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iPad Apps 2014


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Elementary school's iPads are loaded with these Apple Store apps. After three years, these are the main apps that we use. The "Photos," "Arts," and other other apps aren't used as much.

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iPad Apps 2014

  1. 1. iPad Apps 2014 (1/14/14) Grade Kindergarten st 1 Grade Main Folders (Page #) Kinder (4) Kinder Lit (5-6) K-2 Math (13-14) Words K-2 (7-8) K-2 Math (13-14) Main Apps Other Folders Sight Words Words K-2 (7-8) K-2 Math (13-14) Words 2-4 (9-10) Words 2-4 (9-10) 3-6 Math (15-16) Sight Words Sentences Math Drills Tools (19-20) Sentences Math Drills 5th Grade Words 2-4 (9-10) Literacy 4-6 (11) 3-6 Math (15-16) Literacy 4-6 (11) 3-6 Math (15-16) Math Drills Spelling City Math Drills Spelling City 6th Grade Literacy 4-6 (11) 3-6 Math (15-16) Hands on Equ nd 2 Grade 3rd Grade 4th Grade Create (2324) Spelling City Other: The Sciences (17-18), Art & Music (21), Photo & Video (22) Page 1 of 31
  2. 2. List of Apps (Name, Seller, Genre & Size): Pages 25 – 29 [ Great for finding the exact app if the name below doesn’t work ] Page 2 of 31
  3. 3. A Teacher’s Favorite Apps Literacy: K-3 Letter tracing apps: any in the guide Cimo Sight Words/Sounds: Free Version ($3 Full) Hungry Howie (3 different apps): Free Version ($3 Full) Grammar Jammers: Primary Edition (songs) Jumbled Sentences (any), Opposities, Verb Mayhem Spelling City: (teacher creates a spelling list, Premium allowed) Math K-2: Math Drills Lite: Free ($1 Full) MathTappers: Find Sums (iPhone section) Sushi Monster, Pearl Diver, Math Tour Lite Hungry Fish, any money math app Todo Math: Amazing new app Thinking Blocks (Addition & Subtraction): Manipulatives Math 3-6: Math Drills Lite: Free ($1 Full; math facts) Pearl Diver/Lobster Diver (Number line) Khan Academy (Videos) Mathmateer (formerly Rocket Math): Free ($1 Full) Hands on Equations: 6th grade Thinking Blocks (x3): Multi/Division, Ratios, Fractions Other: Stack the States/Countries Lite: Free ($1 Full) Nearpod, Socrative: Student-teacher interaction apps QR Reader for iPad: QR reader and creator – sends to websites Main Screen Page 3 of 31
  4. 4. Folders: Sort apps into categories – Great for finding what you need. Move Mode: Move Apps/Folders: Hold down on it until it shakes Home button: Clears the move mode Page 4 of 31
  5. 5. Kindergarten Apps Tangrams Lite: Shapes, tangrams Phone for Kids: Random fun games for kids PBS Kids: Videos from PBS Kids Shape Puzzle HD Free: Interactive puzzle ToyStory 3 Memory Match: Memory game Puzzleland: Interactive puzzles iTooch Recess: Color identification Underwater Memory Match: Memory games. Squiggles: Interactive game making objects move Play123: Interactive game making shapes Simon Says: Color matching game – Simon Says Mr Potato Head: Making a potato head Page 5 of 31
  6. 6. Kindergarten Literacy Apps Page 6 of 31
  7. 7. Kindergarten Literacy Apps ABA Flash Cards Alphabet: Tracing letters Alphabet Tracing: Tracing letters Alphabet Animals HD: Tracing letters I Write Words: Tracing letters Dora ABC’s: Tracing letters ($3.99) First Words Sampler: Short words with pictures Sight Words – Dolch Primer and pre-primer: Sight words Use Your Handwriting: Write and save your handwriting Bob’s Books Reading Magic Lite: Interactive book, making words ABC Alphabet Phonics: Sound-letter recognition Thomas & Friends, Engine Activities: Interactive activities Word Games for Kids - Futaba: Sound-Word matching Toy Story Read-Along: A read-along with activities Manulife Word Hunter: Find basic words Articulation: Phonics - sounds Miss Spider’s Tea Party: Interactive eBook Sight Words by Little Speller: Sight words Literacy Preschool (Ice Land!): Short spelling Page 7 of 31
  8. 8. Words K-2 Apps (Grades K – 2) Sight Words, Phonics, Blending, and Sentences Page 8 of 31
