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Bumbie beesmia


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Bumbie beesmia

  1. 1. Bumble beeBy: Mia
  2. 2. Who are there enimes?• Bears• Birds• Toads• Spiders• Honey
  3. 3. How they survive preaditars• They sting
  4. 4. What kind of food do they like• Bees like to gather nectar and
  5. 5. How many legs do they have• They have six
  6. 6. Do they like flowers• Yes they like flowers and they like a lot offlowers
  7. 7. How big do they get• They are 3 to 4 inches
  8. 8. Can they smell things• Bees can smell many things
  9. 9. How long do they live• Bees go through 4 life stages the stages are,egg ,larva ,pupa ,and adult
  10. 10. How far can they travel from therenest• They can travel for 5 miles from there nest