Year 11 gcse media studies final revision booklet


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Year 11 gcse media studies final revision booklet

  1. 1. Haggerston School, 2013Visit for more info and help!Year 11 GCSE Media Studies FINAL REVISION GUIDENAME:REMEMBER TO VISIT ifyou need any help! Leave a comment and Mr Sloan will getback to you!Contents:1. Online Web pages2. Technology3. Terminology4. Theory5. Exam question help
  2. 2. Haggerston School, 2013Visit for more info and help!Can you label these web pages correctly?
  3. 3. Haggerston School, 2013Visit for more info and help!
  4. 4. Haggerston School, 2013Visit for more info and help!
  5. 5. Haggerston School, 2013Visit for more info and help!NEW MEDIA TECHNOLOGIES + SOCIAL MEDIA:Advantages of• Collectable• Cheap ?• Regular (fortnightly or monthly)• Keeps you updated with the latest news.• Makes you feel part of a group (of similar music fans).• The reading can be shared easily amongst a group• Posters and photos of your heroes !• Portable (carry it with you anywhere)• Free CDs / tangible (you can hold it!)• Good quality (printing and also the journalism )Advantages of•• Updated more frequently• Free / cheaper (both for consumers and producers)• Can be linked to your social networks.• More interactive (can comment instantly)• Videos and audio visual media content• More attractive and appealing generally ?• Can be accessed globally• Users (and new bands) can upload to the magazine quickly (WEB 2.0)There must be more! What else can you think of?
  6. 6. Haggerston School, 2013Visit for more info and help!What are the advantages or how could your magazine takeadvantage of these new technologies? What will they allowyou to do?Ipads/ iphones /tabletsYoutube + TumblrANY OTHERS?
  7. 7. Haggerston School, 2013Visit for more info and help!USING MEDIA TERMINOLOGY:To get a C or above you must show the examiner that you can use Media words regularly andaccurately in your exam. You can use them as often as you like and you can try and mention them asmuch as possible in every question.mass marketniche marketDemographicTarget Audienceconsumer
  8. 8. Haggerston School, 2013Visit for more info and help!Practice using these words in a sentence with something to do with the music press:INTERACTIVITY:NICHE MARKETINDEPENDENT PUBLISHERUNCONVNTIONAL ELEMENTSSTEREOTYPICAL REPRESENTATIONDIRECT MODE OF ADDRESSCONVERGENCESYNERGYHOUSESTYLE
  9. 9. Haggerston School, 2013Visit for more info and help!MEDIA THEORYExaminers are impressed if you can use some media theory but don’t feel you have to use it(if you need to refresh your memory or knowledge of these look on the blog or in your books!)DYERS’ STAR THEORY:1. Star as construction2. Star as commodity3. Star as ideology:You could work this into your exam by explaining in Question 1 the appeals of stars to the audienceand in Question 2 when you are explaining how you will use star’s to appeal to your audiences.MULVEYS’ MALE GAZE THEORY / GOFFMANS THEORY OF THEOBJECTIFICATION OF WOMENAlthough these theories were first used in relation to film and advertising they still hold relevance tothe way women are represented in print and online publishing today.You could use this in Question 2 when explaining your own ideas for a magazine and how it willoffer better representations of women (and possibly men). You might be able to work it intoquestion 1 as well.WEB 2.0 : (yeah I know its not really a theory but a trend / buzzword, but it will do!)This basically refers to how the internet nowadays is way different to the old version. Now we canupload and contribute our own productions to the net and this allows us all to feel good aboutourselves and feel that we are part of a big happy family.. well sort of!Talk about this in q2 (when explaining all your ideas for audiences to get involved) and possibly in q4if it’s about new technologies.USES AND GRATIFICATIONS THEORY: Audiences use the media in 4 key waysENTERTAINMENTINFORMATIONPERSONAL IDENTITYSOCIAL INTERACTIONIn what ways do magazines offer all of these 4 things totheir audiences ?How will your magazine give these things to its audience?
  10. 10. Haggerston School, 2013Visit for more info and help!Here write down everything you know about that is to do with the music press within the 4 keyareas of Media Studies:
  11. 11. Haggerston School, 2013Visit for more info and help! RESPOND IN ROLE - In the exam you are working for a media company and you need tosound like it. “Having looked at the brief we have decided to create a new page called…” RESPOND AND QUOTE THE BRIEF: - say things like “ I noticed that in your brief you asked “how can we connect with the audience” so we have designed a new app for the ipad thatenables the audience to do this.” USE MEDIA TERMINOLOGY: I cannot stress this enough!! If you don’t use media terminologyyou are just someone who hasn’t studied the media. In all your other subjects you use wordsthat are specific to that course. Media is the same! At the very least Genre / Conventions /target audience / Connotations / Stereotype… but you should aim for at least 5 terms perquestion SPEND THE SAME AMOUNT OF TIME ON EACH QUESTION: Don’t spend ages colouring theweb page in and then forget to answer q4 !! They are all worth the same so even though youenjoy drawing more don’t spend more time on it ! PRACTICE WRITING YOUR ANSWERS WITHOUT NOTES BEFORE THE EXAM: You mustpractice drawing your a3 design on paper in a 20 minute time limit otherwise its not going tohappen in the exam! The same goes for the other questions! STATISTICS: Q1 will be something knowledge based. Get some easy to remember facts (3max) and write them down !!! This way the examiner knows you have done some research ! EXAMPLES EXAMPLES EXAMPLES !! The examiner does not want to hear what you have justcome up with off the top of your head they want to know what you have found out fromresearch over the last few months. Especially in questions 1 and 4 you must quote examplesof actual magazines and websites that show the thing you are talking about:E.G “From my research I have seen that the NME uses a direct mode of address and catchyheadlines to appeal to its audience. For example the headline “Yeesus is back” referring toKanye Wests new album.” SELL YOUR IDEAS AND EXPLAIN WHAT EFFECT THEY WILL HAVE ON THE AUDIENCE GIVE A DETAILED BREAKDOWN OF YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE:Not just this is aimed at everyone! Or this is aimed at men and women who like music. Lookat examples of Target Audience Profiles and create one like that ! Practice!
  12. 12. Haggerston School, 2013Visit for more info and help!What are the questions going to be??????These are our best guesses -Generally speaking they will probably be:Q1: KNOWLEDGE OF MAGAZINES print +online (recent trends and examples ofexisting magazines: why do they appeal what have they done to get a largerreadership?)Terminology:Theory:Q2: YOUR OWN PITCH (sell you ideas! / how will you meet the requirements ofthe brief)Terminology:Theory:Q3: THE WEB PAGE DESIGN ( drawing of full page with some colour)Terminology:Theory:Q4: IDEAS FOR ONLINE MARKETING OR INDEPENDENT VS MAJOR PUBLISHINGHOUSE:Terminology:Theory: