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Robot pp

  1. 1.  Each class gets points based on the percentage of current library accounts in each class Current=no late books; all fines paid If 83% of student library accounts are clear in 3rd period, then 3rd period gets 83 points
  2. 2. ◦ The class with the highest points in all of Ms. Horn’s classes and Ms. Stone’s classes gets a BlowPop party in the library their next library day◦ The class with highest points in all of 6th grade gets a pass to come to the library during lunch.◦ Drawing each 6 weeks—1 student in each class with zero overdues/fines will get library lunch privileges for the next 6 weeks (must have checked out regularly during the 6 weeks to be eligible)
  3. 3.  Books/fines more than 30 days overdue will not count against the class. If you have any books/fines more than 30 days old that six weeks, you will not be allowed to participate in class rewards.
  4. 4.  Overall winning class (library lunch passes)= ◦ Horn 5th period BlowPop Party winners= ◦ Horn 5th period ◦ Stone 3rd period