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Flappers in the 1920's


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Flappers in the 1920's

  1. 1. Flappers of the Roaring Twenties
  2. 2.  Women's’ styles have been very uptight and proper. Women wore floor length dresses, long hair, no make up and corsets…  Ideal style in 1900 called Gibson Girls
  3. 3. Americans wanted to rejoice and redefine themselves Rejected the past Led to new lifestyles and social values
  4. 4. 25% women worked outside the home Automobiles New social values Voting rights Freud: New ideas about sexuality (It’s normal and healthy)
  5. 5. •Young women in the 1920’s who rebelled against tradition •―Author F. Scott Fitzgerald describes flappers as ―Lovely, expensive and about 19‖.. •One dictionary says ―Giddy, attractive, slightly unconventional, somewhat foolish girl full of wild surmises and inclined to revolt against the precepts and admonitions of her elders‖.Flappers had the image and the attitude to match.
  6. 6. •Wild partying •Smoked cigarettes and drank alcohol –unheard of if you were a woman! •Lived reckless lives and clung to youth •Flappers were the first of the women to flaunt their sexuality •Their lifestyles were shown in the way that they dressed and danced
  7. 7. •Wore heavy make up •Clothes: a dress just below the knee, stockings, heels no corset •The look was influenced by Coco Chanel •Gender bending—tightly wrap their chest to flatten it •The ―Tube‖—Lower hipline and straight from shoulders to hem
  8. 8. •―The Bob‖ is the famous hair of the 20’s. •Cut very short in the back and a bit longer in the front. The Cloche Hat: Fit snuggly over short hair and reached the eyebrows
  9. 9. Drinking •Drinking was a favorite pastime of the flappers. Before 1920’s, only men would drink publicly •Seen as ―Giddy Flappers‖ due to drunkenness •Many carried a flask
  10. 10. Dancing •Charleston, Black Bottom and the Shimmy
  11. 11. ―In the 1920’s, a new woman was born. She smoked, drank, danced and voted. She cut her hair, wore make- up, and went to wild parties. She was giddy and took risks.‖
  12. 12.