  9. 9. Words K-2 Apps (Grades K – 2) 1000 Sight Words Free: Sight words Sight Words - Dolch 1st Grade: Sight words Sight Words List – Learn to Read: Sight words Sight Words Flashcard Lite Free: Sight words Phonics Genius: Phonics ABC Phonics Word Families Free: Word families ABC Phonics Animated Free: Phonics and spelling Phonics Vowels: Phonics Phonics Tic Tac Toe: (Lakeshore) Phonics Phonics Awareness: Phonics, segmenting and blending Storia: eBook stories Hungry Howie Monster Build Lite: Word building Howie Finding Vowel Lite: Vowels – find the right vowel Howie Word Family Lite: Words – Word families Grammar Jammers Primary Ed. (iPhone): Grammar Sparkle Fish: Verbal madlibs Golpher Finding Sight Words Lite: Sight Words Endless ABC: Sounds and spelling words Cimo Can Spell Lite: Spelling Cimo Spelling Sight Words Lite: Sight words Page 9 of 31
  10. 10. Page 10 of 31
  11. 11. Words 2-4 Apps (Grades 2 – 4) Bluster!: Academic word practice SpellingCity: Spelling games K12 Timed Reading Practice Lite: Reading – fluency Grammar Wonderland (Elementary) Lite: Parts of speech Verb Mayhem HD Free Level 1 Free: Verbs Verb Mayhem HD Free Level 2 Free: Verbs Verb Mayhem HD Free Level 3 Free: Verbs The Opposites: Game for finding opposites Mad Libs: Madlibs Word Shaker HD Free: Finding words game Fishtropolis: Finding words game Textropolis: Finding words game Word Search Star Free: Word search Word Search Unlimited Free: Word search RhymeNow Free: Rhyming help WordFamilies Free: Word families Grammaropolis: Grammar practice Sentences Apps (Grades 1 – 3) Jumbled Sentences 1, 2, 4, 5, 6: Making complete sentences Phonics Silly Sentences 2 Free: Lower grades, word matching Page 11 of 31
  12. 12. Literacy 4-6 Apps (Grades 4 – 6) Wordventure!: Madlibs 55,000 Amazing Quotes: Famous quotes Word Search PuzzleMania: Word search Audiobooks Free/Paid books to listen to iBooks: Free/Paid books to read Word Mover: Word game Vocabulary Buddy: Word game Page 12 of 31
  13. 13. Page 13 of 31
  14. 14. Page 14 of 31
  15. 15. Math Apps (Grades K – 2) Hen House: Counting Number Scale: Finding #’s on a scale Sushi Monster: Adding or multiplying two numbers Everyday Mathematics Monster Squeeze: Number line Math Zoom: Number line Everyday Mathematics Top It: Adding numbers MathTappers: Find Sums (iPhone): Adding two numbers up to 10 MathTappers: ClockMaster (iPhone): Clock practice Tell Time Lite: Clock and time app Number Cruncher: Finding numbers in sequence Brain Tuner Free: Math facts Pearl Diver HD: Number line Math Motion: Hungry Fish: Adding two numbers Math Motion: Wings: Choose the largest number Math Dojo Free: Math facts, adding two numbers Math Challenge 1 Lite: Math facts Scribble Math: Math facts with writing and circling Meerkat Math: Addtion facts Mathmateer Free: Math facts with fun games Thinking Blocks Addition & Subtraction: Great manipulative app Money: Counting Money: Counting money Count Money!: Counting money Sticker Shop: Buy stickers and count out money Splash Money: Basic money skills and games Money--: Counting money with coins and bills Amazing Coin USD: Sequencing with money Make Change: Make change with bills and coins Page 15 of 31
  16. 16. Math Apps (Grades 3 – 6) Page 16 of 31
  17. 17. Math Apps (Grades 3 – 6) Page 17 of 31
  18. 18. Math Apps (Grades 3 – 6) Khan Academy: Famous video learning Lobster Diver HD: Number line Virtual Manipulatives: ABC, Fraction/Decimals/%’s MathTappers: Fractions: Number line fractions Freddy Fraction: Fraction & decimal game Fraction Factory: Fractions on a number line Pizza Fractions: Visual pizza fractions MathTappers: Equivalents: (iPhone) Fractions & percents Everyday Mathematics: Divisibility: Divisible by Khan Academy Arithmetic: Videos need for Elementary Everyday Mathematics: Beat the Computer: Math facts MathTappers: Multiples: (iPhone) Math facts Math Evolve Lite: Math facts Geoboard: Geometric board, using rubber bands for shapes Save the Sushi Free: Multiples Hands on Equations Lite: Level 1 ($): Grade 6, math lessons Hands on Equations Lite: Level 2 ($): Occasionally free Marble Math Lite Multiplication: Maze math facts Everyday Mathematics: Fractions: Cards with fractions Math Tour Lite: Travel around using math facts Math Drills Lite: Most popular math facts game (Saved process with the full version, $1) Fraction Circles, Meteor Math, VersaMate: New math apps Thinking Blocks Multiplication & Division: Math manipulatives Thinking Blocks Ratios: Math manipulatives Thinking Blocks Fractions: Math manipulatives Page 18 of 31
