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Brandon Summer Learning 2014


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Published in: Education
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Brandon Summer Learning 2014

  1. 1. Brandon Technology: Summer 2014 Prevent Summer Learning Loss! Get ahead in the digital age! Brandon’s Site: or Activity Location Notes Typing Typing Web: Dance Mat: Typing Club: Common Core standardized testing requires typed responses. Goals (WPM) for each grade level: 1st : 5, 2nd : 8, 3rd : 12, 4th : 18, 5th : 25, 6th : 30 Math Grades 3rd - 6th can sign in with their Google Drive account ( backed) Common Core math (create a login) Username: “grade” , pw: “grade” Ex. 3 / 3 or 5 / 5 CK12 ( Math & science help English- Language Arts Goleta Library: Read paperback books! Starfall: Lower grade phonics (K-2nd ) Google Drive (Docs, Slides, Sheets) Sign up, Give them projects & Monitor their progress (2nd – 6th ) Storyline Online: Visual read alouds (K-2nd ) Time for Kids: News articles (2nd - 6th ) Read Along: Story writing Username: #’teacher’# pw: brandon Ex. 2hetrick2 / brandon Story Jumper: Create stories Other ELA, Math learning thru arcade games LEGO’s: Free build, or Tutorial Mode (Academy) Chess:, Chess Programming: Programming (Follow up on the Hour of Code, which kids loved!) Computer Skills General: Tasks on the computer, Learn how to use computers Change the background, Add photos, Add a printer, Download safe programs, Try Google apps & use its tools Google Drive (Docs, Slides, Sheets) Sign up, Give them projects & Monitor their progress. Use tools! All resources mentioned are FREE! Some require logins (valid e-mail address) Recommended: 1 to 2 hours a day Google Drive Goleta school accounts are disabled over the summer