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Dan flay

  1. 1. • The movie's cautionary message is more one of personal responsibility than corporate accusation. • Advertising is powerful but wrong. • Children need help to find healthy food. • Personal choices have powerful consequences. Definition of Expository documentaries Facts are used to create a socially critical argument The line of argument – what the documentary is saying Can be plain and direct or indirect and hidden but always exist Narrator ‘Voice of God’ – authority – Explains what we are looking at Script The exposition/arguement – provides a structure, anchors visual material Reconstructions Re-telling the ‘truth’ Stereotypes Simplifies issues, shorthand Interviews eyewitness/expert
  2. 2. A expository documentary uses a narrator to address the audience directly and to present an exposition, or explanation interpreting what they are seeing on screen. Morgan Spurlock acts as the ‘Voice of God’ in the documentary Supersize me. We believe him because he is narrating what he has done.
  3. 3. The script is the exposition or argument. Morgan Spurlock uses lots of different arguments in Supersize me. He addresses the viewers that fast food is bad for your health and could seriously damage your body. Another argument is how he blames fast food businesses for the rate of obesity currently in each country.
  4. 4. Reconstructions are often used in documentaries. They are artificial scenes of an event which has been reconstructed and acted out on film based on information of the event. Reconstructions generally provide factual information, and give the viewer a sense of realism, as if the event really happened in front of them live. Morgan Spurlock uses cartoon images such as a clown crying in Supersize Me to push his message forward about fast food.
  5. 5. Morgan Spurlock knew what was going to happen to his body before he started eating the McDonalds. He knew that he would end up putting on weight. However he also shows that it is not just McDonalds that can cause obesity but it is every fast food restaurant
  6. 6. The interview is a common documentary technique. It allows people being filmed to speak directly about events, prompted by the questions asked by the filmmaker. An interview may take place on screen, or off screen, on a different set. Interviews in a documentary give the viewer a sense of realism, that the documentary maker’s views are mutually shared by another person or source, and thus more valid. Morgan Spurlock has used lots of interviews in Supersize Me. He has shots of him and the doctors talking about how his health has changed. This is a conversational style of interview. He then has shots of the Surgeon General on his own. This is an example of a talking head interview. The other type of interviews he used was with random people off the street. This gets public opinion. He then has more formal interviews with workers in the fast food industry.