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The internet

  1. 1. The Internet & Websites by Mr. T 7 / 21 / 12
  2. 2. The Internet● Created in the ○ Communicate 1960s (roughly) (talk and email)● Strong use in the 1990s and heavy ○ Go to websites use in 2000 to now● A virtual world ○ Watch videos and (real, but not TV shows physical - cant touch it) ○ Send files
  3. 3. Do I Have the Internet? Are you online? Internet is a place. Online is status. "I am online," or "I am on the Internet" Do you have a computer, or iPad? On the computer, most games are online.Have you been on Starfall? Or Funbrain, orAnimal Jam? Or Arcademics? Or Webkinz? You were on the Internet at home! Just like TV, you can get it at your house and watch/play like your friends do!
  4. 4. Wired or Wireless?Wired: a cord (Ethernet) like TV (plug in)------------------------------------------------------Wireless: No wires! Through an invisible signal
  5. 5. Web Browsers Browse means to "look through" or to "glance at casually" Which do you use to look through websites? Apple Safari Google Chrome Microsoft Internet Explorer Mozilla Firefox
  6. 6. Apples Safari Browser (Mac preferred) Pros: Mac-users are used to it, nice, sleek, Google Search bar at the top right, Commonly accepted Cons: Bookmarking is weak, medium speed, wasted space at the top
  7. 7. Google Chrome BrowserPros: Best tab bar, lots of website space, fastest browser,solid bookmark bar, Google Search in the website field,Browser apps and store, Themes - customize the lookCons: Not accepted for some programs
  8. 8. Microsofts Internet Explorer Browser (PC preferred) Pros: PC-users are used to it, improved from before,Bing Search bar in the website field, good bookmarking, Most commonly accepted Cons: Slow browser, wasted space at the top
  9. 9. Mozilla Firefox BrowserPros: Best add-ons (tons of options), Google Search bar at the top right, good layout Cons: Slow browser, wasted space at the top, bookmarking is weak
  10. 10. My Browser Rankings Look Speed Accepted Searching Bookmarks Add-Ons TotalSafari 1 2 3 2 2 1 11Chrome 3 3 1 3 3 3 16I.E. 2 1 3 3 2 1 12Firefox 1 1 3 2 3 3 13 Ratings: 3 = best 1 = worst I personally use Google Chrome first and Firefox second. Sometimes, specific computers like a certain browser. e.g. Old Macs like Safari and dont handle a slow Firefox
  11. 11. Parts of a Browser● Navigation: Left, right, stop/reload, home, bookmark● Address bar: www...● Bookmark bar● Display Window● Scroll bar (up/down)
  12. 12. Minimize Back a page MaximizeForward a page Close Window Address bar Search bar New bookmark Bookmark Bar Display Window Scroll bar Parts of a Browser
  13. 13. Window versus TabWindow is a whole part (a window)Tab is a part of the window A tab is a different display window One Window Gmail Tab Add a new tab Starfall Tab
  14. 14. WebsitesFormat: = application that has informationwww = World Wide Web = global place where people can put informationstarfall = place that Starfall Education bought to give you a place to = Communication, the main ending different than .org and .gov
  15. 15. Address bar: Do you need ?No... the computer fills that in. Just put in
  16. 16. Address bar: Do you need ?No... the computer fills that in. Just put in starfall.comIf you put in "starfall" and youre using Google Chrome or Internet Explorer, it will show you Search Results! Click on the top link!Other browsers, just use the Search bar on the top right.
  17. 17. Parts of a Webpage● Main Content (Not a toolbar or navigational tool)● Pictures● Top or Side toolbar: Links to parts on the website● Advertisements (Banner ads or large ads)
  18. 18. Toolbar Main Content[ Links ]
  19. 19. Top Toolbar(Doesnt Change)
  20. 20. Top Toolbar (Doesnt change, even when youchange webpages)
  21. 21. Pictures / Logos Mouse over it. Arrow = nothingHand = a link, clickable
  22. 22. Advertisements a.k.a. "Ads"trying to sell something, or make you click (click = $$$)
  23. 23. Advertisements a.k.a. "Ads"trying to sell something, or make you click (click = $$$)
  24. 24. Making a Bookmark and Folder"I found a great site!" then Bookmark it!Even make folders, especially if you share thecomputer with your parents or siblings.
  25. 25. Enjoy the Internet!Go to the websites ("sites") you use often,Bookmark them! Make your own folder if youhave a lot.Ask your friends & teachers about goodwebsites to visit.And... dont spend too long online.Mix it up! Computer for an hour, then go play!