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Ernational asia pecific candidates profiles ieee inthttp about corporate election reg10


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Ernational asia pecific candidates profiles ieee inthttp about corporate election reg10

  1. 1. IEEE - IEEE Annual Election - Region 10 Candidates (Asia and Pacific) Page 1 of 6 IEEE Annual Election - Region 10 Candidates (Asia and Pacific) For IEEE Region 10 Delegate- Elect/Director-Elect, 2011-2012; On this Page: Delegate/Director, 2013-2014. Jose (Joe) B. Cruz, Jr. Toshio Fukuda Ramakrishna Kappagantu Jose (Joe) B. Cruz, Jr. JOSE (JOE) B. CRUZ, JR. (Nominated by IEEE Region 10) Retired Binan, Laguna, Philippines Jose B. Cruz, Jr. interacts with students and faculty in the Philippines. Previously he served as Distinguished Professor of Engineering and Dean of Engineering at the Ohio State University, USA. He was on the faculties of the University of California in Irvine, the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign, and the University of the Philippines in Diliman. He received his degrees from the University of the Philippines (BS), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MS), and the University of Illinois (PhD), all in electrical engineering. His research is on sustainable networked control systems. He received the IEEE James H. Mulligan, Jr. Education Medal and the American Automatic Control Council Richard E. Bellman Control Heritage Award. He is a Member of the National Academy of Engineering (US), a Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Science and Technology (Philippines), IEEE Life Fellow, and Fellow of the International Federation on Automatic Control, AAAS, and ASEE. IEEE Accomplishments – As Chair of the Technical Activities Board: He led the creation of new councils and societies. He led the establishment of new society conferences. He improved financial management of society conferences. He managed revenue increase from society publications. As Chair of the Publications Board: He led the creation of new society transactions and magazines. He managed the increase of income from copyrights from educational institutions that allowed reproduction of articles for student use. He oversaw the maintenance of high quality in editorial productions of all IEEE publications. He stressed the importance of high integrity and balanced reporting of our newspaper, The Institute. He continuously encouraged and commended the IEEE Spectrum magazine, which received several external awards. He stimulated the growth of the IEEE Press. He had oversight in minimizing subscription abuses from libraries. As President of the Control Systems Society: 11-08-2010
  2. 2. IEEE - IEEE Annual Election - Region 10 Candidates (Asia and Pacific) Page 2 of 6 He oversaw the steady growth of the annual Conference on Decision and Control. He led the effort towards quality improvement of society publications. As Editor of the IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control: He assured high standards and quality of articles. Statement – The strength of IEEE is its collective ability in “advancing technology for humanity” but there is a need to strengthen the linkages between regional sections/councils and specialized technical societies/councils to empower individual members. IEEE should insure that individual members benefit from our advances in technology contained in our conferences and publications. Using my extensive background and experience as IEEE Vice President for Technical Activities and IEEE Vice President for Publications Activities, I intend to increase the value of IEEE to local members. In particular: 1. I will encourage local entities to gain a deeper understanding of other parts of IEEE, to marshal a concerted effort to provide more meaningful member services. 2. I will initiate the development of Learning Tutorials in Region 10 (Asia & Pacific) on new technologies and current professional topics as part of career development for individual members and help them navigate through our conferences/publications. 3. I will seek greater participation of sections in Society conferences held in Region 10. A greater share of financial returns can enable local entities to offer broader member services. IEEE Activities – (S’56-M’57-SM’61-F’96-LF’09) OFFICES: Board of Directors, 1980-85. Executive Committee Member, 1980-85. Publication Activities Board, Vice President, 1984-85. Technical Activities Board, Vice President, 1982-83. Division I Director, 1980-81. COMMITTEES/BOARDS: Publications Board: Chair, 1984-85; Vice Chair, 1981; Panel of Technical Editors, 1981. Technical Activities Board (TAB): TAB Society Review Committee, Chair, 1990; TAB Review Committee of Transnational Relations Committee, 1988; TAB/USAB Engineering R&D Committee, Chair, 1986-87; TAB Chair, 1982-83; TAB Operating Committee, Chair, 1982-83; TAB