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03 darwin's origin of species


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03 darwin's origin of species

  1. 1. Darwin’s Origin of Species
  2. 2. Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection • Natural Selection: nature favours the reproductive success of certain individuals over others • Evolution is the result of natural selection occurring over many generations
  3. 3. Spencer’s Survival of the Fittest • Used to describe process of natural selection • Misleading • Fitness relates to reproductive success, not physical fitness Adaptation • Characteristic or feature of a species that makes it suited for survival or reproductive success in its environment
  4. 4. Evolution of large-billed finches
  5. 5. Evolution of large-billed finches
  6. 6. Evolution of large-billed finches
  7. 7. Evolution of large-billed finches
  8. 8. Potential for Falsification