Everything You Need To Know About Back Linking


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Complete eBook on back linking and tips on how to gain massive rankings on all the major search engines. Simple, fast, and very effective back linking strategies.

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Everything You Need To Know About Back Linking

  1. 1. Everything You Need to Know About Backlinking 1
  2. 2. Everything You Need to Know About Backlinking Everything You Need to KnowAbout Backlinking(How to Turbo-charge Your Sites Search Engine Rankings!) By The ABC3K Plugin Admin 2
  3. 3. Everything You Need to Know About BacklinkingLegal Notice:This ebook is copyright protected. This is only for personal use. You cannot amend,distribute, sell, use, quote or paraphrase any part of the content within this ebookwithout the consent of the author or copyright owner. Legal action will be pursued if thisis breached.Disclaimer Notice:Please note the information contained within this document is for educational purposesonly.Every attempt has been made to provide accurate, up to date and reliable completeinformation. No warranties of any kind are expressed or implied. Readers acknowledgethat the author is not engaging in rendering legal, financial or professional advice.By reading any document, the reader agrees that under no circumstances are weresponsible for any losses, direct or indirect, that are incurred as a result of use of theinformation contained within this document, including but not limited to errors,omissions, or inaccuracies. 3
  4. 4. Everything You Need to Know About Backlinking Table of ContentsYour Website and Why It Matters………………………..……...............................pg 5Search Engine Optimization: How It Affects Your Website…………..…….……….pg 6How Search Engines Work……………………………………………………….........pg 8How Backlinks Improve Your Site’s SEO………………………………………..……pg 9How to Turbocharge Your Site’s Ranking…………………………………………pg 10The Benefits of Creating Backlinks………………………………………….………..pg 11Why Backlinks Are the Same as Money………………………………………….….pg 13Why Your Website Will Fail Without Backlinks……………………………………...pg 13How You Are Losing Money……………………………………………………..……pg 14Manually Creating Backlinks………………………………………………….….....pg 16Examples of Manually Created Backlinks………………………………….……..…pg 18The Problem with Manually Creating Backlinks ……………………………………pg 19Outsourcing Backlink Creation………………………………………………….…….pg 20How to Effortlessly Create Backlinks……………………………………………..pg 22Introducing Automatic Backlink Creator 3000………………………………………pg 22How ABC 3K Works…………………………………………………………….……..pg 23The ABC Network……………………………………………………………………...pg 23Real Life ABC 3K Success Stories………………………………………………..pg 24How ABC 3K Can Make Your Website Successful……………………………..pg 24Bonuses with ABC 3K……………………………………………………………..….pg 25Why ABC 3K Is Guaranteed to Work…………………………………………..……pg 26Getting Started with ABC 3K……………………………………………………….pg 26 4
  5. 5. Everything You Need to Know About BacklinkingYour Website and Why It MattersNot very long ago, before there was a Facebook, before there were tweets, even beforeWikipedia, there was simply the internet. In those simpler days, just ten or so years ago,people didn’t think of the internet as a marketplace. Instead, it was a place to visit chatrooms, maybe look at headlines on AOL, or simply waste a little time “surfing the web.”In just a short period of time, all that has changed. Amazon.com is now the largestretailer in the world. Once powerful chains such as Borders and Circuit City have beendriven out of business because they were unable to keep up with the rapidly changinglandscape of e-Commerce. The dot-com bubble grew and burst, only to be replacedwith a more stable and more profitable paradigm that continues to claim a larger andlarger share of the global economy.What does that mean for you and your website?Today the internet presents the most even playing field in the history of business.Because entrepreneurs are not required to invest heavily in up-front infrastructure likebuying land and constructing buildings -- or even lesscostly expenses such as rent or payroll – newbusiness can be launched in a matter of days ratherthan months or even years, and they can be launchedwithout bank loans or lining up investors whoeventually would share any profits.Internet marketers can compete head-to-head withestablished businesses -- including corporate giantswith tens of thousands of employees – if they bring tothe market the right idea at the right time andunderstand how to optimize the way their site isindexed and ranked.What’s more, the internet has eroded obstacles to business that under the old paradigmlimited business to which customers they could serve. Today, it is just as easy to servea customer in Bangalore as it is to serve one in Baltimore. Customers no longer have todrive somewhere to buy their product. They simply have to log on to a computer or,even easier, touch the screen on their smart phone.The internet marketplace is the new boom town for our generation. While the 1840s hadthe gold fields of San Francisco, and the 1890s had the Yukon gold rush, and the 1970shad the start up of companies like Apple and Microsoft, our generation’s once-in-a-lifetime boom market is upon us now on the web. 5