Periodicals Committee, Chair, 1981; TAB Meetings Committee, Chair, 1976-78. IEEE Awards Board: Simon Ramo Medal Committee, Member, 1982-84; Educational Medal Committee, Member, 1977-79. Educational Activities Board (EAB): Board Member, 1973-75; EAB Committee on Revision of Guidelines for IEEE Visitors on ABET Accreditation, Chair, 1973-75. IEEE Finance Committee, Member, 1982-85. IEEE Fellow Committee, Member, 1970-73. SOCIETY: Control Systems Society (CAS): President, 1979; President-Elect, 1978; Financial and Administrative Vice- President, 1975-77; Finance Committee, Chair, 1975-77; Awards Committee, Chair, 1973-75; Nominations Committee, Chair, 1980; Administrative Committee, Member, 1978-80, 1966-75; IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, Editor, 1971-73; IEEE Transactions on Circuit Theory, Associate Editor, 1962-64. SECTION: Orange County Section, Nominations and Awards Committee, Chair, 1988-89. CHAPTER: Central Illinois Circuit Theory Chapter, Chair, 1966-67. CONFERENCES: IEEE U.S. Technology Policy Conference: Conference Chair, 1987: Conference Vice Chair, 1986. IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, General Chair, 1975. AWARDS: IEEE James H. Mulligan, Jr. Education Medal, 2009. IEEE Education Society Achievement Award, 2009. IEEE Richard M. Emberson Award, 1989. IEEE Control Systems Society Distinguished Member, 1983. top of page Toshio Fukuda TOSHIO FUKUDA (Nominated by IEEE Region 10) Professor, Department of Micro and Nano Systems Director, Center for Micro and Nano Mechatronics 11-08-2010
  3. 3. IEEE - IEEE Annual Election - Region 10 Candidates (Asia and Pacific) Page 3 of 6 Nagoya University Nagoya, Japan Dr. Fukuda studied at Yale University from 1973-75 and received the Ph.D. from the University of Tokyo in 1977. He is presently Professor of Department of Micro and Nano Systems Engineering and Director of the Center for Micro and Nano Mechatronics at Nagoya University. He is mainly engaged in research in the field of intelligent robotic systems and micro and nano robotics, and has published 1,800+ publications in scientific journals, conference proceedings and reports. He has served as Vice President of the International Fuzzy System Association in 1998-2003. He was President of Society of Fuzzy Systems and Intelligent Informatics in 2003-2005. He was awarded the City of Grenoble Medal in 1997. He was also awarded Humboldt Research Prize (2003), Science and Technology Research Award from Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (2005), Best paper award from SICE (2007), and was elected as a member of Japan Council of Science (2008-2010). IEEE Accomplishments – I have been working in IEEE technical and regional activities for many years. In 1988, I started the Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems in Tokyo and served as founding general chair, which has grown as one of the most important conferences in the world. I also founded some other conferences in Region 10 later on. In 1992 I formed the Chapter of Robotics and Automation to enhance regional activities as well as technical activities which included student activities. I also joined to create the IEEE Transactions on Mechatronics in 1996 and became the Editor-in-Chief in 2000-2002 to improve the quality of the papers in publication. When I became the first non-US President in Robotics and Automation Society, I initiated more regional activities in the Society and promoted the globalization of the Society. I also founded the Nanotechnology Council in 2002, served as founding president, after the committee activities in 1998-2001, by inviting non- members to join this community. As Division Director in 2001-2002, I have promoted more globalization in the IEEE communities. Since 2009 I have been fostering intra-regional and global activities by promoting Technical Seminars, Distinguished Lecture and other programs as regional technical activities coordinator in Region 10. Statement – Region 10 is no doubt the largest and most important region in IEEE with high technical and market potentials, and so will grow furthermore for more global research and development, and manufacturing in the world. To attain these goals, more higher education programs should be enhanced for the diversity of this region. Thus, Region 10 should form more informative, more creative and better networked communities with the strong cooperation and collaboration with IEEE Technical Activities. If elected, I will do my best to enhance the value of the membership in Region 10 by focusing on the following areas: 1. Promote intra-regional collaborations between Councils, Sections, Chapters and Student Branches and inter-regional activities for the techno-global world. 2. Promote strong collaboration with IEEE Technical Activities in Region 10. 3. Strengthen the relationship with industry and academic organizations to enrich the human networks in Region 10 and invite non-members to join our communities. 4. Support the initiatives of industry and academic entities as well as standard activities in Region 10. IEEE Activities – (M’83-SM’93-F’95) OFFICE: Division X Director, 2001-02. COMMITTEES/BOARDS: RAB/TAB Transnational Committee, 1998. TAB Periodicals Committee, 1998. Meetings & Services Committee, 1999. Nominations and Appointments Committee, 1999. IEEE Fellows Committee, 11-08-2010
