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Honors 2nd block homework assignment on warren buffett and monopolies


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Honors 2nd block homework assignment on warren buffett and monopolies

  1. 1. Honors 2ndblock homework assignment on Warren Buffett and Monopolies1. Josh West- 85Great Job on the Warren Buffett part of the assignment! Josh lost points for not answering thequestions about how Carnegie spent his wealth. He also included Kroger. They do not have amonopoly on grocery.2. Amairi Cook-90Great job overall- lost a few points for 3 of the companies he listed as having a monopoly.3. Krista Klingengberg- 100Excellent job4. Hunter Dye-85Good job on questions about Carnegie and monopolies. Hunter didn’t address the questionsabout how Buffett’s position would affect him, nor did he include his reaction to Buffett’sstance.5. L. Constantine- 0Plagiarized6. Trey Cowans- 90Great job overall- lost points for a few of the monopolies7. Kelly Conger- 80Kelly did a great job on explaining Buffett’s position, but she did not include her reaction. Shealso didn’t list any monopolies.8. Allison Scott- 95Great job overall- only lost points for a few of the monopolies9. Jordan Hayes- 100Excellent job!10. Landon Rowland- 0
  2. 2. The entire section on Warren Buffett was plagiarized. I even found the website the informationcame straight from (word from word). It was Zach Wilson- 85Great Job overall- Zach lost points for not including the monopolies.12. Tyler Polanco- 0Plagiarized- almost word from word from the one source I specifically said not to use13. Jalelan M- 90Lost points on a few of the monopolies- Good job overall14. Chosen- 90Good job overall- lost points for monopolies