  6. 6. Everything You Need to Know About BacklinkingBy learning now how to effectively market your website, you can skip years ofeducation, decades of trial and error, and save a fortune in capital investment. Instead,you can jump right to the best part: Making a fortune by creating and maintaining a 24-hour money stream that will make money for you while you sleep with very little, if anytime or cash investment.Welcome to the new gold rush!Search Engine Optimization – How It Effects Your WebsiteRetail sales is slowly but surely migrating from brick-and-mortar stores to the internet,where companies can sell the same amount of goods and services with little more thana website and possibly a warehouse.In the same vein, the way customers shop for products has services has changed.Increasingly, customers are leaving their cars in the garage and instead turning to theinternet to find the products they want. And with most retailers offering free shippingwith purchases over a certain level (for Amazon.com – currently the world’s largestretailer – it’s $25), online shopping is not only faster, easier and more efficient, it’s alsocheaper! These trends are here to stay. During the 2011 holiday shopping season, shoppers planned to do 36 percent of their shopping online compared to only 32.7% just 12 months earlier, according to national retail journals. And that number has been increasing every year. And this trend has not escaped the notice of big retailers who are making it easier than ever for consumers to purchase their goods and services online.According to a recent report from the Pew Research Center’s Internet Project, thenumber of Americans who owned e-readers and tablets nearly doubled betweenDecember 2011 and January 2012. Now more than 29 percent of all US adults owneither an e-reader or a tablet, the survey said.Compare that to only a few years ago when the technology didn’t even exist anywhereoutside research laboratories.So how now that everybody is getting iPads, Kindles, Fires and other tools thatstreamline the process of online buying, how do they actually buy products online? 6
  7. 7. Everything You Need to Know About BacklinkingEssentially, consumers look for products they want to buy the way they always did:They search for it. But instead of roaming the aisles of a grocer or a discountdepartment store, consumers now search the web, usually using one of the big searchengines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing.Let’s say you are looking for a new tennis racket, for example. You know the model andfeatures you want, but you want the best price. Instead of driving around all day visitingsporting goods stores, today you simply need to type “Head Liquidmetal 8 tennis racket”into the search engine into Google and 0.26 seconds later links to 38,900 websites popup.Choose any of those sites and you can order the exact tennis racket you want and haveit delivered to your door within days. Multiply that one product by the unlimited numberof products and services available online and you can begin to comprehend the depth ofinternet marketing opportunities.But how did Google decide which of those 38,900 sites was listed first? And wouldn’tthe site in the top spot – or at least those on the first page -- expect to get the lion’sshare of visitors? 7
  8. 8. Everything You Need to Know About BacklinkingGoogle and other search engines determine the site ranking of any particular searchbased on a variety of criteria that are components in a highly complicated and top secretalgorithm. The formulas are carefully protected and are also constantly changing,making it essentially impossible for any single internet marketer to crack their code.But there are certain proven techniques internet marketers can utilize to improve theirodds of being listed higher on the search. These steps are called Search EngineOptimization, or SEO, and are critical to the success of your website.It’s a very simple equation: Master SEO and your website will ranked near the top ofyour product search and will be where nearly every customer goes to buy the productyou sell. Fail to master SEO and you will be in page ranking Siberia. And your businesswill fail.How Search Engines WorkGoogle, Yahoo and other global search engines are constantly scanning the internet fornew content by use of “spiders”, which are actually bits of computer code that findinformation on a web page, read it and then keep crawling by following links from yourpage to other pages, and so on.But search engines spiders don’t just scan website content and move on. They alsostore that content in a giant database through a process called indexing. Then the search engine subjects that content to its ranking algorithm, which decides which site goes first and which is not based on several key factors, including: Key words – Words and phrases in the title and text of the page that search engines use to classify the content. Key word repetition – Key words that are repeated the optimal number of times within the body of the text -- usually about 2% of the total word count-- are awarded more value than those repeated fewer or more times than the search engine likes.Key word placement – Where the key words appear in the text. Search engines typicallyprefer to see key words in the title, in the first 50 words and in the last 50 words. 8
