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Picture Books with older students: Bridges


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This presentation was created to accompany a library or classroom lesson about bridges. The lesson uses two picture books and can be viewed in full at One Elephants.

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Picture Books with older students: Bridges

  1. 1. Covered bridge in Guilford, Vermont
  2. 2. World’s longest suspension bridge: Akashi Kaikyō Bridge (Kobe, Japan)
  3. 3. World’s longest bridge of any type: Danyang Kunshan Grand Bridge (high-speed rail from Shanghai-Beijing, China)
  4. 4. Longest bridge in the US: Lake Pontchartrain Causeway (Louisiana)
  5. 5. World’s Highest Bridge: Si Du River Bridge (Shanghai, China- Chongqing, China)
  6. 6. Ponta de Bandeira: Lagos, Portugal (17th Century fort with drawbridge)
  7. 7. Oldest Roman Bridge: Pons Fabricius Rome, Italy built in 62 BC
  8. 8. Famous Bridges: Tower Bridge London, England
  9. 9. Famous Bridges: Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco, California
  10. 10. Famous Bridges: Brooklyn Bridge New York, New York
  11. 11. Famous Bridges: Rialto Bridge Venice, Italy
  12. 12. Would you cross this bridge? HuangShan Mountains, China
  13. 13. How about this one? Hussaini Hanging Bridge Northern Pakistan
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