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  1. 1. Tell us briefly about yourself. What is your current position? In what ways are you accomplished as aneducator? What do you do with your spare time? What are your hopes as you embark on this literacycoaching class? After you do your posting, select someone to be your partner or buddy for the durationof our class. Then email me by January 23rd with your choice of a partnerGood afternoon,My name is Shedra Strong-Clay. I am a Mississippi native. I’m currently in my fifth year of teaching atHenry County High School in Paris, TN where I teach 11thgrade U. S. History. Although I already have aMasters with a specialization in Administration and Supervision, I simply cannot see myself leaving theclassroom any time soon. It is where I truly come alive. This year, I have had the pleasure of being placedon our school’s Instructional Leadership Team. Having more access to student data has really made meaware of the need for remediation in reading. I intend to use the information from this program to help mebring a variety of new teaching strategies back to my community so that we can help our students meet thenew Common Core requirements. I am a self-proclaimed news junkie, so in my spare time, I read andwatch news from all of the major networks. Overall, I am excited to be in this program and I look forwardto sharing this experience with each of you.