  9. 9. Everything You Need to Know About BacklinkingLinks – As noted earlier, search engine spiders travel through the internet by followingthe links on sites. It is not surprising, therefore, that the greater number of links anarticle has, the more value it is awarded by the search engine.How Backlinks Improve Your Site’s SEOSearch engines are sort of like high school: The more popular you are, the more partiesyou are going to be invited to. The more visitors your site has, the more search engineswill like it.We’ve seen that the number of times other sites link back to your site – in other words,the number of backlinks you have – profoundly effects where search engines rank yoursite when an internet user types in a search. Consequently, sites with more backlinksare ranked higher than those without. URL vs Embedded BacklinksThere are two kinds of backlinks: URLs and embedded links. Search engines love both.URLs are the addresses to your website. For example: http://abc3k.com. You shouldalways include the URL to your site whenever you “sign your name” on other websites --such as when writing blog comments – because it’s free advertising for your site andalso because it can increase bring more visitors to your site.Embedded links are URLs that are secretly embedded into the text as hyperlinks to yoursite, typically as a key word. When a reader double clicks on that key word, the hyperlink instantly directs them to your site.Search engines love both URLs and embedded links because it helps them crawlthrough the internet faster and more effectively. That’s why sites with more backlinks areranked higher.Because search engines give added weight to sites with multiple backlinks fromauthoritative sites, the more backlinks you have, the more popular you will be with thesearch engines.Let’s see how this works in practice. Let’s conduct a search on Yahoo for “apple pie blogs”. Instantly, we receive 32 millionresults.Next, let’s randomly select any of the results on the first page: 9
  10. 10. Everything You Need to Know About BacklinkingNot surprisingly, the author of this blog riddled his text with backlinks. When readersclick on any of the blue-highlighted text, they are instantly taken back to another blogpreviously written by this same blogger. No wonder he’s on the first page!Creating backlinks manually, however, is a tedious process. To learn more about aneasy, highly effective way to automatically create thousands of backlinks to your siteinstantly, click on this link:Learn More About The ABC 3K Plugin – Backlinks On AutopilotHow to Turbo-charge Your Site’s RankingAs we have seen, you can improve your chances of having your site ranked at or nearthe top of searches by using key words, saturating your text with the optimum number ofkeywords, and placing those keywords in the locates search engines like best. Theseare all examples of On-Page SEO.Other examples of On-Page SEO include:  Making sure your keyword is in the page’s title 10
  11. 11. Everything You Need to Know About Backlinking  Make sure your site has great meta tags. They are the description tags that appear in search engine result pages. Use <meta> to mark the beginning and end of your meta tags and make sure they are limited to 160 characters in length, including spaces.  Similarly, include your keywords in your header tags, also known as H1 tags, which are the headlines at the top of your article or web copy.  Include your keyword in ALT image text, which is the description added to an image that is displayed when a user places the mouse cursor over the image.  Include internal links, which are links back to previously written blogs or other parts of your website, for example.Equally important as On-Page SEO is Off-Page SEO. Specifically, we are talking aboutbacklinking, or link building. The more links to your site from other sites, the highervalue your site will have from the big search engines.The Benefits of Creating BacklinksThe most obvious benefit of backlinks is that they cause search engines to give yoursite higher rankings on search pages.If you are on the first page of a searchfor your product niche, you areguaranteed to be seen by thousands, ifnot millions, of people daily. If even asmall percentage of those visitors buyyour product, you will be successful.If you are on page 10 of a search foryour product niche, you are in Siberiaand should either go into another line ofbusiness, or better yet, improve yourSEO by creating more backlinks.Not all backlinks are created equal.High quality backlinks have morequality than low quality backlinks.High quality backlinks are keyword backlinks from authority related sites. Authorityrelated sites are those that provide content related to your niche and have goodcredibility for the niche they cover. 11
  12. 12. Everything You Need to Know About BacklinkingFor example, let’s say you have a website on which you sell cars. So far, you havecreated two backlinks:  One from Car and Driver magazine’s website, which mentioned your site as a convenient place to buy cars.  One from a food blog, which mentioned your site as one they came across while looking for something else.In this case, the first backlink would be considered high value while the second wouldnot, although it would help your SEO a little. There’s no such thing as bad publicity, asthe old show business adage goes.Besides high quality links versus low quality links, there are three types of backlinks,each of which has different value by search engines:  One-way links are links from one or more pages of another website to yours, without your linking back to that site.  