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Welcome to book speed dating!


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Book speed dating PowerPoint used in 8th grade library

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Welcome to book speed dating!

  1. 1. Welcome to Book Speed Dating!
  2. 2. What is Speed Dating? First impressions—looks, specs Getting to know you Sometimes you find a match, sometimes you move on
  3. 3. Speed Dating Dos and Don’ts  Once the 3-minute reading time starts, focus only on the ―date‖ you chose.  If you don’t find a match, keep looking. We’ll have some time to check out from the whole library at the end.  Found a book you like? Keep it with you while you scope out the other books. You never know when you might find one you like better…  Be respectful to your date and the dates of others.  Do not change books once the 3-minutes starts.  Do not try to read someone else’s book once the 3-minutes starts.  Focus on your date! It’s only three minutes…  Do not talk during the 3-minute reading time.
  4. 4. Timeline First minute– pick a table. Start looking through the books. Second minute —choose a book. Look at front cover, read blurb on back, size of print, white space, illustrations (if any). Start reading. Minutes 3-5 —Start reading. In most cases, you will start with the first chapter. End of minute 5 —change tables.