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Gothic and ghost stories


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Book talk for our Horror section--specifically focuses on ghost stories and gothic fiction

Published in: Education
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Gothic and ghost stories

  1. 1. Mrs. Collazo is currently reading: • Family driving at night stops to rest at a hotel • Ghost story? • Really well-written so far—lots of suspense! • Comes out in November 2015
  2. 2. Book Fair next week! • DUCKS Atrium • All classes timetabled to go during one English lesson next week • Bring money!!! Bring your parents!
  3. 3. Book Week March 16-20 • Book Fair • Storybook character dress-up day (Friday) • Extreme Reading Photo Contest • 2 Author visits – Steven Mooser—Year 7 and Year 8 – AJ Betts—Year 8 and Year 9
  4. 4. Steven Mooser • American author • classclownacademy.c om
  5. 5. AJ Betts • Australian Young Adult author • Writes contemporary novels (Realistic Section) • Also a teacher and cyclist
  6. 6. OOoooooo! Ghost stories and Gothic Horror!
  7. 7. About ghost stories… • Can be creepy or downright scary! • Sometimes they are funny • Ghost as main character or as a big part of the story • Ending can be happy or exciting
  8. 8. Short ghost stories • Several books to choose from • They are short! • Most of these are not very scary
  9. 9. Novels featuring ghosts…
  10. 10. The Screaming Staircase • For the past 50 years, violent ghosts have haunted London • Ghost-hunters are in high demand! • Story of a ghost-hunting agency called Lockwood & Co. • Book trailer?
  11. 11. The Company of Ghosts • Ellie is excited to be going on an island vacation with her friend’s family • Ends up abandoned on the island • Starts hearing creepy noises, seeing shadows, hearing footsteps • Is she alone on the island?
  12. 12. Ghost Ship • 12-year old Vicki is facing another boring summer working in her father’s seaside restaurant • Everything changes when the bay suddenly goes dry and a mysterious ship appears
  13. 13. Doll Bones • Doll haunted by the ghost of a little girl • not very scary, but a couple of creepy parts • Book trailer…
  14. 14. What is gothic horror? • Mystery/suspense are important • Often set in an old creepy castle • Darkness, gloom, sorrow • Supernatural events • Often an unhappy ending
  15. 15. Famous Gothic Horror