Looking Back-BIM


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Looking Back-BIM

  1. 1.  I learned the difference between a block letter and a modified letter. I now know how to set tabs. I learned how to write memos and discovered that the paragraphs are not indented.
  2. 2.  I learned how to use functions, which allowed for faster and easier calculations. I learned how to change aspects of charts after they are created. I learned how to use IF statements to determine solutions.
  3. 3.  I learned how to create reports and edit the color theme to make them more appealing. I now know how to create custom mailing labels. I also learned how to create queries in order to make mail merge letters.
  4. 4.  I learned how to create my own color theme and edit the colors on default themes. I also learned how to group objects, shapes, and pictures. Lastly, I learned how to use SmartArt graphics more effectively.
  5. 5.  I learned how to insert YouTube clips and PowerPoint presentations into my Prezi presentation. I also learned how to change the themes and fonts for the presentation. Lastly, I learned how to edit my path options and delete a path.
  6. 6.  I learned that you can embed YouTube videos into SlideShare presentations. I also learned that SlideShare supports PowerPoint, PDF’s, videos, and documents. I also discovered that once you create your slideshow, it can be viewed on the website, on other websites that embed your slideshow, and on hand-held devices.
  7. 7.  This year has been very educational and eye- opening. There is so much that computers, software applications, and programs have to offer. This class has already and will continue to help me present information in a professional manner. It has enhanced my knowledge and now I can add unique and efficient elements to my homework, assignments, an d projects.