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Genrefication Presentation for Shanghai Library Network


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I presented this presentation on November 19, 2019 at Shanghai American School in China. Please feel free to download and edit this presentation as you need to start a discussion about genrefication in your school library. I also have a video of this presentation available on my blog at:

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Genrefication Presentation for Shanghai Library Network

  1. 1. Increasing Your Library Circulation with Genrefication By Leigh Collazo, MLS
  2. 2. How will we find The cake ingredients?
  3. 3. How will we find cake ingredients? • Wander around the store until we find it • Ask someone for help • Look for signs • Look for displays • Look for items that are similar to what we need
  4. 4. How will we decide which one to buy?
  5. 5. How will we Decide which one to buy? • Price • Read the labels • Brand • Display • Packaging • What’s at eye-level
  6. 6. Students looking for library books do the same thing…
  7. 7. How students find library books: • Wander around the library until they find what they want • Ask someone for help • Look for signs • Look for displays • Look for books that are similar to books they have enjoyed in the past
  8. 8. How students select books: • How many pages? (price) • How long do I have to finish? (price/duration) • Read the summary (labels) • Have I heard of this author? (brand) • Displays of books grouped together by a theme (visual appeal) • Condition of the book, appealing front cover (packaging) • What’s at eye-level (easy to find)
  9. 9. Have you ever been to a grocery store that groups all items by brand only?
  10. 10. What is genrefication?
  11. 11. Genrefication is… • Reorganization of a library’s fiction titles into genre sections • Still organized by author’s last name within the genre section
  12. 12. Genrefication is NOT… • Taking nonfiction books out of Dewey order • Dewey is already “genrefied” • Use great signage instead of genre-labeling Dewey sections
  13. 13. Why genrefy? • You want to genrefy • Your admin/teachers/students want you to genrefy • Your library’s circulation is not what you would like it to be • Students are asking you for books by their genre– “Where are all your scary books?”
  14. 14. Why not genrefy? Are you passionate about genrefication? Do you have time in your school day to dedicate to genrefying books? Do you plan to work at your school until you completely finish your genrefication project? Does your school administration support your decision to genrefy? Can you afford to buy genrefication supplies with your library budget?
  15. 15. Benefits of genrefication
  16. 16. What does the research say? • Not much hard data • Mostly anecdotal evidence from librarians who have genrefied their libraries • Tons of librarian bloggers write about genrefication • There are also articles about genrefication in library journals
  17. 17. Benefits • Great for reluctant readers • Easier shelving • Students can navigate the library in a way that is natural to them • increased circulation • Appeals to student interests • Want to REALLY get to know your collection? Genrefy it!
  18. 18. Drawbacks • Time-consuming and tedious • Books by the same author are sometimes split into more than one section • Non-standard and inconsistent • Ambiguous genres • Will students have the skills to navigate university and public libraries?
  19. 19. My genrefication experiences
  20. 20. My genrefication experiences Two libraries: • Fort Worth, Texas—public middle school—850 students in Grades 6-8 (genrefied in 2011) • Suzhou, China—private international school—350 students in Grades 6-12 (genrefied in 2014-15) ***I genrefied both a bit differently***
  21. 21. What I’ve learned • Prefer color labels to pictures • Prefer genre labels at the bottom of spine • Prefer rectangular labels to circular labels • Prefer to get students VERY involved in the process
  22. 22. Where to start?
  23. 23. 1. Talk to your principal or head. • This is a MUST. Do not start to genrefy without getting your administration team behind you. • Genrefication is a huge change in the library. You may have nay-sayers. • You will need time and if possible, help from others. • Should be at least two meetings: • Initial approval • Going over the details of your plan before you actually begin genrefying
  24. 24. 2. Come up with a plan. • You have lots of decisions to make! • Should you weed first? • When will you weed? • What will you do with the weeded books? • Do you need more shelving? • When will you genrefy? How will you ensure you finish the project in a timely manner?
