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This slidecast is a recording of a preview session featuring the Essential Skills of Leadership course, published by Vital Learning, facilitated by Susan Stamm of The TEAM Approach.

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  • Classroom:
    Team Leader Café approach:
    Individual Self-Paced Coaching: A colleague of our here at the Team Approach uses 5 of the Vital Learning courses to provide a self-paced one-on-one coaching process called “Quick Start for Supervisors.” It is designed for the newly-promoted supervisor who won’t have an opportunity to attend a supervisory training workshop and covers the basics of the performance management process, so the new supervisor feels supported and skilled in their new role of managing others.
    We’ll be happy to provide more information on this and any of the other delivery options that are of interest to you.
  • Essential Skills of Leadership Preview

    1. 1. The TEAM Approach Essential Skills of Leadership Rick & Susan Stamm
    2. 2. The TEAM Approach The Leadership Essential Series Essential Skills of Leadership Essential Skills of Communicating Improving Work Habits Developing Performance Standards & Goals Providing Performance Feedback Delegating Supporting Change Communicating Up Coaching Job Skills Managing Complaints Resolving Conflict Effective Discipline Up to 18 2 hrs-12 weeks 5 ways No cert required TTT’s
    3. 3. The The TEAM Approach® TEAM Approach Flexible, award-winning content Easily customizable… College Credit Sales Customer Service Productivity First to offer online leadership
    4. 4. The The TEAM Approach® TEAM Approach Solutions, solutions, solutions Leadership Essentials Series - 12 Talent Management Series - 2 Team Development Series - 5 eLearning- 700 + Ej4 partnership with Vital Custom Campus portal – track and administer Yes, your campus can be integrated with your LMS
    5. 5. The The TEAM Approach® TEAM Approach A Leadership Mystery! Huddle and discuss…can you solve these mysteries?
    6. 6. The TEAM Approach Searching for a cure? Frank and Ernest
    7. 7. The TEAM Approach My First Job retail hospitality fast food Human services manufacturing construction Laborer Business services healthcare education government administrative financial insurance Management Sales
    8. 8. The TEAM Approach Pre-Test No names
    9. 9. The TEAM Approach Why Work for YOU?
    10. 10. The TEAM Approach Role of Team Leader Controller Coach Make people do their job Remove obstacles that get in way of doing job Compliance Commitment Get by only Quality Product
    11. 11. The TEAM Approach EE-IQ: pop quiz
    12. 12. The TEAM Approach Session Objectives- pg 1 Upon completion of this module, you will be able to: • Maintain self esteem of your team members • Base discussions about team member’s performance and work habits on behaviors rather than personalities or attitudes • Involve your team member(s) in goal setting, problem solving, & decision making
    13. 13. The TEAM Approach Exercise 1 Awareness Inventory Page 3 in workbook Demo Workbook
    14. 14. The TEAM Approach Skill Point 1- pg. 11 Interview CEO Maintain or Enhance Team Member’s Self Esteem
    15. 15. The TEAM Approach Exercise 3 Maintaining or Undermining Self Esteem Statements P. 9 of workbook
    16. 16. The TEAM Approach Fact vs. Opinion Positive Negative Neutral Fact + - = Behavior Opinion Opinion + + - = = Attitude Behavior: You can hear it or see it Attitude: You can think it or feel it
    17. 17. The TEAM Approach Practice building self-esteem in day to day work situations.
    18. 18. The TEAM Approach Terry handles scheduling in one of the clinics. There are some short periods of time in Terry’s day, that could be utilized helping you track information for a report you file each week. Much of her day is fairly busy however, and she is not quick to accept changes.
    19. 19. The TEAM Approach Skill Point 2 Focus on Behavior
    20. 20. The TEAM Approach Skill Point 3 Encourage Team Member Participation
    21. 21. The TEAM Approach Exercise 11 Actions That Encourage Participation Workbook, p. 14
    22. 22. The The TEAM Approach® TEAM Approach “Effective Leadership” Skill Practice Session – pg 36 3 Roles: • Team Leader – use prep sheet on p. 39 • team member (Be real but not oppositional) • Observer – use feedback form on p. 40 or 41 3 Rounds: Each leader has different scenario
    23. 23. The TEAM Approach Post-Test I have learners grade themselves as a review as part of wrap up
    24. 24. The TEAM Approach Learning Transfer? Trouble Shooting Guides Vital Hub Vital Pocket Coach Delivery approaches designed for transfer
    25. 25. The The TEAM Approach® TEAM Approach A Leadership Mystery! Solved in Vital Learning’s infamous… Trouble Shooting Guides
    26. 26. The TEAM Approach Action Planning Job Aids and Support • • • • • • Self Assessment, p. 42 Action Planning Work sheet, p. 47 Action Planning Record, p. 52 & 53 Trouble Shooting Guide. pp. 55-61 Additional Leadership Info, pp. 62-71 Bibliography, p. 72
    27. 27. The TEAM Approach lhub
    28. 28. The TEAM Approach
    29. 29. The TEAM Approach Deliver for transfer? Classroom only Online only Blended – with classroom as practice lab Team Leader Café – 8-12 wks Skill Drills 8-12 wks Coaching Tips Level 3 option Yammer interaction Personal Coach/Guide with Dee Clarke
    30. 30. The TEAM Approach Look under the Hood! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Look under the Hood - Feb 7th- Supporting Change Request any of the five recorded TTT sessions Online demo courses – over 700 Preview a facilitator guide “Try us”….classroom preview
    31. 31. The TEAM Approach