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Section5 vocab


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Section5 vocab

  1. 1. pantomime The policeman pantomimed for the pedestrian to stop. to express something by exaggerated  miming (v.) 1 Section 5
  2. 2. pugnacious George became extremely pugnacious once Curley came in the room, and spoke arrogantly to Lennie. eager to argue, or fight; quarrel (adj.) Section 5 2
  3. 3. ominous Curley bolted out of the room, and George looked ominously at Lennie. giving the impression that something bad  is going to happen (adj.) Section 5 3
  4. 4. scowl When Lennie found out Slim had drowned the puppies, he scowled at him. to frown in an angry or bad‐tempered  way (v.) Section 5 4
  5. 5. subdue After the dog was shot, Carlsonʼs anger was subdued; Candyʼs anger was not. to bring under control; conquer; reduce  the intensity of something (v.) Section 5 5
  6. 6. reprehensible Running the red light is a reprehensible action. deserving punishment (adj.) Section 5 6
  7. 7. bemuse Lennie was bemused by Curleyʼs anger. Curleyʼs anger bemused Lennie. to puzzle, confuse, bewilder (v.) Section 5 7
  8. 8. contemptuously She spoke of Lennie contemptuously; he had punched her husband. in a manner showing contempt,  disrespect, anger (adv.) Section 5 8
  9. 9. crestfallen After finding out that Lennie had killed his pup, he was crestfallen. sad and disappointed (adj.) Section 5 9
  10. 10. belligerently Lennie belligerently shook Curleyʼs wife by the hair, because she would not stop yelling. doing something in a hosBle or aggressive  way (adv.) Section 5 10
  11. 11. belligerently Lennie belligerently shook Curleyʼs wife by the hair, because she would not stop yelling. doing something in a hosBle or aggressive  way (adv.) Section 5 10
  12. 12. jut The diving board jutted out over the pool. to extend out beyond the edge of  something (v.) 11 Section 5
  13. 13. vindictive Sean was thinking vindictively after his mom yelled at him. showing a strong desire for revenge;  vengeful (adj.) 12 Section 5
  14. 14. gregarious The bum in House on Mango Street was gregarious when he saw Esperanza. very sociable; enjoys talking to people (adj.) 13 Section 5
  15. 15. sagacious He sagaciously denied the invitation; he knew the party was dangerous. very wise; showing good judgement, shrewd  (adj.) 14 Section 5
  16. 16. flutter Her hips fluttered as she got out of the taxi. to fly unsteadily; to flap in such a way (v.) 15 Section 5
  17. 17. benign Her benign personality made it easy to talk to her. gentle; kind; harmless (adj.) 16 Section 5
  18. 18. clandestine Clandestinely, he told his friend about the evil he had done. something done secretly (adj.) 17 Section 5
  19. 19. prominent The prominent football player, OJ Simpson, was later found to have killed his wife--or did he? important, famous (adj.) 18 Section 5
  20. 20. weary After contracting his illness, Morrie became weary. feeling or showing Bredness or faBgue (adj.) 19 Section 5
  21. 21. narcissist The guy said, “Youʼre pretty.” And the girl responded with a narcissistic smile, saying, “I know.” someone with too much confidence in his or  her appearance (adj.) 20 Section 5
  22. 22. wither Ted Koppel asked Morrie Schwartz what it was like to slowly wither and die. to shrivel up; to decay (v.) 21 Section 5
  23. 23. gaunt Morrie had a gaunt look about him after a few months with ALS. thin because of suffering, old age, hunger   (adj.) 22 Section 5