  19. 19. The Sciences Apps (Grades K – 6) Page 19 of 31
  20. 20. The Sciences Apps (Grades K – 6) BrainPop Jr. Movie of the Week: Daily cartoon video Geomaster US States: US geography game Stack the States Lite: Fun US state quiz game Stack the Countries Lite: Fun country quiz game BrainPop Featured Movie: Daily cartoon video Tiny Countries: Game about countries Kids World Map: World map for kids iAmerica: Wiki about America The Presidency: Info about all of the presidents World Wiki: A wiki on every country World Explorer: Map with info on nearby locations Globe for iPad: A 3d interactive map of the world Google Earth: Interactive realistic map Weather Bug for iPad: Current weather info How Stuff Works HD (HSW): Videos Simple Physics: Physics game Eat-and-Move-O-Matic: Calculate food and energy Quakes: Current earthquake information Recycle Hero for Kids: Game about recycling Page 20 of 31
  21. 21. Tools (Grades K – 6) Page 21 of 31
  22. 22. Tools (Grades K – 6) Solid dictionary FreeSaurus: Solid thesaurus Gooru Collections: Collection of photos & articles iTooch Elementary: Quiz, Grades 3-5 Rover: Browser using video Wikipanion: Wikipedia app Dictionary!: Solid dictionary Calculator HD: Calculator app Diigo: (account needed) Bookmarking Dragon Dictation: Voice-to-text app Professor Garfield Online Safety: Informational comic Professor Garfield Cyberbullying: Informational DropBox: (account needed) Share files Qwiki: Wiki using Wikipedia and photos Stop Go!: Timer app Kidblog: App for, safe blogging Too Noisy: Noise detection app ScootPad: Literacy & math practice Doodle Buddy: Solid whiteboard app Safari: Web Browser Page 22 of 31
  23. 23. Art & Music & Speech Apps (Grades K – 6) Yahoo Music: Solid player with all music genres Piano (w/note): Play a simple piano Tap Drums: Simple drum app Instruments 360: Learn about all types of instruments Beatwave: Create a beat with a colorful beatpad Glow Draw: A black whiteboard, glowing! TappyTunes Lite: Tap to the beat (only a few songs) Tap to Talk: Tap pictures to hear sounds Touch Trainer Lite: Practice tapping the screen See.Touch.Learn: Picture recognition Model Me Going Places 2: Stories on common places to go Page 23 of 31
  24. 24. Photo & Video Apps (Grades K – 6) Camera: (built in) Camera and video app Photoshop Express: Solid photo editor InstaPicFrame: Decorate your photos Photo Booth: (built in) Take pictures with designs and effects Flare: Cool photo editor Splice Video Editor Free: Easy-to-use video editor Photosynth: Stitch together a panoramic photo Pic Joiner: Make a collage out of photos Snapseed: Image editing Photos: (built in) Photos on your device Page 24 of 31
  25. 25. Creation Apps (Grades K – 6) Create using pictures, Tell a story, Make a cartoon, Annotate a photo (camera to take the picture, then add notes) Voice recording is effective for students reading aloud and fluency. Page 25 of 31
  26. 26. Creation Apps (Grades K – 6) Screen Chomp: Whiteboard + sound recording Toontastic: Create a cartoon Skitch for iPad: Mark-up photos StoryWheel: Using prompts, create a story Popplet lite: Create informational boxes Puppet Pals HD: Create a story with characters QuickVoice Recorder: Record audio Audio Memos Free: Record audio My Story: Create a story using a whiteboard Animoto: (account needed) create visual presentations Voice Thread: (account needed) Photo + Audio presentation Coolibah: Photo collage art Harmonious: Art program with cool effects Fotobabble: Comment on photos Sock Puppets: Create using sock puppets as characters Scribble Press: “Imagine Create Publish” Whiteboard: Another whiteboard app Show Me: Interactive whiteboard Nearpod: Teacher-student interactive presentations Socrative: Clicker app with tests, polls Hopscotch: Programming Rover: Web browser app that can use Starfall & More Starfall Page 26 of 31
  27. 27. Engineeri ng Page 27 of 31
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