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Amys poem


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Published in: Education, Self Improvement
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Amys poem

  1. 1. If I was in charge of the worldIf I was in charge of the worldI would cancel schooland homework.I would like all of the cute clothesIn the worldAnd also have all the moneyIn the world.If I was in charge of the worldI wouldn’t have snowy daysAnd also no school.
  2. 2. Beautiful MonsterThere was a beautifulmonsterWho had angle wingsAnd had big red lipsFor a big kissThere was a beautifulmonsterWho had hairy legsAnd ware makeupFor everyone to seeThere was a beautifulmonsterWho had three eyeballsThe beautiful monstersHad good sightIsn’t that aBeautiful monster?
  3. 3. Weird Abigal There was a girl named Abigal Who always fail Who had a tail She went on the scale And found out she was overweight So she faint. Abigal went to do her nails She wanted a pet whaleThis is the weird girl name Abigal.
  4. 4. Ice cream One big scoop In a crunchy cone.Ice creamIs so creamy Its melts in my mouthIce cream Covered with caramel Cherry on topIce cream It cools me down In the hot summer
  5. 5. HappyHappy is like white on a snowy day. It sounds like kids playing. It tastes like soft cookies. And it smells like roses.Happy looks like someone smiling It makes you feel joyful.
  6. 6. SchoolIf you go to school it will be coolIf you think school is boringYou will drool.If you go to schoolThey Celebrate April Fools!If you go to schoolThe kids will ruleYup you should go to school.
  7. 7. Play TimeIts play time, its playtimeI want to play hidingAnd seekIts time to play I spyChildren are screamingAnd cryingBecause they’re fightingover toys.
  8. 8. Snow White, FluffyFalling, Sparkling, Flowing Its snowing in Winter Ice
  9. 9. AngerAnger is the color of fire.It sounds like mad lions roaring.It taste like sour milk.It smell like a Chicken Den.Anger looks like substitute teachers.It makes you feel ugly!
  10. 10. AmyAdorableMiraculousYoung
  11. 11. SadSad is like a gray rainy day.It sounds like baby’s crying.It tastes like salty tears.And smell like a rainy day.It makes you feel like a broken heart.
  12. 12. Snow White, FluffyFalling, Sparkling, Flowing Its snowing in Winter Ice
  13. 13. DogsDogs are cuteDogs are funDogs are everywhereAnd they sleep in your bedBut too bad I am scared ofdogs.
  14. 14. Mrs. Walbeck Beautiful, Smart Caring, Helping, Playing My best teacher ever!Talking, Teaching, Working Activities, Awesome Cool
  15. 15. MomYour hair isdark chocolate.Your eyes arebrown brownies.Your smile is thebright sun.Your kiss issweet candy.Your hug is ateddy bear.Your face is abig buttonYour love is abig heart.