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SOCIAL MEDIA CONTRACT FOR PARENTS AND TEENSBrought to you by 1This contract is to help our famil...
SOCIAL MEDIA CONTRACT FOR PARENTS AND TEENSBrought to you by 2Don’t hide behind the computer scr...
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Social media contract for parents and teens


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Worried about your child's social media activities? Consider a social media contract between you (as the parent) and your child. This is an example contract that you can modify for your family's needs. Before your child starts using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social networks, be sure to spell out exactly how you want your child to use social media. The contract includes posting guidelines, consequences, and "rules for the road" - all to keep your teen safe while using social media.

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Social media contract for parents and teens

  1. 1. SOCIAL MEDIA CONTRACT FOR PARENTS AND TEENSBrought to you by 1This contract is to help our family create ground rules and consequences for social media usage by<INSERT CHILD’S NAME>. By signing this agreement, <CHILD> agrees to the following rules for safe socialmedia usage.SOCIAL MEDIA RULES1. <CHILD> is allowed to use the following social media accounts:Social network Log-in Password<INSERT NETWORK><INSERT NETWORK><INSERT NETWORK>2. <CHILD> agrees to not change the log-in or password for any social media account withoutparental permission.3. <CHILD> promises to only follow or friend people through social media that he or she personallyknows.4. <CHILD> agrees that his/her parent(s) can and will follow his/her social media accounts andpromises to not unfriend , unfollow or block his/her parents in any way.5. Privacy settings will be established together, and <CHILD> cannot change his/her privacysettings without parental permission.6. By participating in social media, <CHILD> understands that his/her parent(s) can and will checkall social media activity, unannounced and at random times. This includes reviewing socialmedia activity on a computer, smartphone and/or tablet.7. <CHILD> agrees to never reveal personal information, including physical address, phone numberand email address, in a public forum.8. <CHILD> promises to not tag friends in his/her pictures. Instead, allow your friends to tagthemselves.9. <CHILD> agrees to not tag his/her pictures on someone else’s social media account without firstunderstanding the other person’s privacy settings.10. <CHILD> agrees to not check into places through Facebook, Google, Foursquare or any otherlocation-based social network.11. Before joining a group on a social network (such as a Facebook group), <CHILD> must first haveparental permission.12. <CHILD> agrees to discuss friending/following teachers, school staff members, coaches andother authority figures before engaging with them on social media.13. <CHILD> promises to follow the following rules about posting content:The Golden Rule: “If I don’t want my principal or parent to see it, I won’t post it on socialmedia.”
  2. 2. SOCIAL MEDIA CONTRACT FOR PARENTS AND TEENSBrought to you by 2Don’t hide behind the computer screen: “I won’t post anything on social media that Iwouldn’t say to someone’s face.”Zero tolerance for cyberbullying: “I promise to never cyberbully, and I will report anycyberbullying to my parent and/or appropriate school staff member.”CONSEQUENCESIf <CHILD> breaks any of the rules listed in this social media contract, here are the consequences<CHILD> will face:First offense:Second offense:Third offense:REVIEW OF CONTRACTThis social media contract will be reviewed <INSERT TIME FRAME OR DATE> and can be amended at thattime.SIGNATURESBy signing this social media contract, <CHILD> agrees to all rules, consequences and contract reviewterms without exception.__________________________________________ _______________________CHILD’S SIGNATURE DATE_________________________________________ _______________________PARENT’S SIGNATURE DATE_________________________________________ _______________________PARENT’S SIGNATURE DATE