  4. 4. IEEE - IEEE Annual Election - Region 10 Candidates (Asia and Pacific) Page 4 of 6 1997-99. Committee on Nano-Technology, Chair, 1999-2000. Proceedings Editorial Board, 2000. Journal of Micro Electro Mechanical Systems, Steering Committee, 1993-2000. Transactions on Fuzzy Systems, Editorial Board, 1996- 2000. Transactions on Evolutionary Computing, Editorial Board, 1996-2000. Transactions on Robotics and Automation Editorial Board, 1989-91. Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems Editorial Board, 1999-2000. IEEE Nomination and Appointments Committee, 2003-04, Standard Board, 2002-03. TAB Management Committee, 2006-09. TAB Nomination and Appointments Committee, 2006. Admission and Advancement Committee, 2006-07. Environment & Safety Medal Award Committee, Chair, 2007-10. REGION: Region 10: Technical Activities Coordinator, 2009-10. COUNCIL: IEEE Japan Council, ExCom Member, 2007-10. SOCIETIES: Robotics and Automation Society (RAS): President, 1998-99; AdCom, 2004-09, 1990-95; Member, 1990- 2010; International Committee Chair, 1989-95; Meeting Committee Co-Chair, 1991-95; Committee on Micro/nano Robotics Chair, 1990-2005; Committee on Energy, Environment and Safety Chair, 2009-10. Industrial Electronics Society (IES): Vice President, 1990-99; AdCom Member, 1988-2000; Senior Member, 2001-10. Systems, Man and Cybernetics (SMCS): AdCom, 1994-96. Computational Intelligent Society (CIS), AdCom, 2006-08. COUNCILS: Neural Networks Council: Secretary, 1992-93; AdCom, 1999-2000, 1994-96, 1990-91; Publications Chair, 1991-92; Meetings Committee, 1997-2000. Intelligent Transportation Council, AdCom, 2000-01. Nanotechnology Council, President, 2004-05, 2002-03. CONFERENCES: Intelligent Robots and Systems: General Chair, 1988; Advisory Committee Chair, 1989-2000. International Conference on Robotics and Automation General Chair, 2004, 1995. International Conference on Evolutionary Computation General Chair, 1996. International Joint Conference on Neural Networks Program Chair, 1991. Steering Committee Chair, 1993. Workshop on Robot and Human Communication General Chair, 1994. Conference on Fuzzy Systems Program Co-Chair, 1995. Intelligent Transportation Systems Conference General Chair, 2000. Industrial Electronics Conference General Chair, 2000. Advanced Robotics and Social Impacts General Chair, 2005. System Integration International 2008. Robot Biomimetics Conference Program Chair, 2009. International Conference on Mechatronics and Automation General Chair, 2009. REPRESENTATIVES: Society of Instrument and Control Engineers, 1990-2000. Intelligent Transportation Systems Council, 2001. Nanotechnology Council (RAS), 2009-10. AWARDS: IEEE Technical Field Award on Robotics and Automation, 2010. George Saridis Leadership Award in Robotics and Automation, 2009. International Conference on Robotics and Automation Best Paper Award, 2008. IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering Googol Best Paper Award, 2007. Nanotechnology Council Distinguished Service Award, 2007. IEEE Japan Council Distinguished Service Award, 2006. Robotics & Automation Society Distinguished Service Award, 2005. IROS Conference Best Paper Award, 2004. Robotics & Automation Society Pioneer Award, 2004. IEEE Third Millennium Medal, 2000. Eugene Mittelmann Achievement Award, 1997. IEEE Fellow, 1995. Best Video Proceedings Award, 1994. top of page Ramakrishna Kappagantu RAMAKRISHNA KAPPAGANTU (Nominated by IEEE Region 10) Additional General Manager Power Grid Corporation of India Limited (Government of India Enterprise) Southern Regional Load Dispatch Centre Bangalore, India Ramakrishna Kappagantu has over 25 years experience in Indian Power Sector/Electrical Industry. Currently serving as Additional General Manager in Power Grid Corporation of India Limited, he is in charge of Southern Indian 45GW Grid Management and associated Power Markets. He published in various conferences and regularly speaks in many Industry/Research/Academic/Training Institutes. His interests include Power 11-08-2010