Reciprocal links are when you link to another site, and the other site links to you. This is also known as link swapping. This method does not carry the weight it once did, and can actually harm your rankings.  Three-way links are when you link to a website, but instead of linking directly back to my site, the owner of that site links back to my site from another site he owns. Search engines put the most value on one- way links, in which there is no reciprocity. They also value three-way links because they appear to be one-way links to the search engine.Reciprocal links are a good way to build relationships with other websites, but one-waylinks are preferable to improving SEO. So instead of suggesting reciprocal links, a betterway would be to suggest three-way links with other website owners.A word of caution regarding links: Avoid getting backlinks from unsavory sources, suchas gambling or pornographic sites, because these will harm your site’s reputationamong the big search engines. It’s called guilt by association. 12
  13. 13. Everything You Need to Know About BacklinkingWhy Backlinks Are the Same as MoneyBuilding backlinks is a great way to increase your site’s SEO as long as they are:  One-way backlinks  High quality  From an authority site  From a site in the same niche as your website  Are not from unsavory websitesIf you can create high number of backlinks that meet these criteria, you are well on yourway of catapulting your website to the top of the search page for your niche.Being on the front page of Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing or any other search page for yourniche is like having your business on the corner of the two busiest streets in any city ortown: It is where people go when they want to buy what you are selling.Page 2 is okay, but not great. But after that, you might as well open your store in themiddle of a cornfield. Most people are just not going to look further than the first page ortwo.That’s why it is critically important to the success of your website that you do everythingand anything you can to land on the front page, and at the top if possible. The SEOtechniques we have discussed – both on-page and off-page – will help, but the best wayto get there is through backlinks.That makes backlinks the same as money. It’s a pretty straight-forward equation: Themore backlinks you have the more money you will make. Backlinks = MoneyWhy Your Website Will Fail Without BacklinksTo internet marketers who have been in the industry for awhile, the fact that backlinksdrive traffic through improved SEO is yesterday’s news. Everybody creates backlinksand everybody is competing for those coveted spots at the top of the search pages.Let’s say you run a website the sells ironic t-shirts. All the hipsters are wearing themthese days, so why not? It should be easy money, right? 13
  14. 14. Everything You Need to Know About BacklinkingHere is the Bing front page for the keyword search “ironic t-shirts for sale”:Of the 10 sites listed on this page, 7 are for websites that will sell you an ironic t-shirt.These sites did not appear here by accident. The owners of these sites worked veryhard to ensure that their site would appear on this page when “ironic t-shirts for sale”was entered as the search criteria.If you own a website that sells ironic t-shirts and your site did not appear on this page,guess what? Your website will not be successful.The 7 sites of these 10 that sell ironic t-shirts are too busy to answer the phone rightnow because they are processing orders. That’s because their hard work put them atthe top of the 3.15 million results of this highly specialized web search.How You Are Losing MoneyIf you own a website or blog, you know that it is a lot of hard work to get it set up andoperational, and then populate it with great content. Whether you are in it to makemoney or simply because you want to share your thoughts with the online community,you want people to visit your site. 14
  15. 15. Everything You Need to Know About BacklinkingYou wouldn’t write a great novel and then hide it behind your refrigerator, would you?No, you would send it to publishers and try to get it in front of as many eyes as possible.Perhaps you have invested money in your blog by paying for a domain name or rentingspace on a server. Maybe you paid a graphic artist to design a logo, or paid a webdesigner to craft your page. You may have even hired a writer to create content.Regardless of whether you have spent $1 on your website or $100,000, if you are not atthe top of the search page, you have wasted your money and time. Even worse, you areleaving money on the table that could have been yours but instead is going tosomebody else with more drive to capture that top spot.Let’s return to our previous example and randomly select one of the ironic t-shirt siteson the first search page result:As this product is listed first, let’s assume it is their best seller. It is a t-shirt that reads,“Husband For Sale: comes with Flat Screen TV and Remote Control.”Because this company is on the front page, we can assume they sell many of these t-shirts daily, best conservative guess 100 units. At $27.99/shirt, that’s $2,799/day inrevenue, not including related sales of other items visitors might add to their shoppingcart while visiting the site. 15
