Exemplary Final Interview CAS


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Exemplary Final Interview CAS

  1. 1. THE FINAL INTERVIEWGabriella SilvaGrade 12 IB Student
  2. 2. Learning Outcome #1:An increased awarenessof my own strengths andmy areas for growth
  3. 3. Learning Outcome #1: An increased awareness of myown strengths and areas for growth PGC Retreat Developed skills: communication skills, ability to work with others Developing skills: dominant personality, leadership skills The definition of a leader
  4. 4. Learning Outcome #2:Undertaking newchallenges
  5. 5. Learning Outcome #2: Undertaking new challenges Swimming My first competition Pressure to improve time, learn how to dive/flip-turn Feelings before/after competition Growth
  6. 6. Learning Outcome #3:Planned and initiatedactivities
  7. 7. Learning Outcome #3: Planned and initiated activitiesPeruvian Social Studies ClubClub-bonding activities: MirabusOrganization of the PeruFestFuture trip to Yurimaguas
  8. 8. Learning Outcome #4:Working collaborativelywith others
  9. 9. Learning Outcome #4: Working collaboratively with others ICC (2010, 2011) Teamwork Mural “The Senior Mural and The Hair Dryer”
  10. 10. Learning Outcome #5:Showing perseveranceand commitment
  11. 11. Learning Outcome #5: Showing perseverance and commitmentFlamencoStarting a new classAttendanceTrouble catching up and memorizing stepsGrowth
  12. 12. Learning Outcome #6:My engagement to issuesof global importance
  13. 13. Learning Outcome #6: Engagement to issues of global importanceEco-ClubFunds are used to help address environmental issues350 Work Party – Calculating your Carbon FootprintOrganize activities which show others our concern towards the environment (ex.FlashMob in the Kermesse)
  14. 14. Learning Outcome #7:Consideration of the ethicalimplications in my actions
  15. 15. Learning Outcome #7: Consideration of the ethical implicationsin my actions Eco Club Understanding of the environmental obligations all of us have as people on this Earth Making better decisions in terms of recycling, reusing, reducing
  16. 16. Learning Outcome #8:Development of new skills
  17. 17. Learning Outcome #8: Development of new skills Tennis Improve running time Learn how to serve, the basic strokes Confidence Ability to be open-minded
  18. 18. MY CAS PROJECT:
  19. 19. Learning Outcome #1: Increased awareness of my ownstrengths and areas for growthFirst day teachingDeveloped skills: patience, knowledge on subjectDeveloping skills: teaching methods/approaches, communicating in a work environment
  20. 20. Learning Outcome #2: Undertaking new challengesNever done anything similar to this beforeKnew there was a possibility I could failLearning Outcome #3: Planned and initiated activities Weekly lesson plans/tests Implemented on Saturdays Responsibility
  21. 21. Learning Outcome #4: Working collaboratively withothersIntroduced to people who didn’t belong to the schoolDifferent perspectives/approaches to teachingCommunication
  22. 22. Learning Outcome #5: Show perseverance and commitmentAlways on time and ready to workAttendanceLearning Outcome #6: Engaged with issues of global importance Focus of organization: Improving education in Peru Teaching Math in fun and creative ways
  23. 23. Learning Outcome #7: Consideration of the ethical implicationsin my actionsExposure to a different side of PeruFirst day: students cursed, fought and showed no respect towards each otherLearning Outcome #8: Develop new skills Time-management/planning abilities Ability to speak in front of a large group of people New understanding of the Peruvian culture (fellow volunteers, students)
  24. 24. Final CAS ConclusionsThe way in which these activities have impacted meas…A leaderA learnerAn individual