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  1. 1. 23 Sep 10 American Dream Narratives
  2. 2. 23 Sep Agenda ★ CLT - Response Question ★ American Dream Narrative Presentations ★ Declaration of Independence ★ Exit Ticket [Cornell Notes on Presentations & D of I Video] ★ Closure
  3. 3. City on the Hill / A belief in America as a shining example of good to the world. / President Reagan said that America should be a shining City on the Hill. Response Question: How does America act as an example of “good” to the world?
  4. 4. Group Presentations • Students will take notes on each of the presentations using Cornell Notes. They can do this on loose-leaf in their notebooks or using the blank Cornell notes on the tables. They will take notes in the right column of the Cornell Notes. • Presenters will not identify which of the American Dream narratives they are presenting. Students taking notes will write their guesses in the left column of the Cornell Notes. • After each presentation, students will guess which narrative has been presented. Students will be called on to make their guess.
  5. 5. Declaration of Independence • Video Introduction • Frederick Douglass’ Response • Annotating HO1.2 • Discussion
  6. 6. Exit Ticket/Homework ✤Exit Ticket: Cornell Notes on Presentations/Decl. of Ind. videos ✤Homework: HO1.2 OOOOOORRAAAAAHHH
  7. 7. Closure