  16. 16. Everything You Need to Know About BacklinkingThat’s nearly $3,000/day that the owners of this site are getting and not you becausethey put in the work to capture a spot on the front page of the niche search. They are onState and Main while you are on Fifth and Nowhere. By not appearing on the firstsearch result page, you are losing very real money.But there is an easy and effective way to land your site on the front page with little or noeffort by you. Click on this links and check out Automatic Backlink Creator 3000 to findout how:Learn More About The ABC 3K Plugin – Backlinks On AutopilotManually Creating BacklinksNow that you understand the importance of backlinks to making money from yourwebsite, let’s examine how you can create them.There are a number of ways to manually create backlinks. The first way is throughwriting articles or blogs that include key words that backlink to your website, thenpublishing those articles or blogs in as many different places on the internet as possible.This is desirable because:Syndication is an easy and inexpensive way to leverage a small amount of effort into anexponentially larger result.Article directories are a great place for you to syndicate your articles and blogs for free.They serve as a clearinghouse for of articles on every subject imaginable, are easy tonavigate, and are visited by millions of people daily.You want to publish your articles on the sites with the highest traffic. There are dozensof article directories, but right now these are the most popular: 1. http://www.knol.google.com/ 2. http://www.ehow.com/ 3. http://www.squiddo.com/ 4. http://www.ezinearticles.com/ 5. http://www.hubpages.com/Another effective way to market your blog through syndication is through bookmarkingor when people share sites they’ve found with people they know. The five most popularbookmarking sites right now are: 1. http://twitter.com/ 16
  17. 17. Everything You Need to Know About Backlinking 2. http://www.digg.com/ 3. http://www.stumbleupon.com/ 4. http://www.reddit.com/ 5. http://delicious.com/By now, everybody understands the importance of social media to internet marketing.So it should be obvious that providing links to your site on the hottest social media sitesis the best way to get traffic.The top 5 social networking sites in the world today are: 1. http://www.facebook.com/ 2. http://www.myspace.com/ 3. http://www.bebo.com/ 4. http://www.friendster.com/ 5. http://www.hi5.com/Finally, blog directories are another great way to build a following. These are sites wereblogs are categorized so that users can easily access sites whatever the subject. Thebiggest are: 1. http://www.technorati.com/ 2. http://www.blogcatalog.com/ 3. http://www.blogarama.com/ 4. http://www.blogflux.com/ 5. http://www.bloggernity.com/Examples of Manually Created BacklinksAs you can see, there are a lot of different places that will publish your articles or blogsfor free. And you can create backlinks in your articles and blogs that will improve yourSEO, and launch you toward the top of the search rankings for your niche. 17
  18. 18. Everything You Need to Know About BacklinkingLet’s look at a real world example of how backlinks work. Let’s say we own a websitespecializing in selling universal remote controls. Thanks to hungry couch cushions,overactive dogs, being stepped on and many other reasons, many people want to buythis product to replace one that is lost or damaged. And the first place they typically willlook will be online because, let’s face it, where else are you going to go to buy auniversal remote?It is also a product most people want to buy and have quickly, because it is difficult tooperate a TV these days without a remote control. So, intelligent internet marketer thatyou are, you have written an article about universal remote controls, interspersed it withkeywords that link back to your site, and published it for free on one of the big articledirectories, let’s say Squidoo.com, one of the largest:You can see in the text that the keywords universal remote controls is bold andunderlined. That means it is a hyperlink to another site: 18
  19. 19. Everything You Need to Know About BacklinkingFrom this page, we can purchase any number of universal remote controls and havethem delivered immediately so that we can return to watching our beloved TV shows. Inthis example, it’s a safe bet that someone hired by Amazon was the author of the articleranking the top 10 universal remote controls.The Problem with Manually Creating BacklinksCreating backlinks to your website is an effective way of improving SEO and gettingyour site to the top of the search list for your niche. But the problem is that it is a tediousprocess and frankly takes up too much of your time.In the example above, somebody had to write the article about universal remotecontrols, make sure the keywords were in the right place and that they appeared theoptimal number of times, embedded backlinks to the home site (in this case Amazon),contacted Squidoo and registered as a user so they could post the article, then in alllikelihood repeated the process with the other top 10 article directories.Then the process was repeated at the top blog directories, social networking sites andbookmarking sites. 19
