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Brandon App Project

  1. 1. Brandon Apps for the iPad 5-12-12 Apps are put into folders by subject. The dock apps (minus Notes) are all paid apps, because they are popular. Paid apps are noted; Parenthesis = Name in iTunes; BOLD = Must have app Math Drills, MathBoard, Sentence Builder, Cimo Spelling, Cimo Sight(MathBoard required more time, but it’s customizable. Cimo is $0.99 more for the full version.
  2. 2. Kinder AppsSimon Says – Classic: Play Simon SaysTangrams Lite (My First Tangrams): Shapes made into objectsPhone 4 Kids (Phone for Kids): Random kids activitiesScience (ABA Flash Cards – Earth Science): Flash cards of science wordsKidsPlayer (PBS Kids Video): Videos from PBS KidsPlayDoh (Play-Doh Play-Dates): Random play-doh activitiesShape…le Free (Shape Puzzle HD Free): Tangrams for kidsPuzzleLand (Kids Puzzle Game – Puzzle Land): PuzzlesToyStory3 (Toy Story 3 Memory Match): Memory GameUnderwater Free: (Underwater Memory Match Free): Memory GameSquiggles!: Animated objectsPlay123: Make shapesiTooch Colors: Match the spoken color with the color
  3. 3. Kinder Literacy AppsAlphabet (ABA Flash Cards – Alphabet): Letters matched with objects and sentencesAlphabet Tracing: Trace lettersAlphabet (Alphabet Animals HD): Letter tracing of creaturesFutaba (Word Games for Kids – Futaba): Team game, Match word to pictureToyStory3 (Toy Story Read-Along): Read along, Toy Story storyFW Sampler (First Words Sampler): Match letters to sound & picturePrimer (Sight Words – Dolch Primer): Sight words for pre-K and KUYH (Use Your Handwriting): Practice handwritingKiwi & Pear Lite: Story with narrationiWW Lite (iWrite Words Lite): Letter tracingFeed Me! (Feed Me Preschool): Match uppercase and lowercase, Note: need to buy fullBB Magic Lite (Bob Books Reading Magic Lite): Story with matching word soundsABC Touch (ABC Alphabet Phonics): Match sounds to letterTea Party (Miss Spider’s Tea Party): e-BookActivities (Thomas & Friends: Engine): Activities for kidsABC Mouse ( Grand Canyon): Interactive e-BookDora ABC’s (Paid, $3, Dora’s ABCs Vol 1); Skywriting, tracing letters
  4. 4. Sight Word AppsSight Words (1000 Sight Words Free): Sight words, various gradesSight Words Lite (Sight Words Flashcards Lite Free), Sight words, various grades1st Grade (Sight Words – Dolch 1st Grade): Sight Words for 1st gradeSight Words (Sight Words List – Learn to Read): Sight words (also available: Fry Words app by Innovative)Site Words (Site Words, 7 Zillion, iPod): Sight words, various grades
  5. 5. Literacy AppsBluster!: McGraw-Hill literacy app, well-roundedPrimary (Grammar Jammers Primary): Songs and animation for parts of speechTimeReading (K12 Timed Reading Practice Lite): Fluency, counting words per minuteWord Families Free: Word family activitiesRhyme Free (RhymeNow Free): Rhyming word databaseMad Libs: Create a story with parts of speechWordventure!: mad libsiBooks: Read e-books on this app55k Quotes (55,000 Amazing Quotes): Quotes databaseWordSearch (WordSearch Unlimited Free, iPod): word searchK-Word Mania (WordSearch Puzzlemania): word searchSearch Star (WordSearch Star Free): word searchAudiobooks: If you have audiobooks, play them hereShaker HD (Word Shaker HD Free): Make words from random lettersStoria (Scholastic Storia): Scholastics e-books, 5 free e-booksFreeGrammar (Grammar Up): Grammar activitiesTextropolis: Make words from lettersFishtropolis Make words from letters
  6. 6. Math K-2 AppsHenHouse (HenHouse: Count Attack): Counting upNumberScale (Math Chicken – Number Line): Number line, balanced equationsSushi Monster: Scholastic app, math factsSqueeze (Everyday Mathematics Monster Squeeze): Team number line gameZoom (Motion Math Zoom): Number lineAddition (Everyday Mathematics Addition Top It): adding two one-digit numbersGrade 1 Math (1st Grade Math: Splash Math): Extensive 1st grade math appKickBox Lite: Math movement game using manipulativesFind Sums (MathTappers: Find Sums): Add two numbers up to 10, visualClockMaster (MathTappers: ClockMaster): Clock gameTellTimeLite (Interactive Telling Time Lite): Telling time interactive gameCountingMoney: Adding coinsSticker Shop: Buying items with coinsCoin Math ($0.99, also a lite version): Popular coin gameMake Change: Buy items and use moneyNumCruncher (Number Cruncher): Match numbers next to each otherBrain Tuner (Brain Tuner Free): Math facts quiz gamePearl Diver HD: Number lineNumber Rack: Using an abacus-like app to count, add, and subtract
