Director Of E Learning


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Director Of E Learning

  1. 1. E-Learning Daniel Stucke
  2. 2. Digital Literacy •High Quality •Transferable •Critical •Safe •Prepared Source: 2970525568/
  3. 3. Safe •Informed •Realistic •Aware •Responsible •Scaffolded Source: sizes/o/NutcmyShW4
  4. 4. Appropriate ICT •No Panacea •Informed •Higher Order •Skilled •Relevant Source:
  5. 5. Route-map •Becta SRF •. •Champions •Support •Sharing Source:
  6. 6. Communicating •VLE: •Hub I sang of learning far beyond the walls of bricked-in class, and space, and time, and age; and students heeding all creative calls •Collaboration that cried to them from their chosen page •Community •Stake-Holders Source: Mosaic: Quote:
  7. 7. Child’s Play •Availability •Speed •Access •Intuitive Source: 2397412529/