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  1. 1. B Y : C H E Y E N N E C H R I S T E N S E NAnts
  2. 2. Do they bite? yes
  3. 3. Do they have wings? The queen starts her days with them
  4. 4. Can it be a pet? It can but it will probably die
  5. 5. Are the big or small? Some are big Some are small
  6. 6. Are they poisonous yes
  7. 7. Can they small yes
  8. 8. How big can it get 1 or 4 in
  9. 9. How much do they weigh Average fire ant about 3milligrams A queen fire ant is about less then a pound
  10. 10. What do they eat? Insects Grease Seeds Honeydew Honey Bread Meats Nuts cheese
  11. 11. How long can it live?12345