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Lesson 1 (ch 1-11)
The Screwtape Letters
Mrs. Stephanie Loomis
Through the Lens with C.S. Lewis 2012-2013

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31 w screwtape

  1. 1. 3 October 2012“You never know how much youreally believe anything until its truthor falsehood becomes a matter oflife and death to you.” C. S. Lewis A Grief Observed
  2. 2. July 20, 1940 letter to his brotherWarren:Humphrey came up to see me lastnight… and we listened to Hitler’sspeech together. I don’t know if I’mweaker than other people: but it isa positive revelation to mehow while the speech lasts it isimpossible not to waver just a little.I should be useless as aschoolmaster or a policeman.Statements which I know to beuntrue all but convince me, at anyrate for the moment, if only theman says them unflinchingly. Thesame weakness is why I am aslow examiner: if a candidate witha bold, mature handwritingattributed Paradise Lost toWordsworth, I shd. feel a tendencyto go and look it up for fear hemight be right after all.
  3. 3.  The idea for a book  The book may be called As One Devil to reasonably easy to Another came to Lewis read, but it was at church, telling his unpleasant to write: brother, “The idea would be to give all the Though I had never psychology of written anything temptation from the more easily, I never other point of view.” wrote with less He wanted to strike a enjoyment… balance between the Though it was easy ideas that demons don‟t to twist one’s mind exist or they hold supernatural power over into the diabolical humans. attitude, it was not fun, or not for long.
  4. 4.  October 25–November 1, 1936 Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy sign a treaty of cooperation on October 25; on November 1, the Rome-Berlin Axis is announced. November 25, 1936 Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan sign the Anti-Comintern Pact, directed against the Soviet Union and the international Communist movement. July 7, 1937 Japan invades China, initiating World War II in the Pacific. March 11–13, 1938 Germany incorporates Austria in the Anschluss. September 29, 1938 Germany, Italy, Great Britain, and France sign the Munich agreement which forces the Czechoslovak Republic to cede the Sudetenland, including the key Czechoslovak military defense positions, to Nazi Germany. March 14–15, 1939 Under German pressure, the Slovaks declare their independence and form a Slovak Republic. The Germans occupy the rump Czech lands in violation of the Munich agreement, forming a Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia. March 31, 1939 France and Great Britain guarantee the integrity of the borders of the Polish state.
  5. 5.  April 7–15, 1939 Fascist Italy invades and annexes Albania. August 23, 1939 Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union sign a nonaggression agreement and a secret codicil dividing eastern Europe into spheres of influence. September 1, 1939 Germany invades Poland, initiating World War II in Europe. September 3, 1939 Honoring their guarantee of Poland‟s borders, Great Britain and France declare war on Germany. September 17, 1939 The Soviet Union invades Poland from the east. September 27–29, 1939 Warsaw surrenders on September 27. The Polish government flees into exile via Romania. Germany and the Soviet Union divide Poland between them. November 30, 1939–March 12, 1940 The Soviet Union invades Finland, initiating the so-called Winter War. The Finns sue for an armistice and have to cede the northern shores of Lake Lagoda and the small Finnish coastline on the Arctic Sea to the Soviet Union.
  6. 6. What is the effect of theHe doesn’t think of internet ondoctrines as primarily ‘true’or ‘false’, but as ‘academic’ action andor ‘practical’, ‘outworn’ or‘contemporary’, reason?‘conventional or ruthless’.Jargon, not argument, is On logic?your best ally is keepinghim from the Church. (127) On belief?
  7. 7.  How has Satan used the “stream of immediate sense experiences” to influence the Church? (127) Sight Sound Smell Taste Touch
  8. 8.  How has Satan used the “stream  Music of immediate sense experiences” to influence the Church? (127) Sight Sound Smell Taste Touch
  9. 9.  How has Satan used the “stream  Music of immediate  Lights sense experiences” to influence the Church? (127) Sight Sound Smell Taste Touch
  10. 10.  How has Satan used the “stream  Music of immediate  Lights sense experiences” to  Spectacle influence the Church? (127) Sight Sound Smell Taste Touch
  11. 11.  How has Satan used the “stream  Music of immediate  Lights sense experiences” to  Spectacle influence the  Activities Church? (127) Sight Sound Smell Taste Touch
  12. 12.  How has Satan used the “stream  Music of immediate  Lights sense experiences” to  Spectacle influence the  Activities Church? (127)  Personality Sight Sound Smell Taste Touch
  13. 13.  How has Satan  Music used the “stream  Lights of immediate sense  Spectacle experiences” to  Activities influence the  Personality Church? (127)  People Sight Sound Smell Taste Touch
  14. 14. How do the distractions of daily lifeinterfere with your ability and/or willingness to hear God speak?
  15. 15. The people we know…
  16. 16. Make his mind flit to Work hard, then onand fro between an the disappointment orexpression like ‘the anticlimax which ismind of Christ’ and the certainly coming toactual faces in the the patient during hisnext pew. (129) first few weeks as a churchman. The Enemy allows this disappointment to occur on the threshold of every human endeavor. (129)
  17. 17. Desiring their freedom, Hetherefore refuses to carrythem, by their mereaffections and habits, to anyof the goals which He setsbefore them: He leavesthem to ‘do it on their own’.And there lies ouropportunity. But also,remember, there lies ourdanger. If ones they getthrough this initial drynesssuccessfully, they becomemuch less dependent onemotion and therefore muchharder to tempt. (130)
  18. 18. How does Satan usefamily to trip us up in ourwalk of faith? (131)
  19. 19. What is false prayer? (133-134)
  20. 20. Consider too what undesirabledeaths occur at wartime. Menare killed in places where theyknew they might be killed andto which they go, if they are at Letter Fiveall of the Enemy’sparty, prepared. How muchbetter for us if all humans diedin costly nursing homes amiddoctors who lie, nurses wholie, friends who lie, as we havetrained them, promising life tothe dying, encouraging thebelief that sickness excusesevery indulgence, and even, ifour workers know theirjob, withholding all suggestionof a priest lest it should betrayto the sick man his truecondition! (136)
  21. 21. “We want him to be in the maximumuncertainty, so that his mind will be filled with contradictory pictures of the future, every one of which arouses hope or fear. There‟s nothing like suspense and anxiety for barricading a human‟s mind against the Enemy.” (137) How has this worked in your life?
  22. 22. “I have great hopes that we shall learn in due time how to emotionalise and mythologise their science to such an extent that what is, in effect, a belief in us (though not under that name) will creep in while the human mind remains closed to belief in the Enemy. The „Life Force‟, the worship of sex, and some aspects of psychoanalysis, may here prove useful. If once again we can produce our perfect work—the Materialist Magician, the man, not using, but veritably worshipping, what he vaguely callsHow much „Forces‟ while denying the existencecloser are we of „spirits‟—then the end of the war will be in sight.” (139)today?
  23. 23. What are the four biggest fears of Screwtape regarding his role in keeping humans safely on the path to his Father‟s house?The first three are on page 141; the last is on page 142. Why are these things important for US to know in our society?
  24. 24. What is the “law ofundulation” and howdoes it affect believers?What kind of religiondoes Screwtape findamusing? Why?
  25. 25. Chapter Ten
  26. 26. Joy and Fun Joke Proper and Flippancy
  27. 27. Read The Screwtape Letterschapters 12-21 (149-168)Write a short essay exploringhow one of the tactics describedin these letters has beenattempted on you.Create an image of how one ofthese tactics might look in themodern era.Prepare a 3 slide showpresentation that includes yourartwork and how you did it.