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What is Data Portability?


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this is the presentation I gave at Barcamp Ruhr in german. I translated it and added some additional text.

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What is Data Portability?

  1. 1. Christian Scholz COM.lounge ( Data Portability for Barcamp Ruhr / Essen
  2. 2. The Problem
  3. 3. „Hey, if you join NoseLetter you will find all your h ial Grap friends online!“ ata, Soc Profile D
  4. 4. Hey, I found a new cool site! You should join it, too!
  5. 5. Need a place for your photos?
  6. 6. Videos, anyone?
  7. 7. Network Fatigue? But why???
  8. 8. Redundancy Repetition
  9. 9. Yes, we like your data! Give us everything!