Grammar mini lesson powerpoint 502


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Grammar mini lesson powerpoint 502

  1. 1. Subject & Object Pronouns Created By: Jessica Shirk
  2. 2. What are Pronouns?Pronouns-are words that take the place of anoun, noun phrase, or noun clause.Pronouns are substitutes for nouns.Two types of Pronouns are: Subject Object
  3. 3. Subject PronounsSubject pronouns are used when thepronoun is the subject of the sentence.*Remember- the subject is the who or what thesentence is aboutThey are also used if they rename asubject.
  4. 4. Examples of Subject PronounsEXAMPLE 1:Cooper will run for president.He will run for president. Cooper is the subject in the sentence. He is a subject pronoun to replace Cooper.EXAMPLE 2:Sophie likes to play with yarn.She likes to play with yarn. Sophie is the subject of the sentence. She is a subject pronoun to replace Sophie.
  5. 5. Use a subject pronoun to complete each sentence. I You He She It We They1.) ___________will work together on a project.2.) ___________are my friend.3.) _________likes flowers.4.) ___________plays baseball.5.) _________will need water.6.) _________have a brother.
  6. 6. Object Pronouns Object pronouns are used as the object in the sentence. Object pronouns come after the verb in the sentence.*Remember- a verb is the action or state of being in a sentence.
  7. 7. Examples of Object Pronouns EXAMPLE 1:Diane called Paul.Diane called him. Paul is the object in the sentence. Him is the object pronoun to replace Paul.EXAMPLE 2:Megan will teach John and Joe English.Megan will teach them English. John and Joe are the objects in the sentence. Them will replace John and Joe in the sentence.
  8. 8. Use an object pronoun to complete each sentence. Me You Him Her It Us Them1.) Are you going to come with ________?2.) When will you go to _______ house?3.) The dog will sit between ________.4.) I want to go with _________.5.) I would really like to have lunch with ________.
  9. 9. Use the Smart Board Tools to…Underline the Subject Pronoun Underline the object pronoun in each sentence. in each sentence. I talk to you. You talk to me. You talk to me. I talk to you. He calls you. You call him. She looks at you. You look at him. It is a cat. You feed it. We talk together. Someone talks to us. You learn English. I teach you English. They eat ice cream. Someone gave them ice cream.
  10. 10. ~EXTENSION ACTIVITY~ NEWSPAPER INVESTIGATIONFind a partner.Pick up a newspaper.Find 3 examples of subject pronouns.Find 3 examples of object pronouns.Cut them out.Create a collage on a piece of constructionpaper.Be creative & have fun!!!