  20. 20. Everything You Need to Know About BacklinkingThen another article was written, SEO optimized and distributed. And then another andanother and another. It’s a fair bet that this actually took place because the article waslisted on the front page.Even for the fastest writer, each 500 word article took at least 15 minutes to write,another 15 minutes to SEO optimize, and another 15 minutes to distribute. That’s 45 minutes per article, minimum. During an 8-hour work day, the website owner could expect to post 10 articles per day, although they would probably end the day with a headache from all that writing. So how many articles does it take to get to the top of the search lists? Hundreds, if not thousands. At that rate, it could be months or even years of non-stop writing before this poor website owner achieves his objective of making it to the top of the search lists by manually backlinking his articles.Outsourcing Backlink CreationOne option is to outsource your backlink creation. There are innumerable companies that will gladly take on the challenge of postingbacklinks to your site in articles, blogs and web content throughout the web. Many ofthese companies have teams of writers whose job is to do nothing else but write genericarticles into which links to client sites can be embedded.These articles are then syndicated in article directories, blog libraries and other sitesthroughout the internet. When search engine spiders find these articles, they index themand the sites with the most number of backlinks are given more value, jumping to thetop of the search results for their given niche.Content writing is a growth industry that employs hundreds of new writers every day.Despite the poor condition of the economy, content writing continues to grow monthover month because of the huge need for article creation and backlinking.Most internet marketers have already figured out how important backlinks are to siterankings, and have begun hiring content writers by the dozen just to keep up with thecompetition.Here are just a few of the thousands of sites you can pay for this service: 20
  21. 21. Everything You Need to Know About BacklinkingThe problem is that these companies are expensive, charging anywhere from $5 to $25per article. And if you need hundreds or even thousands of articles posted to achieveyour objective of being at the top of the search results, unless you are a huge companywith deep pockets like Amazon, this is prohibitively expensive.Another option is to hire a virtual assistant, which is a person who works for you but isonly connected to you online, via e-mail, chat or Skype. These assistants can createcontent and backlinks for your site, but they normally are paid either by the hour or bythe pieces they create.The federal limited wage in the United States is $7.25/hour, although some states haveslightly higher or lower wages. You can hire somebody off-shore for a much lower rateeasily enough, but generally you get what you pay for.If this virtual assistant works for you only 20 hours per week at minimum wage, that’s$145/week coming out of your pocket, which is still a sizeable expense and one mostinternet marketers can’t afford.But there is a better, more affordable option to creating thousands of backlinks to yoursite automatically. Visit Automatic Backlink Creator 3000 to learn more details: 21
  22. 22. Everything You Need to Know About BacklinkingLearn More About The ABC 3K Plugin – Backlinks On AutopilotHow to Effortlessly Create BacklinksYou have a great idea for a product or website. You understand the importance ofcreating backlinks to your site so you can capture the top spot in your niche search andstart making the big money you have always dreamed about.But no matter how many hours, or even days, you spend manually creating backlinks,other internet marketers always seem like they are doing more. Despite the fact thatyour back aches, your fingers are cramping, your eyes burn and your head aches fromall the article writing and blog posting you have been doing, your site still is notappearing even on the front page.How can this be?Maybe your competitors have a bigger marketing budget and can outsource much ofthe article writing. Or perhaps they have a virtual assistant doing the legwork for them.But you can’t afford either one of these options, at least not until your site takes off.So what can you do?What you need is a secret weapon.Introducing Automatic Backlink Creator 3000Automatic Backlink Creator 3000 is an incredible new tool that can quickly andaffordably create hundreds, even thousands, of backlinks to your website so that yoursite will rocket to the top of the search lists.The incredible new ABC 3K will:  Turbo-charge your search engine ranking  Dramatically boost the amount of traffic to your site  Increase your AdSense revenue  Increase your sign-ups  Increase your sales 22
