Central Asia Review


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  • Central Asia Review

    1. 1. Powerpoint Jeopardy 50 50 50 50 50 40 40 40 40 40 30 30 30 30 30 20 20 20 20 20 10 10 10 10 10 Countries History Culture Government Geography
    2. 2. This inland saltwater sea is almost dry due to its use for irrigation
    3. 3. Another name for a treeless plain
    4. 4. A name for a flat, raised area of land
    5. 5. The place (city and country) where most Soviet nuclear testing took place
    6. 6. The people of Central Asia dislike this ethnic group because they made them change much of their culture
    7. 7. This is the name for a Russian commune, where people live and work together
    8. 8. Central Asia was divided up into five independent countries after the break up of what?
    9. 9. Soviet rulers tried to destroy this part of Central Asia’s culture when they took over.
    10. 10. This is a current problem in Central Asian countries.
    11. 11. True or False? The people of Central Asia were treated as equals to the Russians in terms of jobs and salaries.
    12. 12. The name for the largest ethnic group that is represented in Central Asia
    13. 13. The name for the second largest ethnic group in Central Asia
    14. 14. A place where Muslims worship
    15. 15. Because of its location on an important trade path, there are many of these groups represented in the countries of Central Asia
    16. 16. This religion is now being brought back into the culture of Central Asia after being outlawed during the Soviet occupation
    17. 17. True or False? The people of Central Asia have many different skin colors and face types because this country has been settled by many different groups of people
    18. 18. Many Central Asian people were forced to speak and read this language after they were taken over by the Soviet Union.
    19. 19. This is a famous trade path through Central Asia
    20. 20. What two important areas did the Silk Road connect?
    21. 21. In the past, the people of Central Asia chose this way of making a living.
    22. 22. Which country gained political power over much of Central Asia in the 1800’s?
    23. 23. This is the largest country in Central Asia.
    24. 24. This country has a lot of natural resources, such as petroleum.
    25. 25. This is a type of government/ philosophy where the government controls most industries and the freedoms of its citizens.
    26. 26. These are the five countries of Central Asia.