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Tata ideation


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Tata ideation

  1. 1. TATA STEEL IDEATION CHALLENEGE Submitted by :- B.Sritha 12BM60001 Mrugatrishna Routray 12BM60090
  2. 2. Problem Statement To identify the current gap in the management architecture of Tata Steel and to use any aspect of digital technology (Cloud, mobile, Android, IoS etc) to create an application that can be integrated with the strategic requirements of the company.
  3. 3. Introduction• Tata Steel is an Indian multi-national steel making company and is among the the top ten global steel companies.• It is now one of the worlds most geographically- diversified steel producers, with operations in 26 countries and a commercial presence in over 50 countries.• Tata Steel believes that the principle of mutual benefit between countries, corporations, customers, employees and communities - is the most effective route to profitable and sustainable growth.
  4. 4. Objective• To identify the possibilities of using Mobile application(android) as a medium of communication that lies beyond the normal channels offered by traditional IT systems like ERP,CRM,SCM or mail, phone, fax.• Considering Tata Steel’s size and geographical diversity we propose solutions to use Mobile application to drive – 1. Employee Engagement Process 2. Talent Acquisition Process
  5. 5. Using Android applications to Drive Employee Engagement Ability to customize EmployeeConnect to show variousfeatures based on employee privileges and departments.Each employee can customize the app to just showinformation specific to them or you can push informationto them that you only want them or their department tosee.
  6. 6. Using Android applications to Drive Employee EngagementPush notification technology where you can notifyemployees when new information awaits them within theapp. Just like iPhone technology, notifications areessential tools that will tell your employees when newand important information has landed on their app. It willstreamline communications, ensure employees are usingthe latest documents, videos, and messaging
  7. 7. Using Android applications to Drive Employee EngagementText chat with individuals or custom groups within youremployee database. Just like desktop technology fromiChat to PSI, this chat feature is now customized for theSmartphone, enabling you to group chat with individualdepartments or the entire company with the click of onebutton.
  8. 8. Using Android applications to Drive Employee EngagementUpload corporate videos and/or photos without file sizelimitations. From webinars to corporate videos tocompany pics, product shots or web images, you will beable to upload everything to a photo library and push thiscontent to everyone in the organization.
  9. 9. Using Android applications to Drive Employee EngagementPush company or industry news and corporate socialmedia feeds including text, HTML and multi-mediafeatures. This feature will allow you to also drive socialcontent to them, which will enable to them to more easilyinteract with all of your social channels - whileencouraging sharing, increasing likes, follows andconnections.
  10. 10. Using Android applications to Drive Employee EngagementConnect directly with colleagues using face time videotechnology. Video conferencing from the phone willchange the game - enabling you to virtuallycommunicate and share visuals without the restrictionsof an office.
  11. 11. Using Android applications to Drive Employee EngagementSee all traffic, understand employee behaviour and tapcategories utilized within the native app. This tool willenable you to modify content, enhance appprofiles, update icons, and review visitor/employeeinterest.
  12. 12. Using Android applications for Talent AcquisitionAbility to refer job candidates directly from an employeesSmartphone - with real-time notifications to HR,Recruitment, Referee and Referrer. Imagine having anentire employee base suddenly armed with the ability toeasily recruit like-minded candidates.There are potentialcandidates everywhere. Referral allows you to find themusing your best resource - your employees.
  13. 13. Cost Analysis• The organization have to go for a one time big expense of providing smartphones to its intended employees with the application installed in it.• License fee of the application and upgradation cost of the application needs to be incurred by the organization.