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Mock take over proposal of tcs


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Takeover proposal of TCs

Published in: Economy & Finance
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Mock take over proposal of tcs

  1. 1. Mock Take Over Proposal Of TCS BY MRUDHULA.T 14MBA1024
  2. 2. Disclaimer This report was made only for internal assignment purpose for MBA’S in VIT Chennai. Some values are modified. I will not be liable to company if any loss occur due to this report.
  3. 3. Objective  Projection of Balance Sheet.  Projection of Profit and loss account.  To Project Cash flow, Fund flow statement.  Evaluation of Mock valuation
  4. 4. FIXED INVESTMENT COST . All values are in (Rupees Cr). Proposal is for 5 years. Source: From Annual report (September 2014). Increase in working capital depicts that company’s business has increased
  5. 5. OPERATIONAL COST Increase in operating expense means that company is spending more on wages, establishing factory at site. Reason for decrease in Gross profit from operation Is that company focus on execution , slow down in execution of project due to downfall of market and thus their market share downfall
  6. 6. Projected Profit & Loss A/c
  8. 8. Brief about Cash flow & Fund flow statement
  9. 9. Assumptions  Equity value is increased.  Labour and Raw material costs are Modified.