Weather Dilema AFG Assignments 1-10


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Weather Dilema AFG Assignments 1-10

  1. 1. WeatherDilemma9tp1451_team3Greig City Academy - Apps for GoodPage 1 of 10Apps for Good Assignment 1-10Assignment 1 – List of Interests iFooty - An app design to master the game of a footy and learn techniques and get advice frompros. YouTubeToPhone - An app that is sponsored by our members and it is an downloader varioustypes for example mpeg4 or mp3. Music Freaks – This app teaches students with videos the right technique of how to play avariety of different instruments.
  2. 2. WeatherDilemma9tp1451_team3Greig City Academy - Apps for GoodPage 2 of 10Assignment 2 – Problem Statement and SCQAThe Following Is Our Groups Problem Statement of Our App Idea“People Aged 12+ find it hard to keep track of the ever-changing weather due to lack of organisationand/or time throughout the day”SCQASituation Complication Question AnswerAccording to yahoothere are about 62million people living inthe UK, from which 32million are working.That’s over 50%, and40% starting theirwork in the morningrush hour.They are in such ahurry that they don’tbother looking at theweather, and half waythrough the journeythey find out it’sraining.Every day lots of peoplerun out their housefinding it’s raining,making them go backhome to get their coat.Consequently, ruiningyour work, arriving into ameeting soaking wet.And we all know Britishweather…… One minuteits freezing cold, theother its boiling hot, soyou must be prepared.And not end up in bedfor a week.How can we help keepbusy people preparedfor the ever changingweather?Weather dilemma willkeep busy people andstudents organisedand prepared for anytype of weather,anywhere in theworld.
  3. 3. WeatherDilemma9tp1451_team3Greig City Academy - Apps for GoodPage 3 of 10Assignment 3 – Market ResearchThe Following Research is done on the Alternatives to our App idea. As a group we feel that on theandroid platform, there aren’t any Apps that will solve our problem as effectively. For us to researchon this topic of Alternative this mainly comprised of secondary research. We did this by, exploringapple & android app stores.Who Does this Affect?1. The app that we are making is a weather app. The purpose why we’re doing that is for people that never know the weather sothey know what they kids could wear to school and they don’t want them to be in the rain or in the hot sun with or without acoat because it will making them feel stressful about the weather, that’s why we are making this for adults and teenagers.This affects they life because it won’t make people angry about what they had brought to school or work when every else hasnot bring a coat or not. This app is make a big approve in peoples life of the use of online phone apps instead of watching thenews or going on an website so it will just be right be in front of you with one click and it would not take long to download.2. What Circumstances?You Can Use This App When You’re Going To School, If You’re Going On Holiday Or If You’re Going Out To Prepare Yourself. ThisWill Let You Be One Step Ahead Of The Weather Especially As We Live In A Country Where The Weather Can ChangeImmediately With Drastic Effect. This Can Be Devastating If You Are A Business Man/Woman With A Lot Of Valuable PaperworkThat Could Get Wet and/or Damaged. We Have Also Incorporated Pictures To Save Time.3. Where can this problem occur?The problem can occur when you’re coming to school and you don’t know whether it’s going to rain, be sunny or windy etc.,you would want to know if you had to bring or wear certain things so this weather app for students could tell them the exactweather when they need it. So by getting this weather app it is stopping you from wearing no jacket when it’s going to be cold,also not bringing your umbrella when it is raining.4. When Can This Problem Occur?This problem can happen any time through the day. You would mostly use it when you are going out somewhere, or holding afunction, party etc. The people that would be using this app are people over the age of 11, because 11-18 years olds would begoing to school/college, so they would want to know if they need to bring their coat or sunscreen. So they would usually beusing this every morning, 5 days a week. Also over 18s would need to use this app when they are going to work. Also, theywould need to use this app on the weekend, when they are going shopping, and in the evening when they’re going to parties.So, this app will be used nearly every day, mostly in the weekdays.5. Why Does The Problem Occur?This problem occurs because people who have a lack of knowledge about the weather get caught out and get their day ruinedjust because you wasn’t aware of the weather.
  4. 4. WeatherDilemma9tp1451_team3Greig City Academy - Apps for GoodPage 4 of 10Assignment 4 – Problem VideoHere is the link to our video:
  5. 5. WeatherDilemma9tp1451_team3Greig City Academy - Apps for GoodPage 5 of 10Assignment 5 – User PersonaReeceThe Busy Sixth FormerAbout ReeceHe Lives With His Mum & Younger BrotherGoes To Greig City Academy Sixth FormALWAYS Cycles or Walks to SchoolCarries Around Very Important CourseworkHas Little Spare TimeConstantly Taking NotesPrefers To Carry His Papers Around With HimLeaves Things Until The Last MinuteEnjoys Doing His Work OutdoorsVery Rarely Watches/Reads or Listens To the News OrWeather“I Hate UnexpectedSurprises!”Key GoalsQuick Info At a GlancePrepared For AnyWeather ConditionsNo Time Wasting
  6. 6. WeatherDilemma9tp1451_team3Greig City Academy - Apps for GoodPage 6 of 10Assignment 6 – Scenario MapStep 1– SelectThe“WeatherDilemma” App fromApp Menu/Folder/IconStep 2– Wait for Splash screenTo Load & CompleteStep 3 - Click “Find MyLocation” or Enter LocationAccordinglyStep 4 – Once Your LocationHas Been Confirmed, The AppWill Show You The Symbols OfRequested ForecastStep 5– User Clicks “CloseApp”Step 1–Go to your apps menu and clickon the ‘weather dilemma’ appicon.Step 2–It will say ‘loading....’,underneath it there will be alittle icon spinning to show it isloading.Step 3–Two options will come up.The first option wil be ‘find mylocation’, it will use a GPS totrack your location and theweather of the location.The second option is ‘enterlocation’, you just enter yourlocation and it will find theweather for it.Step 4–Once you have finished stepthree, it will show you theweather, and from now on itwill come up on the homepageof your phone.Step5–On the bottom right there willbe a button, ‘close app’, justclick it and it will exit the app.
  7. 7. WeatherDilemma9tp1451_team3Greig City Academy - Apps for GoodPage 7 of 10Assignment 7 – Business ModelHere is the business model for our group:
  8. 8. WeatherDilemma9tp1451_team3Greig City Academy - Apps for GoodPage 8 of 10Assignment 8 – App Store “Blurb”“If your fed-up of the constant changing of weather catching you out all the time, this app, WeatherDilemma is for you. With clear images that get thrown to your screen as soon as the weather isabout to change, there is no need for reading, just look and be prepared”
  9. 9. WeatherDilemma9tp1451_team3Greig City Academy - Apps for GoodPage 9 of 10Assignment 9 – WireframesSPLASH SCREEN MENU ENTER MYLOCATIONEVERYTHINGDONE, JUST EXITAPP
  10. 10. WeatherDilemma9tp1451_team3Greig City Academy - Apps for GoodPage 10 of 10Assignment 10 – Competition: Elevator Pitch VideoHere is the link to our elevator pitch video: