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Adrian diaz poems


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Adrian diaz poems

  1. 1. 1st PoemIf I were In charge of the worldI’d cancel deathsno schools,I’d cancel wInterand no more cold showers or baths.If I were In charge of the worldI’d make soccer the only sPortalso the world cuP would always be Inusa or mexIcoand soda would be the only drInkwIthout dyIngIf I were In charge of the worldyou wouldn’t have tobaccoand you wouldn’t have rulesor you wouldn’t have a PresIdent you wouldn’t have a dIvorce If you’remarrIed.
  2. 2. If I were In charge of the worldeverythIng would be free,the world would never endand also I would be the onlyone wIth a robotand no old PeoPle20 Is the oldest agewould stIll be allowed If I were Incharge of the world. 
  3. 3. 2nd PoemDOGGYYour eyes are green MarblesYour Fur is a soft pillowYour bark is a squeaky yellYour teeth are a knifeYour nose is a wet raindropYour love is the best!
  4. 4. 3rd Poem Soccer ball Round, WhiteScoring, Kicking, Blocking Soccer is the bestDribbling, Single-Step-Over Champion, Losers Sport
  5. 5. 4th PoemJermaine,Road an airplaneJermaine,Ended up in SpainJermaine,Met Lil WayneJermaine,Survived a hurricaneJermaine,Loves Candy CanesJermaine,See you in the Train
  6. 6. 5th Poem!Angry! Angry is like red bloodAngry sounds like witches cackleAngry tastes like hot sauceAngry smells like smokeAngry is a bad Mood!!!!!
  7. 7. 6th PoemLondon Donovan,Made a goal againChicharito,Is playing in MexicoCristano Ronaldo,Scored vs. MexicoVictor Valdez,Blocked and cheered yes
  8. 8. 7th Poem Sports Soccer, BasketballRound, Shooting, Goal, Soccer is way better Olympics
  9. 9. 8th PoemA soccer playerDope Goal leaderReally good goalIn the netAdrian Diaz scored (me scored a goal)Not even the goalkeeper got itDaniel passed the ball to meI scored againArmando my big bro watched the goal!Zip your mouth our team won!!
  10. 10. 9th PoemThe sun is funLet’s play lets runLet’s eat a bunLets play we wonThe sun is funLet’s play a toy gunFun fun fun!Its so fun playing in the sun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. 11. 10th PoemYo-yo went to TokyoJermaine went to SpainAustin went to BostonTony helped out HaitiDJ went to Green BayLogan came to MichiganMarco went to MexicoEmanuel watched NFLFriends’ friends I hope it never ends
  12. 12. 11th Poemthe grass Is green,the goalIe leans,to get the ball,where It falls,he slaPs It out,Just about,he scores a goal,It hIts the Pole,the goalIe Is angry,the fans thought It was funny,barcelona won,they won 2-1,another game begIns,manchester wIll wIn,wayne rooney hIt the Pole,and It was a goal,thIs was a good game,chelsea shot lame,manchester won agaIn,I wIshed the game wouldn’t end,