational focus Expect rigorous thinking Maintain openness to inquiry Nurture conversations about ideas Seven Ways Leaders liberate Thinking 5 Push decision-making downwards Source: Elash 6 Foster collaborative thinking 7 Demote, transfer or release people who oppose
  7. 7. Opportunist Diplomat Expert Achiever wins in any way possible avoids overt conflict seeks logic and rational solutions effectively meets goals and targets Seven Ways of Leading Individualist creatively balances competing tensions From Rooke and Torbert Strategist the transformational leader Alchemist the social and societal transformer
  8. 8. Seeing: Thinking: Knowing: Feeling: seeing intentionally thinking paradoxically knowing intuitively feeling vitally alive Seven Quantum Skills for Leaders Acting: acting responsibly Source: Shelton and Darling Trusting: trusting life’s process Being: being in relationships
  9. 9. IntuitionEnergy Eight Signs for Leaders PassionPerspective Conviction Solving VisionHumility Learning Source: Harvard Business Review
  10. 10. Leadership Delight the Customer Customer Focus People-based Performance Management by Fact Process Performance Continuous Improvement Seven Elements to the Business Excellence Index Source: Kanji
  11. 11. Eight Personal Qualities of Leader Personal Integrity Open to Ideas Fair, Honest and Supportive Dependable, imaginative, broad-minded Competent, Determined, Mature Ambitious and Independent Loyal, Caring, and Co- operative Straightforward Source: Hultman
  12. 12. 1 2 3 4 Eight Qualities of Leadership 5 6 7 8 Communicative Impressive integrity Genuine interest in others Recognizes and rewards achievement Team orientation Visionary, and ideas oriented Decisive, and takes responsibility Competence Source: Drouillard and Kleiner
  13. 13. 1 2 3 4 Eight Traits of Transformational Leaders 5 6 7 8 Identify themselves as change agents Take responsibility for change Courageous risk takers Believe in, and trust people Have clear values, and are values-driven Are lifelong learners Can deal with complexity, ambiguity and uncertainty Are visionaries, and share their vision Source: Tichy and Devanna
  14. 14. Eight Negative Leadership Characteristics Disloyal Lazy Inefficient Un-cooperative No potential IrresponsibleUnreliable Untrustworthy
  15. 15. 1 2 3 4 Eight things leaders do… 5 6 7 8 Creates vision and sets direction Focuses on ‘what might be’ Thinks strategically, has insight sees long term Inspires, influences, persuades others to follow Acts decisively, models the way Develops a diversity, competency, empowerment Translates vision and mission into strategy and action Maintains customer focus Source: Deborah Atkinson
  16. 16. Nine Factors Common to Leaders Facilitate and motivate Influence and persuade Be accountable Build teams Negotiate Reward Manage time and monitor activity Analyze Remain positive Source: Beck and Davenport The Ability to:
  17. 17. Nine Top Skills for Leadership Source: Tom Peters Building an environment of trust Retaining talent Leading high performance teams Building winning partnerships Leading change Valuing differences Setting performance expectations Rapid decision making Reviewing performance progress
  18. 18. Nine Things to Look for in Leaders A change Catalyst Self-control Trustworthiness Innovation Teamwork and collaboration OptimismAchievement- driven Self- confidence Understanding of Others From: Henry Stewart
  19. 19. Ten Critical Factors for Leading manage the dream embrace error encourage reflective backchat encourage dissent possess optimism, faith and hope understand the Pygmalion effect have ‘a certain touch’ see the long view understand stakeholder symmetry Source: Warren Bennis LEADERS create strategic alliances and partnerships
  20. 20. Ten Signs of Future Leaders Source: Rogers and Smith A propensity to lead Brings out the best in people Authenticity and integrity Receptivity to feedback Learning, agility Adaptability Conceptual thinking Able to navigate ambiguity A passion for results Culture fit
  21. 21. “Leadership is the wise use of power” ― Warren Bennis
  22. 22. “Leadership is about breaking the rules when others think that rule breaking would be a mistake”. Source: Frederick Nietzsche
  23. 23. “The final test of a leader is that he leaves behind him the conviction and the will to carry on”. - Walter Lippmann
  24. 24. How are leaders different to managers?