  23. 23. Everything You Need to Know About Backlinking  Increase your affiliate sales  Plus much, much more!How ABC 3K WorksABC 3K is a WordPress plug-in that instantly enrolls you in the ABC 3K Network, whichalready has thousands of members with hundreds more joining every month. Eachmember runs websites, and many have multiple websites. What the ABC 3K plug-indoes is automatically create backlinks between member sites, boosting everybody’sbacklinks exponentially.Here’s what the ABC 3K will do for your site:  Indexes every page and post on the site it is installed on daily  Indexes whatever URLs you enter into the plug-in daily  Creates and submits RSS feeds for every post on your site on a regular basis  Creates backlinks to a set of URLs you input with a guaranteed number monthly  Creates anchor text backlinks within the ABC 3K Network and gets those links indexed  Creates another free opportunity to make money by giving you a free Build My List accountThe ABC 3K NetworkThe ABC 3K Network has thousands of members who run websites in every nicheimaginable. Because ABC 3K automatically generates anchor text backlinks on sitesthroughout the network, your site is instantly connected to all the other sites.With ABC 3K, you don’t have to waste your valuable time manually creating backlinks.The plug-in automatically does the tasks that must be done for your site to succeed,giving you more time to focus on more important things.Most importantly, your site will have better rankings for targeted keywords and highertraffic. And more traffic means more money for you!You don’t have to do anything. ABC 3K provides hands-free backlinking for you! 23
  24. 24. Everything You Need to Know About BacklinkingReal Life ABC 3K Success StoriesABC 3K has already helped thousands of internet marketers just like you exponentiallyincrease the amount of traffic to their sites, and significantly increase their revenues.Salah Muddaththir, of salahstudios.com, said he was more than happy with the successof ABC 3K.“In two weeks my AdSense earnings were up 27%!” Salah said. “The plug-in has morethan paid for itself already.”But Salah is only one of thousands of people who have stopped manually creatingbacklinks and instead are letting ABC 3K do it for them. People like Yaa Koerrpen, fromfitnesscourse.org, who said ABC 3K dramatically increased the number of backlinks tohis site from the very first day.“Every page I have added to ABC has improved my rankings,” Yaa said.And And Rob Jones, of AccurateSEM.com, said it worked for him and he has thenumbers to prove it!“I track my progress using Rank Tracker, so every time I add an ABC backlink to a site,I make a note in Rank Tracker for later,” Rob said. “I think where I have really beenamazed is the speed in which new sites seem to get indexed and then within a veryshort time show in Google page one or two for some great search results and on top ofthat the competition just does not seem to matter.”ABC 3K has helped these successful internet marketers make money, as well asthousands of others. And it can help your site leap to the top of the search results, too.For more information on how ABC 3K can supercharge your site so that it shoots to thetop of the search rankings, gets significantly more visitors, and start reaping financialrewards for you and your family, click here now:Learn More About The ABC 3K Plugin – Backlinks On AutopilotHow ABC 3K Can Make Your Website SuccessfulImagine instantly increasing your site’s ranking without having to spend hours or evendays manually creating backlinks. With the ABC 3K WordPress plug-in, that fantasy canbecome a reality.With the power of the ABC 3K Network behind your site, more and more backlinks toyour site will be created all the time because the network automatically createsbacklinks from other network sites, boosting everybody’s backlinks exponentially. That 24
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  26. 26. Everything You Need to Know About BacklinkingWhy ABC 3K WILL WorkABC 3K has already worked for thousands of internet marketers, and it can work foryou, too!Once you subscribe to this revolutionary new WordPress plug-in, you can instantly startreaping the rewards of being part of the highly effective, interactive ABC 3K Network,quickly building your backlinks with none of the dreary, labor-intensive effort.And with all those backlinks to your site, the search engines are guaranteed to startpaying attention to your site, launching it to the top of the search results for your niche,and sending more and more visitors to your site.Imagine moving from the back of the pack to the center of the internet universe. WithABC 3K that’s exactly where your site will be.Even if you don’t use WordPress as your site’s hosting platform, ABC 3K will still workand you can still participate in the ABC 3K network. But, if in the unlikely event thatsomething goes wrong and the plug-in cannot be installed within 7 days, you will beissued a full refund! Certain conditions do apply.Getting Started with ABC 3KAs a veteran internet marketer, you know the importance of having a large number ofbacklinks to your site. They are critical in SEO and critical in getting the internet’sbiggest search engines to pay attention to your site.Without a large number of backlinks to your site, your internet marketing efforts areworthless and you may as well shut down your site.Creating backlinks manually is a painstaking process if you do it yourself, andprohibitively expensive if you outsource backlinking or hire a personal virtual assistant.But ABC 3K offers you a way to get hundreds of backlinks to your site instantly, andautomatically continue to generate new backlinks every day. This will supercharge yoursite in the eyes of the search engines and catapult your site to the top of the searchresults for your niche.And you already know what that means: More visitors, more customers, more sales andmost importantly, MORE MONEY!!!So what are you waiting for? ABC 3K is the one-stop solution for all your backlinkingneeds. And at only $37/month, it is completely within even the most modest budget. 26
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