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Blanding's turtle meghan


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Blanding's turtle meghan

  1. 1. Blanding’s Turtle
  2. 2. About Blanding’s TurtleA Blanding’s turtle’s size can range from 16 to High-domed carapace ( top shell ) dark and22 cm covered with pale yellow flecking
  3. 3. Blanding’s Turtle HatchlingsHatchlings have a brown carapace (top shell)Hatchlings are no bigger than a quarter
  4. 4. Interesting FactsWhy are they endangered? What humans are trying to do to help them• Their habitat is getting destroyed • They are trying to save their habitats• Humans run them over because they but they still die from humans are so small • Still have roads running right through• People put roads through their their habitats habitats and the turtles walk in the road and get run over • Trying to get them to safer places
  5. 5. More facts About the Blanding’s Turtle• They don’t produce hatchlings until • Even if you try to preserve their they are 14-20 years old habitats, nut they still have roads• They live in around Massachusetts going through their habitats, they still• They need a wide open space so that can’t survive they can walk around freely without • Use appears to vary according to the getting killed individual and amount of• They eat: precipitation, more upload utilization – Cray fish during dry years – Frogs – Earthworms – Snails – Vegetation – berries
  6. 6. I think the Blanding’s turtle is fun and interesting to learn about becausesometimes you never know what animal is being endangered or hadbecome extinct.MY OPINION ABOUT THEBLANDING’S TURTLE
  7. 7. Information and pictures by Meghan