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Dominick john


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Published in: Education
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Dominick john

  1. 1. Noun Booklet Dominick,John
  2. 2. Most singular Nouns add s. Car Cars Nouns ending in s,x,sh or ch, add es. Cherry Cherries Nouns ending with a vowel and y add s. City Cities Nouns ending with a consonant and y; change the y to I and add es. Calf Calves
  3. 3. Nouns ending with a vowel and o add s. Radio Radios Nouns that have special plural spellings. Tower Towers Nouns that remain the same. Deer
  4. 4. Common nouns Book Proper Nouns Percy Jackson To make a singular possessive noun, add an apostrophe s. Ringmaster’s Ring To make a plural noun that ends in s a possessive,add an apostrophe to the end of the word. Cats’ rubber toy
  5. 5. To make a plural noun that does not end in s possessive,add an apostrophe s. Children's toys