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All in a day's work


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All in a day's work

  1. 1. Corry ClayIntermediate EnglishGina Thompson4 August 2010All In a Day’s WorkMany people have had some type of negative experience on their job. It may be that theyhave been underpaid for the work they have done or it may be having had a simple disagreement witha boss or co-worker. Often times, a worker may simply feel unappreciated and overlooked. Throughoutmy career, I have experienced and witnessed a ton of negative actions within the workplace. Most ofthese memories took place while I was working at Gulf States in Starkville, Mississippi.Workplace disagreements can take place over some very meaningless things. One of thenegative experiences that I had at work took place because of a verbal confrontation with a co-worker.On the morning in question, I went to work earlier than I would have normally gone. Since there was aparking space closer to the door, I decided to park there to save time. My co-worker, a guy who hadbeen working at Gulf States longer than I, always parked in that same parking space. The co-workerbecame angry with me for “taking his spot”. He and I argued back and forth with each other. Oursupervisor called us into his office to find out the reason behind the verbal altercation. The supervisortold the guy, “Anyone who works here at Gulf States has the right to park in any parking space out therein that lot.” With those words said, the co-worker and I never spoke to each other again. This was justthe first among my many lessons on ill behavior in the workplace.Negative work experiences do not always involve confrontations and altercations. When safetyhazards and precautions are not followed properly, the job can be extremely dangerous. One experiencethat I distinctly remember involves a co-worker being seriously injured on the job. This colleague, ametal press machine worker, lost three of his fingers. The scene of the accident was so horrible that I
  2. 2. have never been able to forget the images. Blood was all over the floor and the co-worker fainted. Someother co-workers helped him up, and the supervisor rushed him to the hospital. After the incident wasinvestigated, it was determined that the injured colleague was not paying attention to what he wasdoing. That incident made me pay closer attention to whatever job was before me.While the other experiences were extremely memorable, the most painful one for me wasgetting laid off. Being the main breadwinner in the family is extremely important to me. Not havingenough to funds to meet the basic needs of my family was extremely frustrating. I felt as if I were lettingdown those who depended on me the most. Being unemployed definitely gave me a new appreciationfor a hard day’s work.In the workplace, there will always be personality conflicts and confrontation. In an unstableeconomy, workers’ job will always be sacrificed. Even though there can be pleasant moments on a job, itis the negative experiences that will always stand out.