  7. 7. Math 3-6 AppsKhan Academy: Main Khan Academy app, learning videosLobster Diver (identical to Pearl Diver HD): Number line gameVirtual Manipulatives: Manipulatives from ABC Ya!Rocket Math ($0.99, also a free version): Popular math facts with fun gamesFractions (MathTappers: Estimate Fractions): Fractions on a number lineFreddy Fractions: Fraction match gameFrac Factory (Fraction Factory): Fraction gamePizza 1 (Pizza Fractions: Beginning): Fraction quizEquivalents (MathTappers: Equivalents): Fractions, decimals, and percentsDivisibility (Everyday Mathematics Divisibility Dash): McGraw Game, multiplesKA: Arthimetic (Khan Academy: Arithmetic): Khan, specifically arithmetic, elementaryMath Tour Lite: Math facts games with geographyMultiplication (Everyday Mathematics Beat the Computer): Multiplication factsMultiples (MathTappers: Multiplication): Multiples gameMath Evolve Lite: Math facts arcade gameGeoboard (by the Math Learning): Geoboard with virtual rubber bands to make shapesMayan Numerals: App that explores the mayan numerals
  8. 8. ToolsSafari: Web-browsing app, built-inDictionary ( DictionaryFreeSaurus: ThesaurusWikipanion: Wikipedia referenceGoogle Earth: Google Earth app, real-life images of the worldDictionary! (iPod): DictionaryCalculator (Calculator for iPad Free): Calculator app, not built-inDictation (Dragon Dictation): Voice to text appOnline Safety (Professor Garfield Online Safety): Garfield comic stripCyberbullying: (Professor Garfield Cyberbullying): Garfield comic strip
  9. 9. ScienceWeatherBug (for iPad): Weather appHSW HD (How Stuff Works for iPad): Videos on how things workAlchemy (Zed’s Alchemy): Popular mixing game, mix two items to make anotherScience Lab (not found in the App Store anymore)Science VL (Science Glossary): Science termsScience 360 (for iPad): Videos and articles on scienceSciFun To Go (Science Fun To Go): Blogs and stories on natureNASA Viz (NASA Visualization Explorer): Visuals of spaceSimple Physics: Game about physicsStars (Stars new): App that shows the stars and constellations3D Sun: App that talks about the sunOrbits HD: App that shows the orbits of the solar systemLive Garden (Live Butterfly Garden): Virtually take care of butterfliesEat-and-Move (O-Matic): Compares food calories to calories burned during exerciseLeafSnap HD (Not found in the App Store): App that regionally shows the leaves around youQuakes: App that displays current earthquake information
  10. 10. Art & MusicFaceTime: Built-in app, like SkypePhoto Booth: Built-in app, fun camera effectsY! Music: Needs Internet, good for streaming any genre of musicMusic: Built-in app, collection of your musicPiano: Piano appVirtuoso (Virtuoso Piane 3 Free): Piano appAlchemy (Alchemy Synth Mobile): Music synthesiserTap Drums (Tap Drums Free): Simple drum tapping appBongos (Bongo Drums): Free iPod app, any would doSuperhero Lite (Make Me a Superhero Lite): Dress a superheroGlow Draw: Drawing using glowing colorsInstruments 360: Describes instrumentsBeatwave: Create a beat using a padiZenLite (iZenGarden Lite for iPad): Zen garden
  11. 11. Photo & VideoPhotos: Built-in app, your photosPS Express (Adobe Photoshop Express): Photo editingCamera: Built-in app, using the camera and videoFlare (iPod app): Shoot videoSplice (Splice – Video Editor (Free), iPod): simple iMovie, stitch together videosPhotosynth: Stitch together photos to create a panoramic photoTourWrist: View full-views of place around the worldPic Collage+: Use photos to make a collage
  12. 12. Social StudiesBrainPOP (BrainPOP Featured Movie): Video of the day from Brain Pop, Internet requiredStack the States Lite: Matching capitals to states gamesGeoMasterUS (GeoMasgter – US States): Find capitals and states on a mapMissions Mini (Stories of the California Missions): Info on the CA missionsKidsWorldMap (Not in the app store): Kids world mapiAmerica: Wiki about the presidentsUS History (US History Timeline (Free)): Timeline of US history with photosThe Presidency: Wiki about the presidentsWorldWiki (iPod app): Wiki about the countries of the worldExplorer (World Explorer): Use the globe and view info about the worldGlobe (Globe for iPad): Simple world map with boundaries and country namesBuilding Titanic: App about the Titanic
  13. 13. SpeechEmotions (Touch and Learn – Emotions): Pick the facial expression emotionAutismXpress: Feelings and cartoon facesTappyTunes (TappyTunes Lite, iPod): Tap to the beatTapToTalk: Tap pictures to say its nameTouch Trainer Lite (no longer a free version)SeeTouchLearn: Flash cards and soundsFeel Electric!: Several activities based on emotionArticulation! (Articulation Station): Sounds in words and storiesGoing Places: Speech videos that help kids talk about going places
  14. 14. CreateScreenChomp: Create a screencast of a whiteboardDoodle Buddy: Create drawingsTalking News (Talking Tom & Ben News for iPad): Mimic appStory Wheel: Create stories in groupsPuppetPals HD: Create simple animated movies with puppetsPopplet lite: Create and brainstorm a mind mapAnimoto (Animoto Video Slideshows): Create videos with the popular online appQuickVoice (QuickVoice Recorder): Voice recorderVoiceThread: Use photos to tell a storyAudioMemos: Record audioCoolibah: Create a scrapbookHarmonious: Draw with cool effectsWhiteboard: Create drawingsMy Story: Make a storyFotobabble: Use pictures and comment on them