How To Repair A Stucco Ceiling


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How To Repair A Stucco Ceiling

  1. 1.   Damage to any part of your office or business can displace employees, disrupt workflow and cut into your profit margin.  Whether you need stucco ceiling repair because of a leaky pipe, a hole in the roof, accident damage, remodeling problems or some other reason, using the following tips and techniques will ensure that your clients and customers will never be able to tell where the damaged area used to be. Introduction
  2. 2.   The first step in stucco ceiling repair is to fix whatever caused the destruction.  In the case of water damage, make sure plumbing or roofing repair work is complete before you begin, or any stucco repair work you do will be in vain. Repair Problems Causing The Damage
  3. 3.   If the damage is minimal and limited to water marks and discoloration, you may only need to paint your office ceiling with a fresh coat of paint.  If there is warping or an actual hole in the ceiling, additional steps must be taken to remove the damaged section and replace it and the stucco overlay. Repair Problems Causing The Damage
  4. 4.   Make sure to temporarily cut power to the section of your business where you need to make the stucco ceiling repair. Blindly cutting into a ceiling with the power on can result in electrocution if you do not take precautions. Prepare The Surface
  5. 5.   Wearing safety goggles and gloves, erect a sturdy ladder or work platform underneath the damaged portion of the stucco ceiling. Examine the damage as closely as possible. Use a ceiling knife to carefully remove all damaged material including the drywall underneath the stucco if necessary. By keeping the area that you cut out as small as possible, you will make the repair much quicker and easier. Prepare The Surface
  6. 6.   With the damaged portion of the ceiling removed, replace the drywall if necessary, and spread a fresh layer of drywall compound over the affected area.  Try to build up the area with a series of thin layers rather than with one thick layer. Make Drywall Repairs
  7. 7.   Follow the manufacturer’s directions for drying in between the coats of compound.  When the drywall repair reaches the same level as the ceiling underneath the surrounding undamaged stucco, stop. Make Drywall Repairs
  8. 8.   Spraying stucco is not difficult, but it takes a practiced and steady hand to match repairs with the surrounding material.  You may need to do some practice spraying before you feel confident enough to tackle the actual repair. Apply Fresh Coat of Stucco
  9. 9.   A large piece of unused cardboard makes an excellent practice surface on which to work.  Squeeze the spray handle lightly, and move the nozzle back and forth gently as you apply the stucco to the correct level and texture. Apply Fresh Coat of Stucco
  10. 10.   When you are ready to spray the ceiling area, use the same technique that you did when you were practicing.  Apply the stucco sparingly and with care. It is best to add thin layers and multiple coats to match the surrounding undamaged areas. Apply Fresh Coat of Stucco
  11. 11.   Allow the stucco to dry according to the manufacturer’s instructions before painting.  You may be tempted to paint the newly stuccoed area only, but the stucco ceiling repair will be less visible if you repaint the entire ceiling instead. Paint The Repaired Area
  12. 12.   It is important to keep in mind that these types of repairs can be tricky.  If you are ever in doubt, you should look to hire a professional painter or stucco repair specialist. That way, you can save yourself, and your business time and money. When In Doubt…Turn To The Professionals