  25. 25. 3. SELECT your Genre Sections • What genre sections will you create? • I recommend 15-20 genres to start. • Ask your students and teachers about what genres they would like to see
  26. 26. 4. How will you designate genre in the catalog? • Many librarians use Copy Categories (Destiny) • If using color labels, do you want to add the color to the copy category? --Mythology (red) --Realistic (blue)
  27. 27. 4. How will you designate genre in the catalog? • Call number—several ways to do it: • Put the genre at the beginning of the call number: F RIO  MYTHOLOGY RIO • Put the genre at the end of the call number: F RIO  F RIO (mythology) • Put the genre color at the end of the call number: F RIO  F RIO (red) • Put the genre + color at the end of the call number: F RIO  F RIO (mythology--red)
  28. 28. 5. How will you designate genre On the book? • Color labels or picture labels? • Picture labels—I have freebies! Go to, click on SHOP at the top, click Freebies. These are free through the month of November.
  29. 29. 6. Make a list of supplies What supplies will you need? Where will you get them? How will you pay for them? You need: • Genre labels (order at least 10% more than you think you will need) • Label protectors or book tape • Scissors • A large shoebox for storing your labels and other supplies • A computer and scanner (laptop and/or wireless scanner are easiest)
  30. 30. 7. Meet with your Admins • Once you have your plan in place, meet once more with your administrators to go over the plan • Show the supplies you plan to use • This shows your admins that you know what you are doing and that you are taking this project seriously • Let them know when you will start and when you expect to finish the project • Have this meeting BEFORE you order your supplies.
  31. 31. 8. Start Genrefying! • Once you have the all-clear from your admin, you are ready to genrefy! • This is as easy as picking a shelf to genrefy, looking at the books, and starting!
  32. 32. The process of genrefying
  33. 33. Start genrefying! Once you have made your decisions and have the all- clear from your admin, you are ready to genrefy! I have done this in two ways…
  34. 34. Method #1 Genrefy a large chunk of books Sort the books by genre on the tables (lots of piles of books!) Create your genre sections with the books you have genrefied Genrefy another large chunk of books, sort on tables, file into genre sections
  35. 35. Method #1 • Benefits: • Students were really excited about genrefication • Students wanted to help! • Students and I loved the way the library changed every day • Drawbacks: • Took longer • Lots of moving of books and shelves to make room for growing sections
  36. 36. Method #2 I genrefied, but I left all the books in FIC order until about 90% finished with genrefication Each day, I chose a genre label of the day Used small bits of time to label only that genre
  37. 37. Method #2 • Benefits: • Books remained in FIC order throughout most of the genrefication process • A little faster than Method #1 • Drawbacks: • Not nearly as exciting as before • The library didn’t look any different • No mess for students to be excited about • I was less excited because the students were less excited
  38. 38. Steps you need to genrefy one book Look Look at the book to determine the genre Label Put your genre label on the book Catalog Change the copy categories and/or call number in the catalog Shelve Shelve the book in its genre section
  39. 39. How can I tell the genre? • Look at the cover • Read the blurb • Look at the verso— sometimes it will say the genre • Titlewave has genre tags (free account needed) • Goodreads (VPN needed) • Ask your students!
  40. 40. MORE RESources
  41. 41. Monthly Library Challenge • November + December challenge is genrefication • You must join the Facebook group to enter the drawing and read ongoing discussions • You can also find the challenge and information on my MrsReaderPants blog at • Blog and group are all free!
  42. 42. Goodreads • • I use this every day! • Great for finding the next book in a series, possible genres, reviews, book summaries, author information, book lists…
  43. 43. TITLEWAVE • • I also use this every day! • Titlewave now provides genre tags at the top of book records • You can also click on a genre tag to search it
  44. 44. Resources Collazo, Leigh. MrsReaderPants blog, 2019. Martin, Chad. “What School Librarians Have to Say About Genrefication.” Demco, 23 May 2019. Witteveen, April. “Ditching Dewey? These Ideas Can Get You Started on Genrefication. SLJ Blog. 25 Sep 2019. on-Genrefication