  5. 5. IEEE - IEEE Annual Election - Region 10 Candidates (Asia and Pacific) Page 5 of 6 System Economics/Energy Accounts/Regulatory Affairs, SmartGrids/Renewables/SCADA-EMS. He graduated in Electrical Engineering from National Institute of Technology, Jaipur, completed Master of Technology in Automation & Control from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad, India. He possesses an Advance Diploma in Management/Human Resources and is a Life Fellow of Institution of Engineers (India). He steered many international conferences successfully as General/Organising Chair. He is an excellent speaker and loves Indian Classical Music. He works for embedding Human Values in Technology/Management and strongly believes that values induction alone can drive the technology growth for the benefit of Humanity. IEEE Accomplishments – My volunteer service and leadership to the IEEE and Power & Energy Society focused on providing opportunities and encouragement for members, students and young professionals to recognize and enhance their technical and professional skills. 20 years of rich experience in IEEE through trans-functional leadership across membership development, conferences, professional and student activities. As Membership Development Chair achieved Region 10 Sustained Membership Growth Award for 3 consecutive years. Youngest Section Chair since inception, was instrumental in making Bangalore Section the most vibrant and activity oriented in 2009. The IEEE 125th anniversary celebrations in Bangalore (30-08-2009) had over 700 delegates in attendance, the largest ever. This is an example of my organizational capabilities. First ever sister section agreement signed with Princeton-Central Jersey Section during the 2008 Sections Congress is proof of my international relations across the globe. Organized several talks/workshops for young professionals and students on professional values which have received tremendous response from IEEE young community. Focusing on popularizing emerging technology, organized IEEE PES Workshop on Smart Grids and Renewables with record attendees of around 600 and a huge response from over 1400 aspirants. This is another instance of my leadership capabilities. Statement – As the world faces significant socio-economic, environmental and technological challenges, I want to create a forum for IEEE members to imbibe human values and lead innovations in science/technology. My vision is to ignite and nurture young minds to achieve their potential through successful careers in engineering. My goals for Region 10 include: Make R10 the most successful region within IEEE Focus member’s professional development through partnerships with Global Management Institutions Leverage my industry experience to increase career opportunities for members through comprehensive career planning portal Increase young professionals networking opportunities through mentoring programs Stimulate and Empower Sections to be more effective Enhance member experience to make IEEE the preferred professional platform I will promote: Human Values in Technology/Management Fostering eco-friendly technologies through IEEE activities Technology growth for Humanitarian Challenges Continuing member education and career enrichment opportunities Enhanced GOLD activities for professional development Women in IEEE activities for career development 11-08-2010
  6. 6. IEEE - IEEE Annual Election - Region 10 Candidates (Asia and Pacific) Page 6 of 6 Effective plans for recruitment/retention of GSMs and young professionals IEEE Activities – (M’91-SM’97) COUNCIL: India Council: Secretary/Treasurer, 2009-10. SECTION: Bangalore Section: Chair, 2008-09; Vice Chair, 2004-07; SAMIEEE, 2006-07; Student Activities Chair, 2004-05; Secretary, 2003; Treasurer, 2000-02; Membership Development Chair, 1999; Technical Activities Chair, 1998; Educational Activities Chair, 1997. CHAPTER: Bangalore Power & Energy Society Chapter: Chair, 2010; Secretary, 2008-09; Founder Chair, 2007. CONFERENCES: PES Workshop on Smart Grid and Renewable Resources, General Chair, 2010. IEEE All India Young Engineers’ Humanitarian Challenge (AIYE Hum) 2010, General Chair, 2010. Workshop on Human Values in Technology and Management, General Chair, 2009. 125th Anniversary Celebrations of IEEE, General Chair, 2009. Section Annual Technical Symposium of IEEE, General Chair, 2009. International Workshop on Technology for Education (T4E '09), International Advisory Committee, 2009. IEEE GOLD Congress, General Chair, 2009. IEEE CASE, Local Organizing Committee Member, 2009. All India Student Branch Counselors Congress, General Chair, 2009. International Women in Engineering Congress, General Chair, 2009. PES Workshop on Large Scale Wind Energy Integration into the Grid, General Chair, 2009. International Symposium on Measurements, Controls and Robotics (ISMCR) General Chair, 2008. International Conference on IMS Applications and Architecture: Local Activities Chair, 2007; General Chair, 2008. International Microwave Symposium (ISM): General Chair, 2008; Organizing Chair, 2006. IEEE India Council Conference INDICON-2007, Organizing Chair, 2007. R10 Conference TENCON-2003, Local Organizing Committee, 2003. International Workshop on IT-Enabled Manufacturing, Logistic and Supply Chain Management, Local Organizing Committee Member, 2003. top of page 11-08-2010