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Brent hawk


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Brent hawk

  1. 1. Sharp shinned hawks are endangered because of •collisions •lost of habitat •illegal shooting These birds are low on population so people have done things to help likeBrent •put curtains on windows •know what bird you are shooting •keep large areas of forest for them
  2. 2. This sharp shinned hawk hadrecently had a collision witha window.Sharp shinned hawks dieevery year with collisionsand loss of habitat.
  3. 3. People have helped these hawksto not become extinct. Over theyears people became moreworried but now people don’tcare about them that much andthey are decreasing right now too.
  4. 4. This is a sharp shinnedhawk that is living in asanctuary in Connecticutbecause his forest homehad been torn apart.
  5. 5. This sharp shinned hawkjust had killed a bluejay. This is one of theirmany favorite snacks.
  6. 6. This bird broke his wing.With a collision with acar.
  7. 7. His metacarpals is broken offThis is the broken wing. So from his now you see that these phalanges(right)unlike thishawks are endangered by bird(down). injuries too.