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Transportation in london


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A short Powerpoint about Transportation in London

Published in: Education
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Transportation in london

  1. 1. Transportation in London
  2. 2. Transportation• When we are in London, we do not have a car. We use lots of different methods of transportation that we do not use in Texas.
  3. 3. We take buses, double decker busses!
  4. 4. Occasionally a taxi.
  5. 5. Most of the time we take “the Tube.”
  6. 6. The tube is an underground train system.
  7. 7. Sometimes we take the DLR.• The DLR is the Docklands Light Rail. It is an aboveground Train.
  8. 8. We also take boats called Thames Clippers.• The Thames is a river that runs through London, and Thames clipper takes people from one end to the other.
  9. 9. We like riding the Clipper.• It has lots of seats to carry lots of people.
  10. 10. This year the Emirates Airline Opened.• It is a cable car that crosses over the Thames river.
  11. 11. The Emirates Airline is fun!• You walk right in the gondola.
  12. 12. It goes pretty high.• You can see a lot from so high up.
  13. 13. Most of the time, we WALK.• We walk to the grocery store.• We walk to the park.• We walk to restaurants.• Sometimes it feels like all we do is walk!